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  1. Does anyone know if there are adapters available to enable you to use a NATO strap with a Swatch?
  2. @‌ always"watching" and @‌will fly. I am intrigued as well. The apparent revival of the British watch brands is a little hobby of mine. I use the word "brands" rather than industry as there appears to be very little manufacturing happening. From what I can understand however there are some companies that are worth watching. I' m particularly fond of Pinion and I think Schofield are pretty brave. Neither of these companies have taken the super-British heritage route of Bremont. Christopher Ward also merit a special mention. From reading what many of these companies are saying it seems that it is just impractical to set up manufacturing here in the UK. Both Bremont and Chr. Ward are investing in movements but built in Switzerland. But then the British car industry does largely rely on foreign components.
  3. Has anybody heard anything about the apparently British brand Lloyds watches? From the website their watch looks quiet handsome and uses a Swiss movement?
  4. I have had great service from Alsal on the Strand. Very honest and very reasonable. I was put onto them by the dealer Austin Kaye also on the Strand and several non-related work contacts. http://alsalwatches.com/
  5. Roy, I was possibly a little in-genuine assuming that the forum I signed up to were a community. I was a little surprised to be "banned" for life from "Watch Seekers" , which appears to be the only site that has taken this position, if you've found others please let me know if you have a moment. I would have quiet happily apologised and continued without mentioning my blog. As I explained above the only reason I started the blog in the first place was as a receptacle for various news I trawl up when surfing around one of my favourite subjects i.e. "British" watches. I find this an interesting subject as it touches on many areas. Firstly, the hopeful revival of an industry for which Britain was once a world leader, then because of the different marketing routes many of these new brands are taking ( I work in TV advertising) and finally the "what is a British brand?". As for links the reason for there absence is simply because I haven't really understood who is who yet. I have pretty much got my head around who the key brands of watch are, and I am now looking at strap makers but to be very honest I find the forums all a little confusing and all with similar names. For this reason I have joined a few to try and understand who does what. I will happily add a link to the Watch Forum. I assure you I am not after anyone's lunch I was just looking for like minded people. Regards, Alastair
  6. If you are on this website it probably implies you are interested in watches and this thread maybe that you are especially interested in British watches. Over the last couple of years I have come across news of the British watch industry which is becoming more visible very month. New brands such as Bremont, Pinion and Schofield especially seem to want to back British watches more common. We then go to the exquisite creations of Roger Smith who is following in George Daniels' footsteps. Overtime after coming across lots of interesting stories and articles I thought other enthusiasts might like to see what I find so I now post them to wordpress page. Why not have a look you might find it interesting www.grinidgetime.com
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