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  1. to be fair I haven't noticed a great deal of difference really but every where is a bit quieter.
  2. Sounds a good idea last time i used it was on a 1998 jag xj8 308 and it hazed badly but im sure jags paint was very soft. What you did to avoid the haze proves the cutting that was good for say a 1980 beemer would be bad for anything post circa 1990. I first experienced it with a 1995 celica and wondered what was up. The polish is fine on hard paint. I used it lots on my 1980 635 and it smoothed the hard paint lovely. Good for classic cars in original paint! I dare say it would do a modern silver merc but not the soft dark paint they use.
  3. I think the bigger engine one did but the smaller engined one came with a 16 and looking back at the picture again i got my original opinion wrong. They are not the 16s i had in mind they are im sure e36 m3. Caveat would be the mv would be an option and could be added at any time too. But...there were m brochues in bmw show rooms which gave you the option back in the early 2000s to spec a car with m options. Im feeling given the colour someone put m3 alloys on it when new. Someone still loves it too which is nice to see.
  4. Be interesting to see more it could have had them from new its a sport and the smaller engined sport i think got 16inch is alike m3 wheels i think they are gen...i think it is too but dont quote me. But im sure its a standard factory sport on its original carry over wheels which is nice. Just to quote it back down again for ease of viewing And having done so i might change that opinion to an original facelift but with gen m3 alloys. Yep im going with my second opinion mrb
  5. I first bought autoglym in about 1988 to polish my dads jag it was the best the 4 quid a bottle for resin polish fun times and memories I spent hours in the garage on that car when i was 14 listening to billy joel and the smell of autoglym would im sure bring it all back...shame the jag was unreliable.
  6. Backs are very deep on an e36 m3 like a good 8 inch Might be gen then Also a polished lacqured rim But could have been painted They go milky with time
  7. Try meguiars ultimate wax for 30 quid a bottle that lasts its much better than autoglym. Honest. In fact id choose meguiars over zymol or coatings. The meguiars is like a film rather than abbrasive wax...autoglym have always combined a cutting compound with their waxes which was great un the 80s on the hard paint. But look now in bright sun and it will always leave a haze. Especially on dark colours. And the meguiars leaves no white resiudue. The gold autoglym is only a seal. They were very good in 1991 with the resin polish but times and paints have changed.
  8. Proper m3 are deep dish on the back. I think they are gen IS mate E36
  9. They dont need many directors of finance and audit at the moment...lawyers maybe. Should i go back to law like fletch????? Ive fancied redefining human rights. The current climate may enable that. In order to in future protect people more sensibly...me a lawyer? I cant see it.
  10. Dwygyfulchi looking to puffin island
  11. Love of my life this winter and the sarb033 my first ever keeper.
  12. i did 13 years with the nhs and got nowt. Rightly so really. They paid me.
  13. i might try that stuff on mine.
  14. its the top of bryn pydew looking out towards penrhyn bay i explored it and found all the footpaths about 12 years ago. Its only a stone throw from home, and plenty of walks and its always quiet up there. Its about a mile from llandudno. They got most of the stone up there to build the hotels in llandudno. a lot of it reminds me of that film 'the birds'
  15. I think these days long service tends to get discouraged rather than encouraged with nice gifts. Otherwise workers might get rights and they don't want that do they. Take @BondandBigM for example hes got a long service award for being on here and he still had to cough up for his own rolex. Though @Roger the Dodger was offering a sekonda a bit back.
  16. yeh it should be ok mate, just dig a hole stick it in a put the soil back sorted. but @Roger the Dodger might beable to tell you whether its best to dig a round hole or a square one. these things matter you dont want to put a tree intended for a square hole in a round one see. It might die. which would be a shame for the tree and your mum. It could be very upsetting indeed. When it comes to digging holes roger is our forum expert if i were you i would pm him, he likes to keep his secrets on hole digging secret.
  17. some of the hodinkee reference points articles and vids are good like this on the sd subs, entertaining for beginners rather than pros i guess but fun to watch https://www.hodinkee.com/videos/reference-points-rolex-sea-dweller theres also a great one on the pn daytonas.... https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/reference-points-the-paul-newman-daytona you might need to rob a bank though
  18. there was a newish lambo coming towards us on the prom yesterday with Blancpain plastered all over it. tidy looking 46 in a good colour those were e36 IS carry over alloys rather than the otherwise identical M3 ones werent they? Im guessing its a 316i though. Yep im still about ive been thinking then i got bored so came back to annoy rob.
  19. Get some of this to polish it with...a tub is as much as a rolex sub almost....
  20. @BlueKnight is it a beemer or a bimmer?
  21. there was nothing but the whistling of birds up bryn pydew woods this morning, amazing how much the sound of traffic is noticed by its absence on the road a mile or so away.
  22. Ive had a few jobs done since i got it. Servicing was fully upto date with a level 3 bmw services including plugs at sytner in february. It needed a new battery and ive had some cosmetic paint work done at a local body shop. Which included respraying the front near side wing due to lacquer peel, the boot lid due to the same and the front bumper and door mirror. For a total of 800 quid. It will be getting a set of pirelli p zeros or possibly michelin sport cup 2 which it came with when new as tyres are newish but mixed makes.
  23. Ive had this about a month now. The GTI was fast fun but not really my sort of car...to be honest it felt about as good as ford in build not bad, but id expected it to feel like a 3BM and that was too much to ask it seemedthe quality wasnt there. I saw this e90 on the trader at a dealer in Bradford with a good reputation and with reasonable miles for its age a decent mot history and full bm history it looked good. Well looked after with all keys. Black sapphire, black dakota sport leather, shadow line trim, bm sun protection drug dealer rear windows and a lot of options from new including electric blinds in the back and the 258bhp 7 series 3 litre 6. Unusually the body is SE with sports chassis, steering, steering wheel and aluminium trim. Its even got shadow line grilles in the bonnet. Wheels are elipsoid and on the back 275's.....225 on the front. I drive us present as is extended leather to doors. Its a very early e90 on a 55 plate. Pro Nav system the lot. In fact it listed at £45,000 with extras 15 years ago...thats a massive 15 grand on a basic 330i of the time. Its also got bmw sos...TV and AUX inputs pretty good for 2005. Supplied via Holland Park in London who supply official cars to the UK government, but specced by Sytner and PDI'd in their nottingham shop where the alpinas were built. First thing you notice is the stance which is low for an SE giving away the sports susy....then the disks and alloy calipers all round....discs are drilled and grooved even on the back and bigger than a CL500...all made me a bit interested...along with a grade 1 tracker and security film on the inside of the front side windows to stop smash and grab. It made me think someone had been nervous. The steering is the best ive had its almost f1 precise and the ride is still well damped despite sitting slightly lower than a standard sport....it was fitted with m3 sub frame and bushes on the back new...confirmed to the chassis number. Not normal even for a sport and hence the 6 series elipsoids rather than the usual 330i ones. From what ive been able to gather so far it was either then supplied in september 2005 to a government agency connected with security, my first thoughts were ex police, but apparantly not as its no evidence of anything but private use and a fairly minimal annual miles of 7 or 8k. All i know for sure is sytner specced it via their alpina facility in nottingham in july 2005 ish. Then it went to holland park where it was stamped up and fitted with anti hijack glass run flat tyres and the tracker. Then went with a number of officially supplied cars to the uk government. Thats all the information i can get from them off the chassis. So who knows? Maybe it just went to someone working in an office doing the governments asset register? Nevertheless id love to think it had been specced up like it has for a retired Doyle type in the Professionals. Whoever had it when new certainly wanted a decent level of security and a car that could handle itself when needed....whilst attracting as little attention as possible. Especially in the dark...
  24. 1979 seiko 7813 6029...'222'. Ive been thinking.
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