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  1. Nikon L -30 camera. " a black seiko"
  2. i have an old black seiko with a stainless braclet and case. of course. most of the paint has worn off. i don't think paint will stick to stainless. vin
  3. there hasent been any good UK - TV here in Mexico since the avengers and smily's people!
  4. wow. one of my last pix. posted. i think it was a Nikon L - 30. vin
  5. gun controls, in the late 40's, did not exist in Russa if you had money or not a member of the wrong party. German Lugars were quite popular then. vin popular
  6. vinn

    Swisstime woes!

    any person that has guarantee, is the lucky one. vin
  7. vinn

    Swisstime woes!

    I will tell you.: if you send out somthing for repair and it is screwed up ---- find another mechanic. a forum is a good place find. ech. vin
  8. vinn

    Swisstime woes!

    " live and learn" same problem with auto mechanics. next time, visit the forum first. vin
  9. the pistol is a Tokerev, must be a reward for target shooting. around the 50's.
  10. welcome to the forum. my granfathers railroad watch was given me by my granmother. p.o. ed my father,! but he took me to a jeweler to tell me how to set the time. i think he knew it was a "lever set". vin
  11. with some of the newer watches, it id hard to tell if it is "pop off" or screw back. AND; with cheep watches, its a matter of poor machining. vin
  12. its a good idea to buy a watch without a date. vin
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