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  1. welcome to the forum from someone who inherited my grandads dodgy ear.
  2. Tons better just wants the stelux now.... Thanks david... @wrenny1969 for shaming me into doing the work.
  3. Me to then i just noticed i had an inner rotating bezel...all soted now. I'll bet you were a hard boss to work for. Does the inner bezel look to line up now mate? Each plot has a slightly thicker mark and it was spinning must not have been seated.
  4. @wrenny1969 ive woken the sleeping E and resealed it.
  5. perfect in lots of ways, both a modern classic and a perfect daily wearer for most occasions, the memosail is cool. ps love the dramatic intro
  6. Im pleased to say this as regulated down to -30 seconds in 24 hours. Strange thing being that at dead centre it was running crazy fast. So i regulated right over to the negative which resulted in a loss of 5 minutes in 24 hours. I worked a tiny amount forward over 2 days and the weird thing is, its now only 2 marks over to minus on the regulated....ill see how it goes on. Presumably tightening the hair spring over 2 days and its held tension hence the move back towards centre?... 1967 seiko 6619 8010 Sportsmatic first year seiko 5 week dater with 3 point Diashock. 37mm which still feels small yet after all the 40 plus 70s stuff... More badges on the boot than a 1985 granada 2.8i Ghia X
  7. and a rolex sub don't do any of that David. what can i say? the rolex is prehistoric.
  8. even if they could they could not prove it. So its a matter of the BofP being against the person who thinks they might know...and hence many do but keep silent.
  9. i dont know david, just a couple of images off the web, yes the top of the e for some reason has bent down, no idea why? I can only think heat at some time? Or over the last 53 years it got a bit sleepy like we do
  10. i agree with scott, get on with it and buy something you like thats decent quality and NOW i can recommend vintage Grand Seiko's 60's and 70's a bit different from a sub but some say 'just as good' nudge wink...maybe even miles better. Personally i would never buy modern or indeed new. https://www.grand-seiko.com/uk-en/about/history
  11. and it shows how SEL's should be done as above and lovely
  12. very true you only see pictures online ive bought off wf a grand for s quartz seamaster 120 it was ok if a bit mediocre in condition
  13. i'd agree its a bit of an advertising ploy by wf even superclones are rarely as good as that video suggests...dodgy sel's bracelets that dont pivot properly crowns that dont screw down properly, bezels that are less well marked out, poor time keeping, sel's are usually a dead give away the rarely fit that well in the flesh even on one to one clones at 500 quid like a rolex ar factory for example. So wf are bolstering their position yes...though a man in the street may be fooled. So i guess in that sense the wf vid may be good advice to them, but really as you says its back handed advertising. on the basis they are less good than made out...it seems
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