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  1. Heres my 6309-7290 from 1985 on a leather NATO strap. It's in lovely condition but needs the lume renewing.
  2. I've had my eye on this watch for a few months and finally bought it. Its in lovely condition. It doesn't seem to have been tinkered with although the strap looks aftermarket. Here it is again with my other Seikos:
  3. Old faithful. Needs a new bezel insert and a tidy up.
  4. Heading off to the shops, northern Iraq, 2013. The watch is a Luminox F-117, a good sturdy piece of kit. The AK was a decrepit old East European made version, held together with a bit of bodge tape. Thankfully I never had to use it in anger.
  5. Some nice guitars on here! I've had way too many over the years, given that I'm not much of a player and rarely play in public. I've managed to whittle my collection down to just a few; gone are the days of the loft being overrun with guitar cases. Here's some pics of a few of my current fleet: Thats a 1979 hardtail Fender Strat fitted with Custom Shop Texas Special pickups, and my Ramsay Phillips barncaster. The RP has a set of american Brian Porter pickups in it and weighs only 6.2 lbs. Phenomenal guitar. Here's my Esquire partscaster. It has a Seymour Duncan Lil59 hum bucker pickup, 4 way switching and a relic style finish. It really growls, sounds very Les Paul Junior-ish. I have a couple of acoustics too, my main one being a mahogany top Taylor GS mini. I've also got loads of pedals which seem to breed like rabbits. I've got a particular fondness for old Electro Harmonix stuff like the Deluxe Memory Man and also the early Electric Mistress. I'll dig out a few more pics of my Strat and my Ramsay Tele if anyone is interested. :-)
  6. After watching the BBC's adaption of War and Peace, I thought I'd better read the original at last; I've been putting it off for forty odd years. Thankfully it available as a free download so I don't have to carry half a forest around with me for the next few weeks. :-)
  7. I'm picking this up from my local shop later this week; it's just being serviced and cleaned up a little.
  8. Thanks for the tip. It took me a while to find the sweet spot when pulling out the crown to wind it; it was either all the way out and adjusting the hands, or nothing. There's definitely a knack in winding mine up! Got it sorted now though.
  9. Its a lovely old thing. The shop has another old Vostok in for repair and then sale, so hopefully I'll be able to get that one too.
  10. Thanks Wotch, heres some more pics. I saw a watch like this on italian eBay hence my presumption of the type. Hopefully you can put me right! Thanks.
  11. Birthday present from my wife: I don't know much about Russian watches, but I like the look of this. It makes a nice change from my usual Seikos and occasional old Omegas.
  12. After a few hours on the web I think I have an idea of what it is... a mid seventies Komandirskie Antimagnetic. :-)
  13. After a few hours on the web I think I have an idea of what it is... a mid seventies Komandirskie Antimagnetic. :-)
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