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  1. Morning, Private label for the IBEW, thought to have been made for them by Hamilton who were also rumoured to have been involved with Sears & Roebuck’s “Tradition” electronic watches. This one will date from the early ‘70s and runs on the 7j ESA 9157 transistorised movement. Regards.
  2. Morning, From the late '60s, today it’s this Wittnauer with its 13j ESA 9150 transistorised movement in a steel case. Regards.
  3. Hi, The position of the stem release screw indicates that yours is the larger 11.5''' movement, therefore the 251. Regards.
  4. Morning, Early ‘50s Majex today, another of these brands where what’s inside, whilst usually decent enough, is very much pot luck. Mine include FHF and ETA movements whilst today’s effort has a 15j Pierce 105 and the merest hint of patina. Regards.
  5. Morning, French-made B.L.B. today, either a private-label job or, perhaps more likely, one of the numerous and largely untraceable French vintage brand names consisting of just three letters. More often than not, French vintage watches have French movements. However, this one runs on a 21j ETA 2472 auto and I never did discover who made it. Regards.
  6. Morning, Today this 1960s Le Cheminant, a brand which I’m surprised not to see more of, given that its history seems to date back to 1847 (or 1822). There’s plenty written about the brand, much of it re-hashes of the same basic “facts” but if even half of it is true, then Mikrolisk’s brand registration date of 1960 may be open to some debate. Anyway, a summary of what appears to be known: 1847 - jeweller John Le Cheminant has a shop in London, confirmed by a watch paper held by the British Museum. 1876 - death of "watchmaker and jeweller" John Le Cheminant recorded. 1884 - Le Cheminant name still surviving, with London shop listed in contemporary trade directories. 1909 to 1915 - the company supplying precision timepieces to the Royal Navy. 1923 - company name now recorded as Le Cheminant & Co. 1929 - Le Cheminant adverts in the Times state the company was founded in 1822. 1957 - by now, the company is owned by the Betts family, watchmakers and jewellers of Suffolk. Unknown date, the company is taken over by Peter Reade and, in 2007, sold by him to the currently recorded owner, Stephen Grostate. Today’s effort runs on a 21j FHF 72-4 and as “Le Cheminant” translates as “The Wanderer”, I’d hazard a guess that the dial logo represents an Albatross. Regards.
  7. Allaine - the brand which keeps on giving. As you'll well know, the FHF 65 Fontomatic found its way into other brands: https://www.watchuseek.com/threads/henri-gireaux-fontomatic-movement-60-jewel-dial.641817/ but I've no knowledge of a connection between Allaine and Hilton (if any). I detect another opportunity for some more burrowing Regards.
  8. Morning, Today this German-made Gama with a 17j AS 1287, probably from the 1950s and registered as a brand by G. A.Müller of Pforzheim in 1910. Regards.
  9. I've no doubt that many more will.
  10. FWIW, My old eyes don't see anything to be concerned about. All of the dial text looks crisp and regular. Plus, the FHF 73 isn't one I'd tend to associate with the Mumbai Creatives. Often a sign of a repaint is paint creep up the sides of the baton markers. Failing that, I suppose it could always be a redial rather than a repaint. Regards.
  11. Morning, Today, this steel-cased Edda Watch from the 1940s which, although sorry-looking when it first came to me, is now a wee bit less so. (Honestly!) The brand seems to have originated in 1907 and is attributed to the family of Julius Bellak, initially of Vienna, before relocating over the border to La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. And continuing the spirit of internationalism, this one runs on a French-made 17j Lorsa 237B. Regards.
  12. Morning, Today this 38mm aluminium-cased Festina from the original Swiss makers, Stüdi & Fils (Festina Watch Co) who registered the brand name in 1902. Nothing to do with the now Spanish-owned brand and produced long before the infamous “Festina Affair” of 1998, today’s effort dates from the 1950s and runs on a 17j ETA 1120. Regards.
  13. Morning, and welcome. Mikrolisk shows an ARP watch brand as being attributed to Artur Rauschmayer KG of Pforzheim, Germany. Unfortunately no brand registration date is given but an internet search for the company may yield more information. Regards.
  14. Morning, Today a 1950s Cyma with their in-house 17j R458 movement. “Triplex” is thought to be simply Cyma marketing puff from the time, proclaiming the triple protection of shock resistance, dust-proofing and the non-magnetic properties of this model. Regards.
  15. Morning, Today it’ll need to be this old German-made Kienzle which hasn’t seen the light of day for the last couple of years but runs quite happily on its completely jewel-free Kienzle 51/0d. Regards.
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