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  1. It’s actually made me stop and think if I really want a Rolex explorer now, fantastic value, I found a couple of cheap bracelets on eBay and it looks even better IMO
  2. I had no issues buying either of my Smiths watches. You just need to be prepared. Have an account setup ready and your bank details ready to go (copy paste ideal)
  3. It’s made by a company called Rubber B. It really makes the watch disappear on the wrist, very comfortable.
  4. Easy one, this or an Explorer in 36mm flavour
  5. Sorry, my point didn’t come across very well, I meant they shouldn’t bother with a date window at all if they can’t integrate it
  6. If you absolutely have to put a date window on a chrono..
  7. Had it 4 days, hated the faux rivets from the start so I found a cheap 80s style oyster with hollow end links and a press clasp on ebay. Fits great with a slight mod to the end link. This watch is now perfect to me, even with the new jingle jangle bracelet rattle
  8. Lovely dial! I have registered interest at my local AD for this dial on a 36mm version. Unbelievable the sales associate said this was the least in demand colour of the current line up!
  9. surprise day time lume shot for today
  10. Brought a Rios from there last week. Yes ordering is a little strange, I only ordered the one so it wasn’t an issue It says on the website in the delivery costs section, “we will combine postage, contact us before buying and we will let you know the cost”
  11. These are down to £160 on a bracelet on tkmaxx
  12. Strange that Rolex don’t seem to see what the customer wants
  13. I know their watches are not exactly cheap bud I’d love to see if any members own a H.Moser? They make some really interesting watches
  14. I really hope they don’t make a 41mm version! If anything it should be made smaller like the 114270
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