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  1. That last photo is excellant!
  2. So these turned up today, the lad is about to start his training with the RAF and the kit list stated ‘inexpensive digital watch. Amazon duly obliged, purchased us one each and I’ll wear mine as hes goes through his training. Have a great weekend everyone.
  3. Love mine, but as already mentioned, picking one up at the right price for you is key. Got this one from a forum member here, at the right price for me at the right time. At RRP price point I’d look elsewhere.
  4. Great article, thanks for posting.
  5. Not sure if this reached cult status but with an appearance by Carl Mccoy, itbworked for me along with Dune and Blade Runner One of my all time fav films......... ‘saisages!!!!’
  6. I have one of these tucked away in a drawer, its a hefty old peice, multi batteries and a thick old manual. I’ll get a wrist shot when Im home and feeling strong enough...
  7. uksharky

    Song Titles Game

    Love Song - Simple Minds
  8. uksharky

    Mafws Game

    HAPPY Have a peaceful prosperous year FLING
  9. Welcome, and thanks for introducing your collection, looking forward to seeing some of them in more detail
  10. uksharky

    Song Titles Game

    Every You Every Me - Placebo
  11. That is a little gem, will be interested to see how this progresses.
  12. When I get my lazy arse out of bed, twill be this
  13. uksharky

    Song Titles Game

    Heavyweight Champion of the Workd - Reverand and The Makers
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