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  1. Whatever it is I'll give you £3.99 for it (that includes postage).
  2. I got the "look" off my wife today after 2 parcels turned up, they were only watch bracelets but still got the eye roll
  3. I've got 7.5" wrists, no problem with bracelets but do find I've got to go for the larger watch head (>42mm) otherwise they look tiny on me. I am 6'4" and 15st7lb though
  4. Strap reminds me of an Omega Lobster, looks good and nice to see something different.
  5. Great watch for the price, should never have sold mine
  6. Go for it, if you like it then what does it matter about other peoples opinions?
  7. Isn't this what make this watch collecting malarkey great? I don't like most Rolex ( subs, Daytona's, DJ's etc) while a lot of other people do...so what? It's all about individual choice, I'd hate to see everybody the same as everybody else. You don't like the Speedmaster, I love it (although I don't own one) it's what makes the world go round
  8. Vostok are great watches for the money, you'll end up with loads of them now......slippery slope
  9. Not for me (find the dial to squashed, busy and a bit bling) but well sort after so a nice buy and enjoy
  10. That's a decent budget for a watch, I'd be looking at Omega, Tudor, IWC, Breitling, Tag etc. If you don't mind 2nd hand then it opens up a large market. I'd be going for an Omega PO.....but then I'm biased that way
  11. Works for me but I only keep a small collection of 4 watches. Been one in one out for the past couple of years. Means all my watches get worn on a regular basis.
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