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    Not just mole hills. The long ruts that develop in the lawn where the tunnels collapse leaving you twisting your ankle when you step in one. The brown zig zag lines of dead grass in hot weather because there is no soil below to feed the roots in that run. The stones that damage the mower blades and cost a fortune to replace so once over sharpened due to regular sharpening. Not to mention that they carry TB like badgers and you are advised to be wary of handling the soil they disturb unless wearing gloves, that’s a low risk admittedly but it’s a fact. They can also cause subsidence to houses and outbuildings by undermining the foundations. They ain’t cute then.
  2. mrbarry


    Some good advice and comedy there. As expected. I have spent many weeks trying to catch one with no luck. I live opposite a farm and the river runs thru my garden so ideal mole territory unfortunately. The water brings worms that bring moles. The farm over the river has zero moles, the farmer has trapped for decades and is good at it by all accounts. I don’t know him to ask him for any advice but next time I see him out..... The only field with mole hills is my side of the river and the farmer doesn’t bother with it it’s too small at about one acre. They come from there into my garden, they can’t come from the other side because a subsidiary of the river runs there. Thus I get mole hills all along the one side of the garden, but some times they pop up in my formal lawn and they have to go. If they would stay on the lower lawn where it’s meadow like grass I would not care. I’m from a country background of sorts, and my dad and uncle used to shoot for the National Pigeon and Pest Control. I have shot with them too. I know I know, all gods creatures etc. And yes, I get it. I love to see the wildlife in the garden, we feed the hedgehogs and have feeding stations and shelters for them. We feed the birds and have ducks that are tame now to take food from my palm. I do lots to actively encourage the wild life. If the moles would play ball and not dig in my formal lawn I would even open my arms the them. But they are doing damage so they must go. Much like pigeon damage crops and cost farmers tens of thousands of pounds. I have tried digging them out but you have to be lucky to get there as they are digging and 4 times I have failed. I have tried Duffus half barrel traps but they are useless for me at least. Scissor traps I have set time and time again but they get bulldozed with soil or the mole simply digs under them. The scissor trap you show is an old design and from my reading much, much better than the new traps, the differences are clear when you look at them. I am going to alter mine somewhat to match them. I have very sandy soil so the mole always tunnels 4-12 inches deep making a Victor spring trap useless for my needs. I have been told Putange traps are good in sandy soil so may try those next. Incidentally my dads name was Roger, he was a bit of a Dodger too lol. last of all I’ll say two things and you will all make the same leap of thought: Moles (Jasper Carrot) Chandeliers (Only Fools and Horses)
  3. mrbarry


    Not the sort that grow on an old mans nose, the small furry buggers that ruin lawns. I’ve suffered for a while and they come and go, but I want them to go and stay away. Any one else had a problem with moles? Did you solve the issue and how? And no, a shotgun isn’t the answer lol.
  4. Well I have a couple of rotary watches but neither is a diver. However they have a life time warranty on the movement apparently, God knows how you'd claim etc. pop a battery in and they seem to run forever. On the down side that one looks like both of mine in the respect that the spring bars are terribly right to the case due to lug design. It causes the spring bars to flex and bend and makes strap fitting a pita on anything but the thinnest of straps. Fit a shark mesh and you're in trouble. I had a shark mesh on mine and it went on with some swearing, but a few months later popped off in the shower and the watch landed on the tiles crystal down. Now I'm awaiting a 38.5mm crystal from cousins lmao. On the up side I had chipped it on a vice so I guess it will freshen it up. I also found the crowns became difficult to tighten down and felt right and notchy when adjusting the time, easy cure was to pop the stem out and lube it with a very light smear of Vaseline. Didn't have any silicone grease. was only a dry o ring.
  5. Not at all no. It doesn't lay out the threads how I would normally view them. I'm sure others love it but I've never liked the 'view all new content' option on forums, and I'm a very old hand at wasting my life on forums I'm afraid :p Ah, I may have just found the answer to this little issue. It seems if I click the 'x'min on the right hand side of the thread it does exactly as I want. I'm yet to try it fully but it seems to work. Just off to make an omelet .......
  6. For me it's the fact that I can't go to the first unread post In a thread, instead I have to trawl thru pages of old posts and try to find where I left off. Faaaaaaar too much trouble. I only have a quick browse most of the time now and check the sales forum to feed my habit lol. For anything else I use 'another forum' where they have a button that takes me to the first unread post of a thread
  7. Definitely my sort of watch anyway
  8. I was looking at watches on eBay last night (as we do) and spotted a longines grand vitesse that struck me as a bit of a bargain. It's a chrono auto with GMT for £850 from a reputable maker, not bad. Condition is described as immaculate and it appeals to my sense of taste! The watch is 4 years old and had a receipt of sale etc, however it's from Barbados aparently, that doesn't bother me one bit, so long as it's genuine. The number of fakes I found of this model number after a 60 second Google search was shocking, as was the quality of them. Soooooo, any thoughts on this specific item re authenticity? The movement shot is none too clear but looks exactly like the fake movements and I'm no expert. Tia http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/262234225957
  9. St202 with later spec rest lights. JDM spec by the look of it but not the biggest photos. Very good cars, Mine was reliable even at 500bhp until the block cracked. 2mpg and £30 a gallon wasn't ideal tho!
  10. The ceramic bezel swung it for me. There is a price step when they went over to ceramic and savings are hard to find, the gmt on here is the cheapest I've seen by a mile. Stunning quality in the flesh.
  11. My mistake it's a S not an R. The info I read at the time suggested the etching was 2010 on, unless I misinterpreted something.
  12. I wanted a second hand rolex but the number and quality of fakes is scary. They even come with fake service receipts and etched crowns now. Talking of etched crowns, they started in 2010. If a pre 2010 watch has one it is a replacement crystal or counterfeit watch. If it's a replacement crystal the coronet has a letter R etched inside the coronet too. Also, fake laser etching has straight image at all angles, genuine roles etching is straight dead on but wobbly at an angle as each bubble is at a different depth in the glass to avoid weakening the crystal. I handled a gmt2 and sub date side by side and chose the gmt, I like the touch of green and finer graduations on the ceramic Bezel. For the price I'd buy the one for sale on her personally. :) And the movement in the ceramic gmt is regarded as or of the finest rolex have ever produced. Mine keeps time to within 2-3 seconds a week now it's 'run in'.
  13. Built and raced this for a few years. Cost me £65k to build but the spec was spot on. Used to pull sub 3 seconds 0-60, 2.8 being as good as it gets. Topped out at 187mph due to gear ratio and rev limit. Custom everything and all built by my own hand. Stripped and sold the parts and scrapped it 2 years ago. Sent the log book in to the dvla this week. :'(
  14. My 2p. Don't buy a cheap home brand, you get what you pay for. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, toshiba. All good. Viewing angle is a big issue with cheaper sets and the black tones look juddery and false. The processor speed in the set effects the menu and pictures motion control and colour etc. There is a fair bit to it. But stick to a decent brand and you'll not be disappointed. As for smart features. Waste of time if you ask me, very poor. I use a laptop, desktop and mobile phone and all can connect to my network to display on any TV in the house. Far better way to do it. Just look online for TV reviews. John Lewis price match and offer a free 5 hear no quibble guarantee btw, I never shop a where else. The 5 year guarantee alone would be £100+ from curries or argos.
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