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  1. Exactly sir charge a fee.
  2. Ive been toing and throwing again and got fed up with old vintage watches that i was scared of wearing...so the 56KS went and in came this as a straight swap. A 2014 sdgm001 brightz. To say im impressed is an understatement. I will do a thread on it or might combine it as a comparator on my old sarb033 thread....as this makes a sarb feel like a seiko 5. And they are roughly price for price now (even if this was 2 times the price new)....you pays your money and takes your choice Grand Cocktail Time
  3. I know its a bone of contention but in a lot of ways a booming classifieds are an interesting part of the forum for example i used to buy the autotrader just to see what was advertised. Also ive only tended to visit tz to see whats for sale. I realise its annoying in some ways, but in others a well stocked classifieds can be a good thing for forum activity membership etc. But yes there needs to be a balance. You dont want the forum being exploited by glorified ebayers as that is a big risk.
  4. Is it for the Presage? If it is avoid the uncle seiko bracelets got one for my sarb...80 quid and felt like the worst seiko 5 bracelet ever. Hollow end links crap clasp and solid links that were probably moulded rather than forged. A fivers worth that took weeks to come and hit the bin as fast as a Marks and Spencers ready meal.
  5. Mine...not bad for 48 years old....
  6. Dean lad the Insurance company you made the share holders rich for should have given you a solid gold one. The NHS gave me one when i was 35 to get a few confidentiality clauses tied up. So they say. And Dean lad...dont mention the ferret.
  7. Golly Gosh these are high prices when you can get say a 1972 Seiko GS or KS Hi Beat that beat the original COSC standard 50 years ago. I will play my hand with one of these for 500 quid and have it serviced for £200. So about £750 all in. https://grail-watch.com/2018/01/16/two-king-seiko-hi-beat-56ks-chronometers/ The 50 quid is for hmrc customs
  8. Why bother when you can get a 1969 Seiko KS Chronometer that if fully serviced will still match or even beat it. Though it might cost a bit more or then again a KS Chronometer that wont and will be slightly better...horses and courses.
  9. This might be worth pinning. They are a great primary reference. https://www.plus9time.com/seiko-catalogs The Luxury Catalogues are particularly good in the very early 1970s.
  10. Ive been thinking about getting one of these from argos for 99 sobs seems a bargain. Thats what the modern world is for non producing office workers in posh watches. Built like tanks...imagine the vintage market in 2121 it will be over flowing with mint divers.
  11. Thats superb Good Evening lads and lasses, i'd better not do the joke about Padi and Murphy and the Irish milk bottle the. Still the KS
  12. In that case I will do him a straight swap for my Vostok Amphibia.
  13. Look like a packet of kids sweets.
  14. Any chance of your help on the ferret thread mate. We need a yorkshire ferret to complete the set. That way weve got a Burnley ferret a bury ferret and a Yorkshire ferret. We even have a Scottish ferret in the form of @BondandBigM and nowt comes harder than a scottish ferret.
  15. Ah yes the white urchin....don't mention the 8 watches nudge wink...its a story for down the pub. Robs 8 urchins are the stuff of legend. On a serious note i retired when i was 34 and suddenly im 48. Time flies so if you retired late like say 50 plus. Then make the most of it because you will be getting carted off in a box before you can say whats the mrs done with my rolex. Id ask @BondandBigM bond lad...is there any difference between one of them urchins rob had and his rolex submariner? In all fairness to the member asking the question @mcb2007 as probably never been in space but if he had he would have probably regretted landing in Bury.
  16. Good article here on the 38mm i was considering one when i had my sarb as lug to lug are shorter than the sarb. But no one had one in stock that i could see. https://wornandwound.com/introducing-the-seiko-sary147/
  17. If you swap the top line you've spelt R (olex) O (mega) B (white bread) E R (olex) T Which means you only need a Timex and a...? Not sure what suggest for an E. Bet you're glad your names not Jim. Nice collection roberto nice collection by anyones standards even my own. ( what happened to the 8 urchins) Edit...just realised youve got the T....so you dont need a timex. Just need something starting with E.
  18. Nice collection, my collection at the moment consists of just 1 old seiko. I did have 2 other old seikos but they gave up the ghost.
  19. Its probably one of those will i find another, then and i suppose thats why the seller is asking what he is. Someone will probably bite the bullet and buy it at some point. Very specialised area though and a proper minefield.
  20. 666 with that case shape bound to be a classic. Looks fab. The narrow bracelet is very nice gives it a proper vintage look.
  21. I like this and tother one but theyve made them a bit big for me. Watched a video on yt the look good.
  22. Just be wary that most of the presage range is over 40mm. I think there is a 38mm 'zen garden' cant remember the reference now. Also lug to lug is quiet long. Even the old sarb was 46mm lug to lug so they do feel clunky on a smaller wrist. Also be wary of the bracelets because of the single micro. These are all reasons why i sold my daily wearer sarb and went for a vintage ks at 36mm. If you like 40mm and on a strap then you will love the presage range. Id go for a sarx. But you might also want to consider and older gs hi beat ks hi beat or indeed pushing the budget and going for a gs quartz at around a grand. The 9f rather than the old grand quartz that is.
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