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  1. good show. that reminds me; "carbide twist insert drills " ; i sharpen them with " green stone". vin
  2. i grind them by hand, as taught. its easer and quicker. "to each his own". vin
  3. good show,the cemitar might tell who made the clock. vin
  4. good show ! don't buy a drill bit sharpener. if you don't know it, you can learn to sharpen them on a "grind stone" ! it is an art much like sharpening watch screw drivers . good luck and have a ball. vin
  5. they work good on wood too. wood or metal punched also. champfuring too. vin it is a "end mill" ? vin
  6. nice? a country that develops and sends the worst ever, fabucated and sends it world wide (and would have the antidote of same). is nice? hogwash ! vin ok sorry, vin
  7. if its not worn out, buy an old one. they were sold around the world, TILL the chineezz screwed it all up with tools, vin
  8. what is a bike without a starting crank? having cranked a few over, the last one I bought was a water cooled Honda 500 to my surprise - NO CRANK. starting motor and a big battery. I moved on to a diferent hobby. vin
  9. so,  did you get my post about Brasso?

  10. good show ! I should mention, Brasso is an abracive. with 2 different formulas. one for US and another for UK. try "silver polish". vin
  11. welcme to the forum. Omega, "top of the line", vin
  12. yes --- i used to take ibroprofin after hard work. it has reduced taking that about 90% with the same hard work. Dr. vin by the way, i havent tried it with Takila or Scotch or beer.
  13. very good show! Bad Backs; in my younger years, i did some building and remodeling. caring 50 pound sacks of concret mix, roof shingles or dog food.. the key to "retired guy building" is excercize !! i also take 500 miligams ot Turmic every morning. vin
  14. i wounder if your "fruit knife" is the same as mine? used by grochers to trim fruit, it has a 6 inch blade, sharp as a razor. ? vin
  15. i recoment the best one via burgen type. a fruit knife might be good if you grind it to the proper shape and harden it. there are a lot of "pop off cases" the best shape woun't open ! its a learning thing. i use a saftey razor blade and watchmaker hammer to "open the crack" and then a "chisel shaped screw driver.". be careful, good luck. vin
  16. it is too easy to make one rather than use a poor (and dangerous) chinezium tool. vin
  17. why not use brass for dial feet? a jewlers' torch works good for soldering, vin
  18. Offers will do that.
  19. for lenses i use isopropinal. it should work on battery watches to. for leaking battery deposits "baking soda in warm water" (opisit of acid ). might not be good for quarts . movments.. vin
  20. welcome to the forum. my first "good watch" is exactly that model,years ago, still have it and it still runs. cheers, vin
  21. there were many many case styles for the tuning fork accutrons. lots were modified to a space view (franken watch). I am still surching for quarts replacement movmt.s' for my many styleish cases. any help would be great. vin
  22. what does it look like? vin good luck
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