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  1. Maybe its time for the British to lead watchmaking again. Not just in small niche on the IOM but in mass production? CW, Bremont? Shame they don't use British movements. Not so much off topic as it sounds really. As there is an East meets West element in there.
  2. I was reading a short blow by blow account of German Watch making. After WW2 in the main and the effects on the old Saxon Town of Glashutte. @yokel and @Jet Jetski would beable to put this together much better i'm sure. However it seems that the Russians may have had more influence in shaping the future of at least A. Lange & Sohne at the very least? A 19th century centre for cutting edge watch making which then spent years behind the Iron Curtain. After being heavily bombed in WW2. Companies under state control remained in Glashutte making rudimentary watches Soviet
  3. Morning lads and lasses, rain again where is it all coming from. 1991 Omega Polaris Cal. 1650, long story with this one, but I was given it in 1991 when I went away to Uni along with a car ( i wont mention the car here). And I had forgotten all about it. My mum turned it up in a drawer at my Grans old house...this is where it gets convoluted. It wasn't working and the crown was very tight, the watch very cold and damp. A battery kicked it into action. So me being me decided to fiddle with the crown. After exerting enough pressure to force new bushes in. The crown went. With a click and cl
  4. Hey well BSA pistons in 930 to be fair Muhamood Ali Autosavser in Nelson Lancs and a lad who worked for me dad Sharif Latif used to get me cheap oil filters for my e24 635csi. Same as a series 1 landrover mate. Saved me a fortune and i ended up making a profit selling them to the local bmw specialist boundary garage lol. Well when your skint mate alls fair in love and war. Could save me a bit that. Not unusual. MA Autosaver Nelson Lancs on Scotland Road. And no im not taking the mickey.
  5. The top one is fab. And the last one is me and my old zenith. Thats my thumb. For the life in me i cant remember the model. Its one I sent to you a bit back @martinzx. Espada??? I think my brain is wearing out.
  6. Watch out for loonies A second omega polaris i forgot i had after buying another and my mum found my original one from my uni days at my Grans....1991 Polaris that needs fixing
  7. Very true Martin. I cant believe i treated it so badly when i was 19. It is much worse than it looks in the pic. After I bought another old Omega Mum said hang on ive still got your old one somewhere. Its been in a drawer at my grans old house for years. Id forgotten all about it. Put a battery in it and off it went. Which means ive now got 2 of these...
  8. Thats lovely martin. Wearing my polaris before it goes off to omega for a rebuild.... My dad gave it to me in 1991 along with a BMW 635csi when I went to uni in Leeds in 1991...the car is long since dead. The Omega? Needs a new crown stem and service. If they are not classic quartz martin...i'll buy a casio.
  9. Fininshing the day back with the old KS. Quartz? Give me a break...
  10. @BondandBigM im fixing christmas ornaments now and pouring mums guinness. I think my yuppy days are over mate.
  11. Im feeling the same. Its old age...nice tag matey. As regards the thread i think the battery was a long lasting one. Still its been raining all day. Thanks for keeping me entertained. I am too im 48...but i think ive been here before.... Very nice indee d
  12. The red head in white mate all day long even when I was 15 in 1988. That was the sensible choice. The others are a choice...ass end natzi slot car or half baked newcomer. Theres only one if monies no object....I'll be back in a min. Here And porker and lambo think they come close Ferrari for me all day everyday. Porsche are like seiko....you can get one in the next shop with the same badge for next to nowt. Cant do that with a ferrari. Lambo theyve never been there for me. Ok on the bedroom wall. Did one ever win a race. Ive got to try and sort @Jet Jetski out
  13. I wish youd told us that to start with. Theres none on the thread yet then Oh hang on We are all trying to answer Jons question for him. Im not sure what he means. I dont think he is sure either. @artistmike that is a classic pogue even the tear drop red is right. Nice strap too.
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