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  1. Oh jesus i think between us we have fvcked cw You can turn up mate but the government says i only need to pay my lawyers 94 quid a week for the foreseeable.
  2. Blimey rob! Hard bargain how about an SL320 edition and a bottle of cider. I need my proper beer. I gave 20k stupidly for the sl...best i can get is a bloke with a dodgy mot and battery charger.
  3. Deal you swine you know ive always wanted that cw...you know my weaknesses. ....you swine. You. I will throw in a set of keys to a merc. No one wants them.
  4. Thank god and im a catholic too No
  5. Just in case me and bond have mudded the waters. I have to say this is a fair and reasonable defence. They are ok....but
  6. Im decimated What do i know? No its all to do with dicks and their watches. Nice edit...yes pardon the pun but cw may now merge with parnis given the economic future of two similar brands....may it be a match made in heaven. A male and female inter " lockquitor'
  7. Do you want to be a partner we me and bond then mate. I think you are already with us up to ya kneck You can be in the too over priced eh.
  8. I knew you would read it like. That i didnt mean you along with the others you daft lump. I meant what do you think. And like me you thing jonny has burst his rubber so all good. Im trying my best rob. To avoid upsetting anyone. Thank you in a nutshell bond proves himself a brilliant prosecutor and shows cw are not that good. Thank you mrb fancy being a partner at nigel p You will be a good civil prosecutor in matters of yhe heart like women marriage and dicks.
  9. Thanks martin as a lad on the periffery of the knowldge and the collecting of watches im very pleased a few of mine have made such a discerning collection....maybe im not as daft watch wise as i seem. Thanks martin lovely to see the gold one i still love that and @scottswatches knows that dont ya matey.
  10. Well john you know more about watches than me so i will bow to your superior knowledge. But going back to the subject of real dicks do we know what happened to @JonnyOldBoy. @BondandBigM @mcb2007 etc have you any knowledge in the expiration or erruption via social media of this real dick? It seems to have lost its head.
  11. Look alan i give in let it drop i was joking cw are fine like m & s and that soap that @BondandBigM uses for lube.
  12. Thank you Im quoting myself because ive had more laughs out of this one than the mention of handling dicks. I didnt mean it charles ward are nice well made watches. It was a joke. As you were. Sorry. Even if rob cant flog his. Ps wait fot the bogoff offers. I mean bogof And im not on about jimmy its alive saville am i @mcb2007 well i might be.
  13. I was joking theyre ok. Im sure youve had hold of a real dick yourself too. Its like tapping the drops of fuel off into a jensen sp Waste not want not at 10 mpg or 50 plus
  14. What size is the beemer. I was talking to a bloke the other day with this red bimmer in his garage and the tank was as wide as an isetta. It was a sports tourer job a 1000cc. Id be scared of falling off i will stick to my bimmer.
  15. I expect there are going to be lots of bargains in cars and watches this year. Both new and used.
  16. Probably 70s...theres a way of dating a timex i will find it for you. https://watchesyoucanafford.com/the-unofficial-guide-to-vintage-timex-watches/. From when i had the 'scullery maid' which packed up and i got a refund off del. Class
  17. If we can beat 1987 and thatcher we can walk this Night night all will be fine.
  18. I can only do my best Plenished stan.
  19. Im fine same as always. It is a wondeful world isnt it.
  20. Why has your clover only got 3 leaves Might aswell have a pic of my watch i guess.
  21. Nigelp

    DIY haircuts.

    Ive done my own it wasnt hard its not bad. And i saw a judge who had done his and now wont take his wig off. Fortunately he specialises in medical negilgence. So is likely to get scallped.
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