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  1. I much prefer those to the booby birds. I like the first one best.
  2. I quiet like that. In fact its very nice.
  3. No idea. It probably does if it helps supermarkets flog the stuff. Windy here. Emulsioning the garage door and fence.
  4. Fancy another 1970s seiko mechanical chrono, either a pogue or jumbo but prices!
  5. Thanks Cas very smart indeed.
  6. Thank you Cass. And Good Luck with that project. Sounds fun and interesting. I will make sure im still here tomorrow.
  7. @Cassie-O have you given up on the forum? Could do with seeing a few decent seiko and a nice cuff. Anyway im back for now. Try a daimler sovereign 4.2 an early series 3 with the 'alpine air' air con system. Dad bought one in 1986. It was wonderful. Ive still never felt anything keep our heads and the windows as clear as in that daimler. I revelled in being told the alpine air system in my dads car cost more than mums new ford escort.
  8. @yokel if it snoweth in your home of meat and drink. Both myself as the miller and bond as the wife of bath would love to be invited. Still the sarb. Im a simple person.
  9. You really are Chaucer's Franklin. Even in blank verse.
  10. thats good you can give the man above puppies
  11. perfect harmony well thats the relevance of the song them too birds were perfect in harmony a bit like the truck and watch, ignore the meaningless lyrics. its just my fav abba song. may be more appropriate lyrically? but you really needed a 7.2 petrol ;-)
  12. i also obsessively check a perfect crystal for chips and could not care less about dings to the rest of the watch, even though the crystal is a cheap part...conversely when i buy a chipped crystal watch i accept it happily...must be something psychological on my clarity of view on life...
  13. wear my automatic every day and still wind it, which virtually makes the last 200 years since @Jet Jetski bought his first automatic new when he was young boy a phase of obsolete development.
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