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  1. I think these twins are classics. This 1980 9642 is from the Superior range. Has an all metal 9 jewel fully servicable movement running at plus 11 secs a year. Nice looking to.
  2. Amazing I didnt know it was the 50s. Shops gone now. It was Gregories on Mostyn Street. They used to leave all the rolex in the window. Daytonas the lot. All used but some pretty special sports models. They got robbed about 5 years ago. Its a Clogau gold shop now. So he must have sold out after the bad experience.
  3. This is good to know. Ive a 1991 Polaris cal 1665 and the crown stem came out. The 1665 is a complex thing. The alarm module part is 400 quid. So i didnt want just anyone looking at it. So its gone to Omega ill hold my breath when I get the bill, but it should be spot on. Its being refinished too. Which in the case of the Polaris is a brush for case and bracelet I presume.
  4. Still the KS, service was one of those good old fashioned written on the back of a fag packet jobs so you know a proper old watch maker in a little shops done it a bloke with his heart in the right place who wont diddle you, and has had years of experience. An old school in a shirt tie and smock. As a result over a week this is keeping time with my Seiko Twin. Hope my Polaris comes back from Omega as good after its crown and stem came out....
  5. There will probably be a rise in classic quartz prices as my age group the 40 somethings want the watches that they wanted when the were growing up. Like with cars, as old e types and mgbs linger the 80s pocket rockets and fast fords even Jag XJSs are shooting up. Mechanical wind up watches were pretty much naff when i was at school. We all wanted an all singing all dancing digital. The ones like @Roger the Dodger's above will be the classic quartz. They will be the digitals from the 70s and 80s. Theres a big interest too now in the 70s Seiko high end quartz especially the twins and superiors and GQ and KQ just look at the 10k plus groups on fb, with some pretty ardant knowledgable collectors. Anyone for a lemon drop lcd? This. Its going to be a classic. There was a moonraker on ebay for 150 quid....might be time to stock up or take stock. These such things are already classics my mate Bill went into a shop in llandudno about 10 year back and wanted to spend 8 grand on a rolex. "I dont want a battery job" was what he claimed to have said. The jeweler man replied "rolex have never made a watch with a battery". Im not sure whether he was infact right. Im not sure who made the movements. Im more inclined to think him forgetful or not knowing. Bill? He came out with an 18ct day date on president like Jack nicholas wears he says. Cracking looking watch. Its turned a bit green in places now because he forgots he has it on etc and does things like gardening. All hes had to do is "squeeze the clasp with pliers". It felt a bit loose. His watch is a 1995 though. Probably not old enough to be a classic. Unlike that old quartz?phew.
  6. Of course it is no and you 'know'. A classic follows a set of established principles. There are much better definitions for example for the:- Seiko Astron....the Citizen Crystron. Classic no of course not. RULE breakers rule changers pop art pick your phrase they cant really follow a pathology certainly not narrowed by class. Unless.... Again Martin far more significant than simple classics.
  7. Thanks yeh its quiet cool, dont know what it is, its just an unbranded one it came on. Comfy, I did try a Hirsch Duke Alligator embossed but it felt very stiff and hard the edges were sharp. I bought it from Goldsmiths too. Not been that impressed by some Hirsch ive had. Keep looking at Geckotas some go cheap on the bay.
  8. I had an FL sea chief, paid about 11 quid for it. Another example of where its probably better to buy an original old one, if you can live with the smaller cases. Mine was about 31mm. There was a lovely Zenith mechanical on the bay for little money too.
  9. Some better photos. @martinzx when I received it, I checked it was fully wound and left it in the box. It ran for approx 45 hours, so it was more or less at full wind. When it had stopped I hand wound it - very smooth after the gritty feel of the sarb. Interestingly at full turn of crown you can feel the automatic clutch mechanism release. Something never felt for example with the sarb which never felt any different to manually wind whether stopped or fully wound. It never gave any resistance. When free wheeling the crown counter clockwise it has no wobble at all but at first suprised my by how freely it spins
  10. Thanks Martin, im not sure what i should do to best protect the date mechanism? Is it just a case of ensuring that it is only change with hands at 6 o clock? Yes that is correct no medallion. Seiko dropped it in 71 I believe. I will get photos of mine. It has had a light polish at service by hand, which was declared in the sales post, but its still pretty sharp to my eye. The dial is unbelievably good.
  11. Ive had one very much like the KS with the blue dial. But it had an amazing dial which was like star dust in the light and black tarmac in the dark. An amazing thing. Lord Quartz were below KQ and GQ in branding but movements, cases and bracelets were shared from the more common GQ and KQ 4822 for eg. So in reality an LQ is just as good as a GQ or KQ with the same specs. Lord Quartz were aimed at white collar emerging middle class Japan and in the catalogues feature against very modern back drops. And they are rarer than GQ or KQ. They were I think a much shorter run about 1978 to 1981 I think.
  12. To conclude this. I did sell the sarb last month. For £400 its the first watch ive ever made a profit on though that profit went on seller fees so I broke even. The problem in the end was. On the bracelet the sarb is a heavy brute and the bracelet has only 1 micro. Unlike many people, after trying loads of different straps, i decided the sarb never looked right on a strap the lugs being to wide and heavy in the ends and with the inbetween lug polished it looked wrong. Also somehow on a strap it just looked plain. Ontop of all that modern watches dont do a lot for me in terms of owning them. I prefer vintage. In the first instance I went back to base and replaced the sarb with a lovely 1990 Omega Polaris. More on which in the future. A 32mm watch. And to be fair even though the sarb was good. The Polaris is in a different league in quality all together. The bracelet for example is superbly made. Also it was late 80s Gerald Genta so quiet fun. I still needed a decent Seiko though as for me I just prefer Seiko even to Omega etcetera. But it had to be KS or GS, but preferably KS for the rarity and history. I just prefer them to GS. Luckily one came up. So that concludes life with sarb033 i had it 12 months and wore it everyday. Time keeping was excellent and the 21000bph ok. The rub with the sarb is although it is 38mm it does feel a bit big and clunky to me on the wrist and its so so heavy. The Polaris for example was a light relief literally and the KS is a proper classic seiko to me rather than a modern run of the mill one thats really ended up to well known and a bit me too. Which meant in the end it had to go. I enjoyed it but it never did a lot for me.
  13. @martinzx thanks for your help, in deciding which way to go after the Sarb. I was after a 36000bph cronometer but theyre all in Japan, with no history and given the frailty of the 36 i wasnt keen on sending 600 quid overseas. Its a long story, I couldnt decide whether to get an old Omega or a KS. In the end ive bought both. More on the Omega at a later date. This brings me to the newly acquired ks. I decided to go for a 28,800 bph model and decided i like the case best on the 5625 as its pure Tara Tanaka, flat sharp minimalist reflective angles with a flat bezel. I didnt want day date but did want a date complication so this 7111 fits the bill. It was advertised as having had the full spa treatment. Full service, new crystal which is a genuine nos original. As can be seen in the bevel adges. The dial is correct and perfect with sunburst effect in amazing condition. These dials were marked 7110T I dont know why, but that is the dial reference on all 7111. There was also a 7110R to indicate a finer regulation when new. The 5625 is an automatic caliber. With a 47hr reserve. These came out in late 72 and mine is a February 1973. The case is good with some light marks and still pretty sharp. These were made by Seikosha which is an anomoly as Daini was the factory who created KS. Again I dont know why but these were made on the GS line. 36mm excl crown, 42mm lug to lug and 9mm thick it wears well with a slight curve to the case. It came with a period seiko box. Hands are dauphine with a black stripe. Im very pleased with it. Crown is signed KS and correct. Its a vintage watch that can be worn everyday and has not dated at all.
  14. You can get an original 44 9990 for well under a grand in good serviced condition. Ok it was only 18800 bph but it was the original first KS and first with Tara Tanakas grammer of design. Theyve captured it well in a reissue. The original was 36mm. Which i wish they had kept. But why pay so much for a reissue when the original can be bought so well. Theres a lovely looking 44 on the bay at the moment. A 1968 for £675. I like the reissue no i wouldnt buy it. 2 reasons I wouldnt pay so much for a watch and the other Id want the vintage original rather than a rehash. Good to see KS back but id rather have had a fresh design. This isnt the first time KS has been brought back from the dead. In year 2000 seiko brought back a reissue of the 5625 7111. https://musingsofawatchaddict.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/seiko-historical-collection-the-year-2000/ It is worth bearing in mind that KS and Daini lead the Swiss Chronometer trials in 1968 and not GS. But these were 36000bph I was KS who were certified as observatory chronometers GS did not take part. They followed and were based on the KS 4520. Funny how in the midst of time GS have been elevated above KS when in fact they were equal opposition and the Superior was superior to both.
  15. Morning chaps. February 1973 KS Hi Beat 5625 7111. Almost my Birth year as im a December 1972. 28,800 bph and rare in being produced by Seikosha factory rather than Daini. The Seikosha (first in Japanese) factory were the producers mainly of GS and Daini (second in Japanese) only produced KS (never GS). Only a few Hi-Beat KS were hand assembled on the GS production lines. As shown by the wirlwind rather than lightning bolt symbol of this example. I will put more in a thread in the Jap section.
  16. Or a yuppy watch.....(amended...) As above....
  17. @martinzx im thinking ive rolled the dice on seiko long enough and its time to let the sarb buy me this? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F114537477265
  18. Have you seen him do Hamlet? There is **** all on telly.
  19. Im guessing Mr B that it is not Primark though i am no expert the knit looks fairly short on the loom which im guessing was labour intensive and cost more than the longer weave in the jumper mentioned previously? Am I right to assume that?
  20. I paid £340 for this in February last year and now the average price is £540....that has to be a record in percentage terms. It means this lowly seiko used is worth as much as the new longines Hydroconquest I bought in 2016... that is scary....that is fast ford v old merc scary. These are going a bit daft. And I still cant think what I would buy to replace it at that price if i did cash it in. It is silly to think this would now buy me a 1970 Dennison case omega cal 600 in 9ct....but it would
  21. My dad modified a reliant when the roof blew off on blackpool prom.
  22. I was thinking he could have the AT on when he wanted to wear his own watch. Like a stunt double tother way round. But it would have to be secret. Its one of those my dad made me wear it things. Like Jim Davidson and John Virgo on pot black. That was funny. I can see that line in the film "Beautiful rolex?" "No Boctock"
  23. Not seen that for ages didnt know you still had it. That is what a proper military 007 should wear in the films either that or a pam. The AT is a bit to office boy.
  24. Fake telephone ariels on the back of xr3 escorts in the late 80s.
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