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  1. Smiths PRS-68 whilst at work today.
  2. Smiths PRS-68 until 6pm today.
  3. Back to work today. Khaki it is.
  4. Very nice and congratulations. I’d play host to extended family every year if it means I get a watch like that everytime! Enjoy 2020 wearing it.
  5. Seiko 007 today. But the Speedie will probably see the New Year in.
  6. Work today. So the Smiths and the Parker are in use until 6pm.
  7. Khaki on black leather for most of the day. Speedie this evening though.
  8. You can get a damn good diver for 4k. I’d be researching Tudor’s, Seamasters and Seiko Marinemasters if it was my 4k. good luck with your search!
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