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  1. In all seriousness i really am surprised how chain stores like GS have been defended, that was my meaning when i asked of vested interests, i was wondering if there are a lot of people on here with shares in these big chain store supermarket jewelers. I thought people would be crying out at these prices and defending the small independents like roy or the one scott mentions who im sure would do the same job for 1/4 of the price. Like the op has spoken out against it...if a small indi can do it for 45 quid why do we pay these big stores over 4 times that?
  2. merc electrics are terrible in my experience most reliable car i had was a 500 quid honda, I had 2 parnis miyota autos a sub a like and a blnr alike they were fine so im sure you are right, yeh on the wrist it was ok. I gave it to my next door neighbour he still wears the Portuguese hom.
  3. prince of darkness eh then again they call lucas and look at modern car electrics...i had one merc cl500 and the electric seat buttons had it going up and down on the air suspension and in out of sport mode. eventually it took the pump out that cost 1500 quid a right rip.
  4. ive had this and can confirm they are nicely made with a noisy rotor. In the case of mine. A nice watch for the 85 quid i paid. That was circa 2014 and its still running, though i don't own it now. i once paid 50 grand for a jag that kept breaking down. But i know generally you do. I once paid 3 grand for a 20 year old porsche that was perfect tatty but totally reliable.
  5. it was only to Solicit a response I was just laboring under a misapprehension and it was the only way it could be resolved has it been? Possibly...ive had a few parnis and found them to be reasonable quality. Jonny has anyone mentioned that the sterile dial parnis fuel the fake market? I didn't want too. So i won't.
  6. Afternoon gents...Seiko 6309, the 6309 was mainly used in the seiko automatic dive watches from the mid 70's to the mid 80s or so, So im dating this to 1983 given the serial number. It looks a lot older with acrylic crystal etc, more 1960s in feel and i thought it was possibly a 1963. But given the 6309 came out in the 70s its going to be late than that. Ive put it on a leather, just could not get a good fit on the bracelet. unipart blimey that brings back memories, ive not seen that since i went to hebdens in Burnley in the mid 1980's for a distributor for a Daimler sov 4.2. Are they bits for the mini? hes a bonnie little fella
  7. The legal profession has always been costly but it does cost a lot more to train a lawyer than it does to train someone to repair watches and a lawyer has to pay a lot more in indemnity insurance as there is a lot more at stake than a damaged watch. But yes the profession charges too much. I expect your £45 battery and reseal is just as reliable as the one costing over £200 the price is grossly exaggerated and your example of £45 im sure shows this. If they had quoted me that i'd have walked out in disgust.
  8. and if you try and defend against this there is something wrong.
  9. but 300 quid to change a battery for christ sake scott its wrong! i wouldnt pay that for a quick service on a 997 and think of the tools there... correction ....230 nope you can dress it up however you want in capital its a rip off. anyone claiming otherwise are taking people for idiots. you are right it is bloody scandalous and im amazed at the defence of it one here! Vested interests? Get a grip.
  10. yep a copy is a copy however much it costs unless its a rolex.
  11. just had this confirmed as a strap model by someone off the vintage seiko pages of wus with a bracelet version this is theirs with no bevel back. cf mine where the strap meets the removable case back with no case overlap. so that solves that mystery.
  12. ps the caliber 6309 came in in the mid 70's it was the popular movement in the divers at the time so this is a 1983...thanks Nigel to me it still looks like something out of the 1960's. I think they must have been using old dials cases and bracelets This ever has an acrylic! Unless Im wrong on the intro date of the 6309???? You know how reliable internet info is.
  13. my dad had one of these in the 60's got it stuck in the tram tracks in blackpool and the roof blew into the sea. I think you had to cock your leg over the front to start it. he had a BSA Bantam when he was 16 in about 1960 but my gran (mums mum) fell off the back so he had to get a 'car'
  14. Wabi swabi mate cool[emoji4] Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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