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  1. Smiths for me today. Well, at least until I’m home from work.
  2. My Aquaracer fresh back from TAG today, feels like a brand new watch!
  3. I really like mine. Its a keeper. Thinking of getting another at some point but not to use as a beater like I currently use this one. I hope you find one you like!
  4. They do look similar don’t they Nige. Stainless steel crush tubes, for stabiliser bushes.
  5. Hamilton beater on this frosty morning.
  6. From my current crop and trying to cover most angles. It would be these:- Aquaracer (21st birthday present from my parents) Khaki 38mm (witnessed the birth of my son) Speedmaster Pro (30th birthday present)
  7. Smiths in the am. Speedmaster in the pm.
  8. Didn’t think it would work off a diver, but it does. Trying to find a suitable bracelet for it. Struggling though.
  9. Hamilton beater for the am. Speedie for the pm.
  10. I’ve got these pair sharing wrist time today!
  11. Catches of the day! I like the green dial on the Accurist. Them Casioaks are catching my eye more than I’d like too.
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