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  1. i wasnt that keen on mine so i sold it... yep. Any how Irfan! Hows the car search going sir? another i should have kept.
  2. yes the 300hz makes a lovely sound, sort of a bit spooky, reminded me of a small power station, very 70's. Shame about the broken one, i'd ask for it back fix it keep it and give them a g shock. To be honest despite thoughts of having a cull last week, im unlikely to let any of my current ones go, so i think ive changed and hopefully will remain so. Ive 9 watches now! Very surprised you parted with that to be honest.
  3. these are sought after, what are they list? 11 grand? 9 grand. I cant remember now. They certainly seem to bring a premium on the used market at the moment. https://www.watches.co.uk/rolex-daytona-2018-cerachrom-bezel-model/RO20931S?source=googlebase&kw=&fl=1000&ci=51503537958&network=g&cid=193591038&aid=15544109358&tid=pla-471940947114&dev=c&mt=&lim=&lpm=9045250&pos=1o1&dm=&fid=&mid=3060225&pid=17200&country=GB&source=google&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjOKN_9ux4gIVibPtCh2omQbCEAQYASABEgLJ8_D_BwE
  4. i can see your genuine anguish, it wasnt mint id worn it everyday for all sorts for 4 months and the case on these is a real scratch magnet, also the straps are not that strong so that was gone and it was on a hirsch pure, though to me it went nicely with the vintage tooly appeal of the watch. It wasnt bad but the case did need a good swish over with capecod. When flickr is back up i'll show you a pic of it on old merc cleaning duty.
  5. favourite. not so much lose it, but probably my first to go I think its missing a Zenith. Lovely collection Davey.
  6. it looks great on a nato! I brushed the case. The bracelet was impossible to adjust! You might recognise the papers!
  7. it was a no1 serial number too... the strap was a colareb which looked great and the hands were a proper blued tint steel not from effect but from just being good and old. to be honest im not sure what happened to that one or one or two others. IMG_0114 by Daz, on Flickr
  8. sorry. I would have let you have it for 400
  9. I remember that first IWC you had ages back, that new one that was a bit special.
  10. that a smasher! Bet it takes some setting up though in the morning, more of a 'my Secretary will have car at the door and watch on my desk ready'. Type i guess. in scotland yet? 2019-05-22_03-41-11 by Des O'Sullivan, on Flickr lol its the same watch matey! Tex won it when i offered it as a prize via davey! Small world.
  11. i know i'd been after a prebond for ages got one and a few months later sold it. I haven't got all the pictures but there were others Lonines Hydro Conquest Ball Hydro Carbon gorgeous bracelet sold both big losses, then the Omega Semaster 120 i bought from watchfinder a lovely watch sold that too.
  12. not meant to be controversial, theyre my true feelings for the car! I paid 8 grand for it in 2000 and it was awful the engine was rattly, it was slow, it was just boring, well built but boring and slow, though i was only 26 and swapped a Jag xjs 3.6 sport for it massive mistake! And it really was the most unreliable car i ever had eventually the fuel head packed up and merc wanted 800 quid for one, i managed to get one fitted at dronsfields near Bury for 400 and i swapped it for a celica. Which felt like a rocket ship after the merc and handles really well. Should have kept the Jag. Dad had a 126 merc and he disliked that for similar reasons, so swapped it for a mazda xedos9. The 126 was a 1992, bought in 2001 300se no aircon and after a Jag 3.6 sov felt basic and slow. Dad referred to it as like driving an old bus.
  13. I think i offered it for about £500 in the end and it was only a few months old though i had thrown the box away as it was massive, which was a mistake. In the end i finished up trading it for the Tudor, which was more my size. Which i then sold as it felt a tad boring. Never happy are we? Here is the LLD when it arrived with me via iconic watches. Of the two i should have kept the lld. thats lovely i'll bet you regret that one!
  14. One of my 928's would never run right as soon as it got warm on a light throttle it would cut out once below 60mph, they did the inlet gaskets but never solved it. I never really bonded with it, it felt a bit boring for a Porsche a bit too refined, more like an s class merc coupe, very much like the merc cl500 i had, nice but just lacking the fun factor. on the otherhand the older 928s2 which was a bit scruffy and only cost me £3,500 in 2003 was spot on and a real fun car! The award for worst car ive ever had goes to my 1990 Merc w124 230ce. Slow boring and unreliable. Should have bought a Morris Marina in mustard like @Roger the Dodger and @WRENCH
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