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  1. vinn


    nice model A. 1928 i believe. vin
  2. am i right, the forum is going "down by the bow" ? where are those lovely political chats? and those cartoons showing Boris and Putin on a mule ? vin
  3. welcome to the forum. do you plan to work on your wyler ? vin
  4. i understand. they did have a removable hard top with a Heated rear window and 4 wheel suspention. the only problem i found was the "cam belt" driving the over head cams. vin
  5. can i just mail in a fiver for thr gallery?
  6. whats a Mk 1 ? do you know what a miata Mx 5 ? what is an Elan ? what do you drive? vin
  7. they say the Miata was a copy of the Lotus. ? i liked the Miata. vin
  8. if you wear a "monicle", are you a fake? my eye doctor refused to make me one. it would be good for buying watches. vin
  9. the "coupe de ville" Caddy was a 2 door, as in coupe. vin
  10. like i said, i gave up fast cars long ago. Detroit probably will too. as long as they go totalaly electric/battery. vin
  11. the US hybrids and electric cars and trucks are not selling very good. the copetition will still be with gasolne and maybe diesel. vin
  12. here is a riddle for you; i gave up car magazines, for other hobbys. in 1938, Detroit stock Buick Century clocked at 100 mph, 6,000 rpms and 65 mph in low cear. SO : now, what is the UK and Europe turning to compete with the US ? vin
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