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  1. Had both. Longines is dressier Aquis is the real deal. But too focused. Had i a 7.5 inch wrist then the Aquis it is a different class. Longines have gone soft. Might aswell go tissot. Save up and get a top GS seiko diver...you wont regret it.
  2. @Jet Jetski you have made the gang. Cracking fossil Cease and etc...
  3. Get your iron out I took mine up to the rspca in bryn y maen they sell them to buy cat collars.
  4. Brilliant Lad. Have you seen how many members have been on your thread here since weve been away a few minutes. I would say that sorted jimitsalive out eh. Yeh its a grand watch that en. You can still have my strap if you want. Ive only been able to get it to 19mm and so my sarb wont fit. Guess your pin is heavier. But nevertheless for all you lot watching me and jon have confirmed it can work.
  5. Blimey lad did we go to school together that was my nickname when i ended up out of stonyhurst and at fisher moore in colne for upsetting the priest. Jon...you have my word if it does not work i have a hand made 18 italian in that brown. If you want it its yours either way. Thats your insurance. And ive spelt more wrong his name always offended me. Saints my sheep. Go for it lad In case it doesnt work you can have thid I mean this. Pre rolled 18 for my 20mm sarb. 16 taper much sweeter
  6. Its spot on. Nearest ive got so far was a seiko helmet. Looks in good original nick too case and dial.
  7. Hard work when they are from Yorkshire and a terrier. Today on morfa...come and get me. Then sets off like donald cambell in bluebird. Notice her front end bow lift once she hit her own wash. Needed a bath tonight both of us.
  8. Isnt this the one made famous by a fella in an Hollywood film lately Jon? It looks great on the brown leather. I find my thumb nail handy and others but they keep breaking. Its the stiff catch on the KQ dont think the old fella who had it wore it. Shame really now hes on his last legs.
  9. This actually sneaks in. Though the serial number on the case is September 1980. The movement was created in December 1979....not bad for a watch that runs at +11 seconds a year and has done for the last 40 years. I reckon that makes it a honorary member. 9642 5000. Twin Quartz. Second to last of series. They had nothing else to prove maybe. And its just a seiko. Whisper it in confidence. This was the same price as a Rolex Submariner in 1980....over priced obviously thats why hardly anyone bought one. I am glad someone bought this one though....
  10. Yes I know the one. I think its regarded as a step up from the sarb and from what i read the bracelet is on par with Grand Seiko. Look forward to seeing it. I looked at one or two on the bay earlier in the year. I like the case sharpness in the sarx. Just watched that looks a step up to be fair.
  11. After ive got a welding torch. And some cheap sheet steel
  12. Not at all whilst i like my autos my real interest has come to lie with the quartz of the early 70s to early 80s. Particularly the high end ones from Seiko. They are gems of engineering technology and reasonably priced good looking things. Have a look at the Grand and king Quartz and if funds permit the quartz superior from the 70s. Look at the twin quartz from the last of line early 80s. And you will find some superb things with an accuracy of around +10 seconds a year. Some great understated designs from that period. Maybe its an age thing i was a kid when quartz were king. I would love a 19
  13. Another cracker. Is it a presage? Just cant see it on the dial. Its getting confusing with all the new models any way lovely thing. Its hard to tell these apart from some Grand Seikos now. Shame about the price hikes recently though I guess it was coming. I wish they did a sarx in 38mm. I follow the presage fb page to try and keep up.
  14. Ive not watched it since i was a kid does the cat still curl up on the shed roof at half time when the adverts come on. Only watched it as a kid because mum had it on elsie tanner and len fairclough. Hilda ogden. Oh yes i remember em all. Is albert tatlock still in it.
  15. Good Morning boys and girls. SARB Sunday. And a song that always takes me back to my dad trailing me round Burnley on a soggy cold wet Saturday Afternoon when I was a kid. Trying to burn some steam off me. Hes 74 today. Happy Birthday dad where does the time go eh.
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