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  1. I got a nivada crono this morning. i'll take the back off later. hope it's NOT A FAKE. VIN
  2. " I'm a rambling man" vin trench watches were made before 1918
  3. when the bubble bursts; collectors will realize that saiko is a much better investment than ROLEX. vin
  4. i don't count battery operated pocket watches. they are very comon and very low priced. i'll try to post the name of a modern jeweled pocket watch. vin
  5. nice project, good show ! simple oil/no jewels. might be easer to service than a "full jeweled" mvt.. if i am not misstaken, could it be pin balance/pin pallet? vin
  6. a swiss made pocket watch with a stainless steel case new was over 300 bucks. a good time keeper for hunting or working in heavy equipment, rather than a plastic, electronic, cell phone. i wounder if the good ones are still being made?
  7. vinn


    i like that side mount spare tire mount. vin
  8. i like vintage camers. the East German cameras were not popular. the shutters were not acurate, the contax camera, before the war, was as good as leica, east german contax clone (russian) was poorly made and short lived. on the good side,! the lenses are very good and compete with lieca. so; after the war all the lenses we snaped up but the camerbodies were left without lenses and worthless. as it still today. vin collecting vintage ink pens is very good, like watches if you can fix them, you can use them. vin
  9. i like black fabric watch straps. much like vintage military wrist watches. black or olive drab. vin
  10. a new small ford engine, the 200 six. was developed in this era. quite good and engine with 7 main bearings. vin
  11. thanks; it is a manual wind, so; must be a broken main spring. vin
  12. does this speedmaster have a clutch or slipping device inside the main spring barrel? any information would be apreciated, thanks. vin
  13. how do you plan to turn the ratchet wheel? vin
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