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  1. nice looking trike. the cx500 is top heavy, can't get my heels on the ground. the silver wing ( same bike - diferent frame) is a low rider - compfie. i started with the harleys , flat heads and knuckel heads are low riders, but 800 lbs. striped. (too bad i can't send a pic'). after the "new knee " youl be ready to go again. !
  2. i like LOTS of excercize, its keeping me alive. built a device to hang on the door, useing 2 pedle frames. excercize with hands and feet. no floor space req. vin
  3. i am into vintage stuff; cx 500 and a silverwing. vin
  4. vinn

    New Guy

    welcome to the forum! please wash your hands before sending. Virus humor ? vin
  5. No more stuff from China ? if you can repair a watch - you can " darn " a sock" vin
  6. Rado or Ham radio --- while you work at the bench. vin
  7. good show. as i recall, " don't turn the clock hands back -in general" all vintage clocks ? on my seiko, automatic watch, i turned the hands back and it locked up.
  8. did they ever find out the purpose of this mechanism ? vin
  9. YES, it worked. it took a while to cross the pond. very good efural. thanks
  10. I have heard; there are bulldozer races in some "tractor pulls" ? vin
  11. warm it up. if some one put the wrong grease on the main spring, it will harden like glue in cold weather. in damp climates. and a worn seal on the crown , moisture can enter and "rust the main spring". vin
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