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  1. Just been through a phase again of collecting the very early Seiko quartz. It started with a lucky ebay win on a 3803 from August 1972. With the white 'twin race' dial (the one with two light white stripes on the already white dial centre). When it arrived i could tell the quality was superb, zaratsu case polishing and grammer of design all there. This got me researching early Seiko Quartz. I had thought that the King Quartz and Grand Quartz were top of range. Which in a way I suppose they were. But and its a big but...by the time KQ and GQ came out they had a mix of all sorts of movements ranging from 0853 with a manual stepper motor and really the branding on the dial was just an 'advertiser's puff' in Contractual terms at least. And even more pertinent was the fact that by the time kq and gq hit the catalogues in the mid 70s, quartz were getting on a bit and prices were dropping. Hence the later twin quartz to try and coax the fire up. No the real exotic stuff was in the very early 38xx calibers and not the branding on the dial. Concentrating on the very first say 1970 to early 73. The aston of 1969 was the SQ35 and the 38 calibers were the first really available quartz. They ranged from the 3803 to the 3823 the latter of which being the VFA and branded as such in 72 (very fine adjustment). I managed to pick up a 3823 7000 from a seller in Japan for £250 with original bracelet. These retailed at 140000 yen in 1972. Very close to the top in the catalogues. The 38 calibers in general were QT branded in Japan, but the VFA followed Astron in being the 3823 SQ38. For rest of world the 38xx QT were the '2002' These were the next best thing after the SQ with a slightly less accurate movement. Unfortunately these being rare beasts and very well made they are expensive to source parts or rebuild as i found out. Be warned there was little shock protection when new and 50 years later even the jolt of removing a bracelet can have the mechanical parts not playing ball with the electic gubbins. What they did teach me is if you want early exotic quartz from Seiko then dont get bogged down in the mire of the later king and grand quartz as by their time quartz was becoming a bit common place. Even by 1975 good though they were they lacked the exotic of the early 38s and vfa's Its amazing now to think you can get 3803 and even 3823 and vfa quartz for less than 50 quid working. More in this link. https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2019/02/05/seiko-3823-7001-quartz-vfa/
  2. Quick up date on this. Its been a great little car for a daily do everything. Enough room, and enough fun. And 20mpg to boot even round town it manages 19mpg. But if i was worried about fuel id have bought a moped. Nope great little car. The n52 early silver cover engine with 258bhp and little of the silly stuff that came later is the pick. Just had 4 michelin pilot sport 4 s fitted for about 500 quid and it rides handles lots better than the chingchangs or whatever they were it came on. Had new M Sport springs on the front after one snapped (crap north wales roads). Reduced front end lift quiet a lot.
  3. Interesting read, shame it didn't check out better as its a great find and a good looking watch. Im guessing as tool watches these things got used damaged etc. Maybe its impossible now to find one thats not been changed etc. Its hard to know whats acceptable and not with this sort of thing and over 5 grand is to big a risk I think.
  4. Well it wouldnt go on a new watch. Id look for a nos GS 9f amazing what can be had if you use yahoo...
  5. They turn up on ebay as working watches i got one for £80 that ran like a dream but the case was gold and pitted. Might be best to look for a rough cheap runner and do a movement swap.
  6. Looks very good. They've really made some good looking cases in the latest GS the sharpness, polishing etc. You can still see the lines of some of the late 60s early 70s GS and KS hi beats and even the 38xx quartz cases. Lots of history and heritage there. I guess the spring drive in many ways is as close in sprit now, as the sq35 was in 1969. Maybe they should have done the latest anniversary astron with that movement.
  7. Agreed ive been a tad unlucky recently with some of the earliest post sq35 (Seiko) astron quartz in the form of the caliber 38xx from around 71 to 73. Had a lovely 72 VFA but repair costs seem to mirror the original 140,000 yen purchase prices from the early 70s. Expensive beasts to put right. So i was thinking of buying a g shock from argos until my luck returns.
  8. The seiko ladder is a slippery slope but if you make it to the top you will be beyond the gravel in the garden. Its a long climb with lots of pitfalls. But when you get to the top you will know...try an old "observatory' hi beat say a 36000 with a splash of 'grammer' even a 28800...then put it next to a Swiss watch from the late 1960s...see what you think. In fact, put it next to a modern Swiss or Japanese or German watch and see what you think. @yokel will supply the German contender.
  9. Jonny Ive spent all night turning your reply "11" at an angle. And all i can see is "11". Im thinking they just couldnt squeeze on a 1 on the edge...though they could have at 31 thought not 17 for example. Now had the'y' not bothered with a 1 but only used a I...then it would have looked a bit boring on the first.
  10. Roger it looks like the protective coating did it. Claim against a defect introduced by a third party in Negligence to which you have no privity...afterall you were advised to have it applied. Id say you relied on the expertise of the business seller ie the garage with whom you have privity. Forget warranty of sale old boy its a breach of condition which is a much more in your favour. Go and rattle their cage. Or get @BondandBigM to give them a going over Next time rog ol lad get a proper car that you can fill or spray yourself like say an old aston Either that rog or get out with a scrubbing brush and a litre of meguiars gold class and get the 'peugeot protect' crap off. It will work wonders.
  11. Used but be prepared for them to pack up.
  12. Right ok my best excuse was..."dad Ive just bought some car polish 'zymol royale glaze' it cost 7 grand for the tin...actually true partially. Thought it really cost 5 grand and i used the rest to buy a longines LLD and a holiday in Morocco. Another watch i should have kept.
  13. Incredible...are they in a grudge match with seiko to rival Mr Lamborghini and Mr Ferrari? Seems sooo. Could end in something very special.
  14. And the juxtapose of April Nice watch fidet labour as delboy would say... Still making do with an old seiko.
  15. Maybe its time for the British to lead watchmaking again. Not just in small niche on the IOM but in mass production? CW, Bremont? Shame they don't use British movements. Not so much off topic as it sounds really. As there is an East meets West element in there.
  16. I was reading a short blow by blow account of German Watch making. After WW2 in the main and the effects on the old Saxon Town of Glashutte. @yokel and @Jet Jetski would beable to put this together much better i'm sure. However it seems that the Russians may have had more influence in shaping the future of at least A. Lange & Sohne at the very least? A 19th century centre for cutting edge watch making which then spent years behind the Iron Curtain. After being heavily bombed in WW2. Companies under state control remained in Glashutte making rudimentary watches Soviet in fact rather than anything high end. East didn't meet West until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. Bringing to life again not just Lange, but also the likes of Moritz Grossman and Nomos. Ironic really that East should meet West in a tiny Saxon town on or near the Czech border. It results in a weird conundrum. Consider this. Under the Iron Curtain of Soviet control. We had good manufacturers producing watches for the masses. So in a bid for freedom. The West brought down the Berlin Wall. The result? No more watches for the masses from Glashutte...instead.... @BondandBigM how can we reconcile high end watches with a Soviet frame of mind? Or at least expensive ones. So was it progress for watch making in Glashutte? To deprive the masses of well made affordable watches behind an iron curtain? Or was it simply western greed? Did we really get better watches? Or just ones that were unavailable now to the people who could once afford them? Who would actually now prefer to wear one of the Eastern made watches from Lange? Do they exist? If they do surely it means you should be able to find one for the price of a Vostok. Now that would be cool.
  17. Morning lads and lasses, rain again where is it all coming from. 1991 Omega Polaris Cal. 1650, long story with this one, but I was given it in 1991 when I went away to Uni along with a car ( i wont mention the car here). And I had forgotten all about it. My mum turned it up in a drawer at my Grans old house...this is where it gets convoluted. It wasn't working and the crown was very tight, the watch very cold and damp. A battery kicked it into action. So me being me decided to fiddle with the crown. After exerting enough pressure to force new bushes in. The crown went. With a click and clack noise and then all the functions on the lcd came on, on their own. Then went off. Great I thought it works. So I set the time and it kept it. Then the crown and stem came out in my hand. So now its booked into the private hospital that is Omega. @BondandBigM if my dad had bought me a cheap 50 quid seiko in 1991. I would not be having the prospect of financial ruin. Id just have binned it. Gerald Genta. The crystal is scratched i must have been a rough en when I was 19. Are these sapphire? My old dictionary also turned up Which is even more destitute than the old omega.
  18. Hey well BSA pistons in 930 to be fair Muhamood Ali Autosavser in Nelson Lancs and a lad who worked for me dad Sharif Latif used to get me cheap oil filters for my e24 635csi. Same as a series 1 landrover mate. Saved me a fortune and i ended up making a profit selling them to the local bmw specialist boundary garage lol. Well when your skint mate alls fair in love and war. Could save me a bit that. Not unusual. MA Autosaver Nelson Lancs on Scotland Road. And no im not taking the mickey.
  19. The top one is fab. And the last one is me and my old zenith. Thats my thumb. For the life in me i cant remember the model. Its one I sent to you a bit back @martinzx. Espada??? I think my brain is wearing out.
  20. Watch out for loonies A second omega polaris i forgot i had after buying another and my mum found my original one from my uni days at my Grans....1991 Polaris that needs fixing
  21. Very true Martin. I cant believe i treated it so badly when i was 19. It is much worse than it looks in the pic. After I bought another old Omega Mum said hang on ive still got your old one somewhere. Its been in a drawer at my grans old house for years. Id forgotten all about it. Put a battery in it and off it went. Which means ive now got 2 of these...
  22. Thats lovely martin. Wearing my polaris before it goes off to omega for a rebuild.... My dad gave it to me in 1991 along with a BMW 635csi when I went to uni in Leeds in 1991...the car is long since dead. The Omega? Needs a new crown stem and service. If they are not classic quartz martin...i'll buy a casio.
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