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    the shot gun never worked.nor any hand gun. before they changed the formula of petral, you could run the vaccum hose to the mole hole from car exhost. Now, in the US, you can buy a "mole gas bom". baned in UK. try kerocene. vin
  2. i recoment the best one via burgen type. a fruit knife might be good if you grind it to the proper shape and harden it. there are a lot of "pop off cases" the best shape woun't open ! its a learning thing. i use a saftey razor blade and watchmaker hammer to "open the crack" and then a "chisel shaped screw driver.". be careful, good luck. vin
  3. it is too easy to make one rather than use a poor (and dangerous) chinezium tool. vin
  4. why not use brass for dial feet? a jewlers' torch works good for soldering, vin
  5. welcome to the forum. look up pocket watches and view the new and vintage. you might find one that belonged to Lord Nelson.
  6. Offers will do that.
  7. for lenses i use isopropinal. it should work on battery watches to. for leaking battery deposits "baking soda in warm water" (opisit of acid ). might not be good for quarts . movments.. vin
  8. I am not good with spelling
  9. welcome to the forum. my first "good watch" is exactly that model,years ago, still have it and it still runs. cheers, vin
  10. there were many many case styles for the tuning fork accutrons. lots were modified to a space view (franken watch). I am still surching for quarts replacement movmt.s' for my many styleish cases. any help would be great. vin
  11. what does it look like? vin good luck
  12. nothing wrong with those low budget watches ! i like the ones with "1 jewel" if you like, take it apart and learn to oil it. i have a 1 jewel than can keep time with my seiko. vin
  13. 100,ooo,ooo. bucks would be good. id stay here and try to spend it. don't like jets, but may be Boeing will make some "flying pickup trucks". vin
  14. welcome to the forum. sounds like you have a good collection! i have a pierce 2 pusher crono with a pop off back back. id like to have the one with the 4 screw back. vin
  15. very good show ! i have a photo of a 1938 dornier " flying boat". tied up in New York harbor with one engine pod of 6 (i think) removed for repair. vin
  16. Quick enough, the banks are still "somewhat" open. vin get a life!
  17. the behavier of these are tracking much like the world crash of 1929. don't say i never gave you nothing ! vin
  18. welcome to the forum; so you are an ascapee from from seattle. vin
  19. i still like the tanks. at the time, i could get a used buick riviara for the same price or the new gmc coupe (forgot the name), should have got that one, the engine would out last the ford and was faster. just somthing to think about during " HOME AREST " vin
  20. i need to work on my 67 Mustang convert. bought it new $3,000.
  21. welcome to the team; the new watches are great, but what about the vintage pocket watches, military wrist watches -- the list goes on. cheers. vin
  22. balsa and paper, by plane, gas engine war planes were my hobby when i was a kid. vin
  23. look up the history of US pocket watches. my guess; is British rail road type watch. vin
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