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  1. An update as promised...I had thought this SARB033 thread was dead. However as soon as the sarb left and i was left with what to replace it with I hit a dilemma. In came a vintage Omega a decent one too, but after the sarb the old omega felt about as good as well as good as an old watch i suppose. Nope it felt poor. So off went the omega and in came a 1973 King Seiko ks56 hi beat and that felt great. Fab quality old thing. However...it still felt old and i realised as far as vintage watches are concerned their appeal had died. At 36mm the ks felt too small. I missed the humble sarb like a lot of people said i would. So in my usual way (im not made of money). I sold the ks to yep buy another sarb. That was the plan. This worked on a practical level as a decent old watch is a bit fragile for what I do. And i didnt feel right wearing the ks out and about in the fields and rain with the little dog. So with the ks gone and 500 quid in my pocket i could easily find a sarb. Problem was i saw a few videos looked at wus and realised there was a missing link between seiko and Grand Seiko. Where Seiko had infact 'done a Seiko' on Grand Seiko well that was according to wus and a few who had owned two particular JDM models (not sarx either). Nope for 5 years seiko produced a couple of watches hidden fairly well in the JDM brightz. So theres an obvious link. A comparison directly between sarb and these might be good for another thread. That concludes this sarb thread though as i think the next watch deserves a thread of its own....
  2. Good Morning, new in, I will do a thread on this in the Jap. Section, because im taken aback...SDGM001 "Grand Cocktail" from the Brightz range. Its probably my last mile stone on the road to a new GS...however, i've a feeling I might either cross the rubicon and reach the great divide. Or at least arrive at point of diminishing return? Time will tell... 2014 "GC"
  3. Same hands as the Hammy Kahki 7h. Weird that as I bet now most people on WUS are looking at that and thinking I wish hamilton had used the same strap as Royal London. Rule Brittania eh. Nearly bought one from argos on sunday. I was between watches. Ha ha caught red handed then eh? Did that come from pingpong market like m'lurnad friend @BondandBigM suspects? I would claim market overt to get away with that. Bought at a market in the city of london...between the hours of sunrise and sunset. That way you will get away with it.
  4. Hay lad with that presentation of facts i would not be keen to have you as a client to defend. Nice to see you are still alive though. What happened to the dog in the tie.
  5. Yep I know that feeling we are not all made of money.
  6. I remember you saying it was for your brother glad he still likes it. How longs that since? 5 years?
  7. That Joel Mutton mate...that Ferrari eh? Id rather have a 400i or 412 than the lambo....didnt that singer have one? What was his name? Peter string fellow he had one too
  8. Hope she was wearing her Pink Miami Vice suit mate. Did you leave her at the station waiting for the train all night you tight git
  9. Just got this but it wears a bit big mate.
  10. Ok seriously? What would I want to drive? Probably a brand new Bentley saloon and a vintage Blower. However thats not going to happen....but but but 997's are looking cheap. ..
  11. Yeh i know what you mean, its running well it really is. But im thinking if @BondandBigM gets 50 grand for his LV and pays say, what? 10percent then the forum will get 3 grand eh. Where did you get the grey syrup from mate
  12. @BondandBigM when you sticking the LV on at 50 grand, hope if it sells to pay your fiver
  13. Its like all the Snowflakes mate today aged under 30 give them a radio and a casette tape and they know it all and grow beards like Dave lee Travis. Pain in the arse the modern world.
  14. No I dont mean women over 50 @BondandBigM. Anyone into antiques? Its my new hobby. We have Drew Pritchard with his second hand shop in Conwy. Im a fan now fab.
  15. Sensible idea I think @kevkojak always contributes some proceeds and id be more than happy too to do so. Its fair.
  16. I need to revive this thread....My new watch will be more meaningful. I will do a v. Of sarb033 and step up... The road to a GS must be properly navigated to feel the full kick.... More in the morning.
  17. I still regret letting you have that mako xl bnib for 40 quid lol! I should have suggested 5 quid selling fees then and charged you 45! Come on it makes sense. Nothing should be free in life if it is a benefit. Too many getting off scott free. Its a Capitalist world... Cracking idea make it democratic.
  18. Well let them pay for it then as you seemed to desire? It is obviously of value.
  19. Id like to be driving a moorland green 1974 Interceptor SP but....its still not done and funds are as dry as a Munk
  20. Why have a classifieds at all then. But fair point. Though surely a fee would likely as not protect the status que you desire? Quo no pun intended....
  21. Yes i think its right to charge. Whatever the fee. It makes sense.
  22. Me too just look what ebay charges imagine say a fixed feed say £5.
  23. To elaborate and for example...I just sold a 1973 KS on the bay, nice smooth sale...it cost me £60 to sell it in fees, but the audiance is large and anticiptates a fast sale. Imagine if you could grow the sales section here and membership and charge say a fraction of that. It would benefit the forum I think. You do not move forward by standing still....
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