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  1. send the dial to a "profesional dial restorer". mess with the works later. vin
  2. as i recall, there was a "proceedure" to use a watch as a compass. vin
  3. one of my uncles was killed on the Murmansk Railroad in a alied atack on the Bolsevics from Moscow. 6 USN sailors were buried in the railroad grade 1918. about 1926, their bodies were recoverd and re buried at San La Lac France. my Granmother went to the grave in France as a Gold Star Mother. she was told he died of "breach gas" on a navy ship, the Olumpia.
  4. Just fly at night. vin A and E
  5. a picture of the parts would be good also. vin
  6. diss reguard any "scrached in info" all the watchmaker had their own code or date. diffficult to explain this. vin
  7. good show ! just don't wear it when working on the car. i have a rubber strap on my "moon watch". vin
  8. on one of the US military pocket watch, the front bezel was not threaded, just a slip fit. i never did find out the reason. vin
  9. there is a lot of info on that subject, but not alway easy to find ! vin "demob" ? like Big Louie and "the boys" ?
  10. the blue is is hot and turquoise is not. vin
  11. have you tried puting film in those early leicas? vin
  12. the era of the film camera is not over. there are reasons why film is better than a cell phone, i will not go into that. i reloaded 35 mm film into a Nikon F film cartrage for years. film is still available, but a camera phone is much easier to use and store photos. vin
  13. 1988 caddy coupe de ville. sorry i can't post a pic., vin
  14. it is a simple electro magnetic coil. many wall clocks had this mvtv.. that leaves me out, but, to one of our electrical engieers. its a piece of cake. vin
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