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  1. Fininshing the day back with the old KS. Quartz? Give me a break...
  2. @BondandBigM im fixing christmas ornaments now and pouring mums guinness. I think my yuppy days are over mate.
  3. Im feeling the same. Its old age...nice tag matey. As regards the thread i think the battery was a long lasting one. Still its been raining all day. Thanks for keeping me entertained. I am too im 48...but i think ive been here before.... Very nice indee d
  4. The red head in white mate all day long even when I was 15 in 1988. That was the sensible choice. The others are a choice...ass end natzi slot car or half baked newcomer. Theres only one if monies no object....I'll be back in a min. Here And porker and lambo think they come close Ferrari for me all day everyday. Porsche are like seiko....you can get one in the next shop with the same badge for next to nowt. Cant do that with a ferrari. Lambo theyve never been there for me. Ok on the bedroom wall. Did one ever win a race. Ive got to try and sort @Jet Jetski out now see if we can work out a quartz classic. I should run for deputy prime minister....
  5. I wish youd told us that to start with. Theres none on the thread yet then Oh hang on We are all trying to answer Jons question for him. Im not sure what he means. I dont think he is sure either. @artistmike that is a classic pogue even the tear drop red is right. Nice strap too.
  6. But looking at your watches Jon they all look classic to me. Would they still be clasdic if you stick a miyota quartz in one?
  7. Most seiko T32s...a few late 70s Omega qtz when cost cutting was at its height. An omega pre bond. It was somehow sooo cheap feeling. Not much else.
  8. I think we are edging towards soul now too. Which is even wider than classic. Yes I would say even a 1987 Zenith Mistral eta qtz is classic. But there are classics and classics. The 135 is probably a notch up the desirability scale. Though I can safely confirm i am not a space man.... What is evolving as a conclusion from this thread is the growing interest in early high end Japanese Quartz from Seiko and Citizen and on the Swiss side for Omega. Even Rolex got a mention. The mid 70s quartz are coming back i reckon....the good ones that is. Its Star Wars 1 all over again. And no im still not a space man...wish i was.
  9. No afraid not. Im in the Conservatory its fairly small. I see what you mean though you are saying a watch is classic because it achieved something in looks then?. Omega Polaris is that a classic quartz. Its a one off case at least. Or is it just a bit of dodgy modern art no one gets. Or not even that? Or are you saying a watch is a classic not because someone wore it to go to a posh dinner, but because they achieved something whilst wearing it? Like say going up a mountain under special circumstances or etcetra.
  10. It looks like they missed one lol. I did i used the chrono function on mine and only sold it because the big centre seconds wouldnt zero. Though that was a cousin of pogue a Bobby Deerfield. That had soul not just a classic there was something about how the orgininal white paint had come off the hands and stuck to the dial. Admit that it was the black dial version so not a proper bobby but that made the paint flakes look better. Wish id kept it but i was climbing the ladder to a suwa turtle....long gone.
  11. Interesting read, looks in remarkable condition for age, crown looks to have hardly any wear at all in the machining! Good luck with it.
  12. Saw one in a Jewelers next to a Blackbay it left the latter standing. Alas to big for me.
  13. Thanks! I understand now, the QT was above the QR and QZ wasnt it. Ive had a QZ that was almost identical in case to design to my 5625 KS mechanical in terms of shape and style. A bit thicker maybe to house the caliber it ran. As I understand it QR and QT were later rebadged King Quartz and Grand Quartz?. @martinzx it came back to me it was the 4mega 45million yen in 1977. https://sweep-hand.org/tag/citizen-vintage-quartz/ https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F274433936118
  14. Many would say the seiko 7t32 was a classic. For me that cal was a classic pain in the neck for sure. Wish id bought that watch. I cant remember the name now or ref. I thought it was a crystron but not sure. If it was it was an extra special version. Citizen get lost in the smoke screen that has become seiko. Which is a shame.
  15. In support of can a quartz be a classic? Ive changed to this 1980 SeikoTwin Quartz 9642 5000 9 jewel HAQ. Seiko specs were +/- 20 secs a year 40 years ago. On the time graph the rate of this one is +11 seconds a year. Pretty sharp. 1976 was a great year for Omega, it seems that Jimmy Saville wasnt the most dangerous thing on Top of the Pops afterall Hesketh Racing that rings a bell. Im not sure why though. Its a lovely Omega very understated especially for late 70s. I like engraved backs only had 2. One was a seiko and it said to Alan love from Donna. Im guessing the relationship didnt last. Maybe he expected a Rolex
  16. Probably qualifies as a classic. Electronic though. If an Electronic like the tuning Accutron can be classic why cant a quartz.
  17. My watches have mainly been vintage Omega, vintage King and Grand Seiko and vintage Seiko KQ and GQ recently that is. Ive had a few vintage oyster case Tudors. Prince dates mainly. From what I have experienced the vintage higher Seikos which were made to compete with the mid range Swiss like Omega and Rolex do so very well. Ive never had a modern GS, but the internet is awash with rave reviews. I think the chap who does the videos for watchfinder is a bit of a fan. He keeps praising them and giving Rolex a bit of a hard time although he does seem to like the custard and tango 39mm date justs....I think GS are becoming quiet widely known and accepted now outside our little community. For example facebook as a European lead group devoted to GS owners with over 20,000 members....
  18. Definitely and wasnt there another range from citizen above these? One was in sales section a while back. @scottswatches pointed out new it would have been the equiv. Of 7 grand in todays terms. It was a 70s slim quartz. Wow well done! Is that a 3003? Ive had a few 4004. There was a 2002. All very high quality from what ive seen. No wonder Seiko were on a roll in the 70s.
  19. This 9642 5000 came out in 1980 as the twin Superior. Here as a real wolf in sheeps clothes its also slim at 6.8mm case back to crystal top. This was 86000 yen in 1980. About £600. About the same price then as a Rolex DJ. They only sold in Japan and rarely. It illustrates well what @BondandBigM says, as apart from the tiny twin emblem to most people its a 50 quid SQ.
  20. Thats a lovely GQ what movement is it? These are shooting up in price a similar one on the bay is a £1000. People are realising these were very expensive new, superbly made, fully servicable and robust. True indeed that Seiko stopped concentrating on the mechanical ks and gs. There was a cross over in the catalogues and the higher end caliber quartz gq and kq were twice the price of what had been the top GS mechanical. About 1973 to 1975. Then the KS and GS mechs died altogether i think. The top of the range were the quartz superior twin in theory. But there is such a variety of artisanal cases and designs in king and grand single quartz, that its hard to make out the hierachy at times. For me the GQ with snowflake dial and that case is probably the classic high end vintage seiko quartz. Very nice too. I had an ultra slim much later Lassale. Thats why I love the twin I have above. So good so well made so expensive when new....and all it says on the dial is Seiko.
  21. Very true ive heard many people say i wouldnt pay that for a seiko or its just a seiko. I think its the typical European response to badges. Its why everyone wants an e class merc and the ford granada a vauxhall senator died out. There isnt the mass appeal for a luxury seiko in Europe they mostly are JDM customers. Weirdly thats creating a niche market now for JDM watches. Even cheap casio digis. Yes the Seiko name on the dial is a killer. I suppose the Credor brand proves Seiko know that and the Lassale to a lesser extent which were aimed at North America. The lassale in ultra thin guise pure lassale especially the pre seiko Jean Lassale is probably another classic but i think only seiko did the ultra thin quartz movement? Although they acquired the name in part.
  22. I love some of the case designs on modern GS and the dials. Like the snowflake. To me they look nothing like the 5s. Infact there are many seiko sq quartz that look more like rolex and omega than any GS or KS. The grammer of design that tara tanaka created did eventually filter down to the likes of the pogue, the skyliner, and some other lines a bit. But look close and the GS KS are pretty unique in sharpness and dials and hands can be amazing. Not wanting to derail from the qtz thing. But GS KS were created so Seiko could compete with the swiss in the 60s. Yes GS has been going much longer than some people think. As has KS. Seiko hired for the first time a design graduate called Tara Tanaka. He came up with the grammer of design. Then in the 60s seiko went on to sweep the board at the swiss observatory trials gaining chronometer status. At which point the swiss cancelled the competition after and this is where i get back on track...introducing high accuracy quartz.
  23. The bracelet is superb and on my small wrist 6 inch the 32mm feels lovely yes Mr Genta did a fab job. The cal is an eta base i think and some people swap it out. I wanted to ensure that didnt happen hence only omega really for this one.
  24. People seem to be going mad for GS but they are probably enthusiasts rather than the man in the street? Who knows. But Seiko have just brought back KS. Maybe the JDM is big enough to sell whats needed. I guess out there GS and KS are like Rolex and Omega are to us. Pretty much household names.
  25. Maybe it was muck. Not sern him since 2013 he has or had a shadow 2 on a t reg in willow gold. Its a long story but he met a lady who died and left him with a bungalow and some money. Ive no idea maybe the watch was dodgy. I never took much notice of it. I was more interested in the roller.
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