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  1. I think mrb we have a few. Fortunately despite the best efforts of quiet a number, we have yet to establish a final outcome. It probably will not even reach hearsay. Surely mrb none of them will be daft enough to make that admission.
  2. i never had you down as camp mate
  3. either that rob lad or youve got them all blocked on here like i have, theres only me and thee talkin about it. either that or theyve all blocked me and thee mate. Plod on eh. Yeh i'll pick you up int morning and we will sort her out. Bring your knuckle dusters.
  4. Hard to knock it really, qualities there, its a case of loving the vintage look and changing of bronze, it going to be marmite int it, but who wants to be boring. Yeh I like it and its the sort of watch i would want to look worse and worse, which is a bit invigorating for us lot.
  5. Ive the same problem my wrist is 6 inch so the end of the strap sticks out, in the end i went with a di moddel genuine teju in black, i had one on my skyliner and looking back i really did like it, a bit more exotic than normal calf. I could have got a rios or fulco codovan for a similar price, but looking at youtube videos, the look very smooth and a bit plain almost rubbery? The thing about di mod higher range is the special backing the wrist doesnt sweat (like prince andrew) they are lovely on. https://www.ukwatchstrap.co.uk/DiModell-Teju-Lizard-Black-Mens-G7.html the was another
  6. Very nice whats the diameter. Looks very understated to like it lots better than their heavy looking offerings. Nice to see a classy one.
  7. I might save up and get a cheaper end patek and velvet jacket.
  8. Very true i got banned from confession at my RC high school. When the priest said what do you want to confess my son. I said can i have numbers 1 to 40. They had given us a list to give us an idea see. Yeh you are right. I think i would make a good priest, might give it a go. The Munks i upset werent even religious, they were just a family of tarmac's up colne @mcb2007 will probably have heard of em. The daughter was scary No i think we are on the right track with the gold feather job. Im after somet a bit spivvy something along the lines of the late 70s gold omega quartz i kept
  9. No mate your thinking of Oz aka @BondandBigM. Im not so much discerning unless it comes to ferrets. Im more your what can i say? Im more "thankgoodness". Thats what my boss used to say...Nigel has gone out...gone home...gone missing again..."thankgoodness". In fact ive heard that a lot Nigel followed by thankgoodness. Or thankgod. Which lead me to beleive i was destined for the priesthood but seemingly not as i once upset a load of munks. Yeh gold feather sounds good i shall have a rummige cheers matey.
  10. When ever i end up with an old KQ in the collection. I always but always end up giving in and wearing it all the time. No idea why, i just do. Theyre a bit like a throw back to the old 70s Technics hi fi. 70s glam cool and slightly scary in a gothic and dark way. Then suddenly in the 80s looked just Victorian. However like black centres and polished rims on a 911, the cool white slickness of the 80s died and the world being a little lost for style since 1989 has gradually returned to a 1976 "anything goes". Which means the KQs look great again...just like vinyl sounds great on my mates dads 19
  11. Miss my skyliner. So im considering another 60s seiko manual wind. I know Grand Seiko are the top, but i dont want to pay 600 plus for an old watch. Ive been looking at the crown, chronos, liner, marvel lines. I know these were all high end in the 60s and can be found for a few hundred. Which to me is sensible money. But...which of these is best or are they all on a par. In which case its just down to condition etc. Im thinking the marvel/lord marvel or giro marvel auto might be above the crown cronos and liner? But im guessing. Anyone with knowledge of these seikos 60s gems? Thanks Nige
  12. I thought when i saw the roamer it was a step up from sarb. Like a sarx, yes it reminds me of both. Im still struggling with just what to put the sarb on. The original bracelet was good but ugly and it marks the case. So its best place is the bin. Im thinking a shell codovan? Maybe a di modell genuine Teju? Im thinking the latter would go with the sarbs pure 1960s seiko cues. Thats what they did really with sarb and sarx. Raided the back catalgues for inspiration which was wise. The 60s were seikos best period. With the like of the Crown. Yes im thinking a genuine teju skin.
  13. Batteur 'mono chromatique', peut trier une sangle habillee, pour le moment, une petite application de famaco, apporter une grande dose de soin et de vie! Au Geckota, bon mercredi! Mesdames. Just practicing for the ensuing negotiations to settle a point of Law between the UK (us) and our neighbours...its still going on you know. The divorce agreement....Apparantly a bloke in Whitby wants his fish fresh. Well i would too....We won't loose. 17 Sarb.
  14. @mcb2007...probably only you will understand this. But im getting that Dynamic and that ferret lol...and i will sort a few other things. Thanks rob you made me think tonight. Im in a reasonable position now nationally to influence things. And i will have the 'ferret' sorted too.
  15. Im in a leather phase to scott...presumably that is the proper daytona....very nice indeed. The truthfulness of zenith as ever. Light hidden and bush spring to mind. Wonder why they did it for Rolex?...
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