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  1. vintage watch repair books are the place to look. long before "vidio repair". Fourturnatly, they may be available "on line". vin
  2. here is another tip. make or find a method of holding the watch "on edge". 2 hands are free, no glove. vin
  3. in the era of the accutrons; many of the used ones were sold with the word " huming or hummers". i bought a few for parts. some would start working by re bending the " jeweled spring finger". others the canon pinion was the problem. then they were sold as " running" that din't run long.! it seems to me, late in the run, the jewelers had a new revised mvmt. to install. i was never able to find that mvmt.! the cases were all good and atractive. sold as "not running, parts".
  4. it looks like a " pin set" near the stem. the U S issued wrist watches for ww 1, but they were "stem set" with a collet much like a vintage pocket watch. i'll try to post a pic..
  5. thanks. proper name " power reserve". at one time, it was common. vin
  6. i am impressed, is it automatic? is it the mainspring " power level" gage.? some vintage watches had that. unless it is battery voltage. saved my money since i could not find any for sale or the details on the net. vin
  7. welcome to the forum. study e bay to see what kind of watches are available.
  8. in order to "date a watch" it has to be opened to look for numbers inside. it is easy to damage a valuable time piece without experience in watch repair. Best toake it to your jeweler for advice. vin
  9. you are right. i ment to say "battery disconect". ill pull out my railroad certifyable and check it out.
  10. i use to be into accutrons AND none had hacks! it was a "battery eater", but very collectable. vin
  11. good photo; the only thing i see, it looks good, no upset screw heads. could it be new made? vin
  12. welcome German Fellow; hobbies come and go. vintage and new styles. the good thing about watches is : they require less storage space than "sport cars". vin
  13. all watches require cleaning eventually. does it keep time AND chime ?
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