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  1. Or a yuppy watch.....(amended...) As above....
  2. @martinzx im thinking ive rolled the dice on seiko long enough and its time to let the sarb buy me this? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F114537477265
  3. Have you seen him do Hamlet? There is **** all on telly.
  4. Im guessing Mr B that it is not Primark though i am no expert the knit looks fairly short on the loom which im guessing was labour intensive and cost more than the longer weave in the jumper mentioned previously? Am I right to assume that?
  5. I paid £340 for this in February last year and now the average price is £540....that has to be a record in percentage terms. It means this lowly seiko used is worth as much as the new longines Hydroconquest I bought in 2016... that is scary....that is fast ford v old merc scary. These are going a bit daft. And I still cant think what I would buy to replace it at that price if i did cash it in. It is silly to think this would now buy me a 1970 Dennison case omega cal 600 in 9ct....but it would
  6. My dad modified a reliant when the roof blew off on blackpool prom.
  7. I was thinking he could have the AT on when he wanted to wear his own watch. Like a stunt double tother way round. But it would have to be secret. Its one of those my dad made me wear it things. Like Jim Davidson and John Virgo on pot black. That was funny. I can see that line in the film "Beautiful rolex?" "No Boctock"
  8. Not seen that for ages didnt know you still had it. That is what a proper military 007 should wear in the films either that or a pam. The AT is a bit to office boy.
  9. Fake telephone ariels on the back of xr3 escorts in the late 80s.
  10. Bet it was a tight squeeze for him in the xjs. Good job the handbrake dropped to the floor. They were very low for a young thin en. Yes he was good indeed.
  11. I like that! Nice one a diamond rolex as a diving watch, never judge a book. Yep id feel better using that than risking my vintage rolex dj... When the midwife delivered the baby it was so ugly she slapped the mother. Fab! I had an original suwa turtle that had obviously been used as intended. Should have kept it.
  12. Sarb showing its flexibilty. Ive messed about on the beach this aft with it on its bracelet and it feels like a tool watch. Put it on a nice Hirsch croco and it feels dressed up for the night.
  13. Very nice indeed and my birth year And amazing looking movement.
  14. @mach 0.0013137...west shore llanduno wit dog big orange thing
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