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  1. Morning, Not sure what happened to my usual impeccable taste when buying this Roamer Searock, but Jeez-o…. However, it gets an outing today courtesy of its funky candy-striped seconds hand and its fine 13j ESA 9154 movement. Regards.
  2. Morning, 40mm of Slava today, whose octagonal case with conventional numerals appears in a Slava catalogue of 1984, and whose trippy numerals appear with a different case shape in the 1987 issue. So, a few decades younger than my usual playground and is driven by the 28j twin-barrelled Slava 2428 with a date quick-set pusher at 2. Regards.
  3. Well, to get you started, here's the "Kelek" entry in the Mikrolisk.de database: Made by Fabrique d'Horlogerie E. Gorgerat/Jean-Paul Gorgerat of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Lausanne, Switzerland, who registered the Kelek brand name on 10/10/1960. Images of the movement should enable us to tell you more. Regards.
  4. Morning, If you like plain, then something like today’s Corso could just be the very thing. Despite “Swiss Made” being conspicuously absent, plus using a French-made 17j Jeambrun PS 31 with Antichoc 102, perhaps the most likely maker would have been Viator SA of La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland, but close to the French border) who registered a Corso brand name in 1959. Another one of these “mibbes aye, mibbes naw” situations. Regards.
  5. Morning, French-made Benrus Custon 60, dating from the late ‘60s and driven by a 13j LiP R148 electronic movement, the image of which is from another of my collection of nonsenses. Regards.
  6. Morning, This 1950s Cimex was bought from France and runs on a (French) 15j Cupillard/FE 233-60 with Antichoc 102. So, presumably French-made which sadly tends to discount the only two recorded makers of a “Cimex” brand in Mikrolisk, and other than having seen another example using a Jeambrun movement, I’ve found absolutely rien (or hee-haw, for all the linguists out there). Regards.
  7. Morning, Today it’ll be this 38mm Stellaris from the 1970s and regarded as the second tier (after Tradition) of transistorised watches made for Sears & Roebuck. Some models of this brand run on ESA movements, whilst this example uses the hacking 9j Seiko 3302A calibre with the crown between 2 and 3 and the image of which has been “borrowed” from our own Silver Hawk’s excellent resource. Regards.
  8. Many thanks for your kind comments. My main interest lies in watches from the '30s through to the '60s, with the occasional foray into the '70s for electric/electronic models despite their styling not being particularly to my liking, As regards birth year watches, I assume you'll have looked at those stocked at any given time by the sponsor of our Vintage Watches forum (?). Regards.
  9. Morning, Today a 1950s German-made Osco by Otto Schlund, founded in 1948 before joining the Parat sales and marketing collective along with Arctos, Berg, Stowa and others. Today’s example runs on a 17j Osco Cal. 52 although they subsequently switched to using ETA movements. The brand enjoyed (by no means the correct term) a somewhat colourful later history under the stewardship of Otto’s two grandsons until insolvency in 2010. Nowadays, cheapo quartz-driven Osco watches can be bought online although these mushrooms have nothing to do with the original vintage brand and seem to be
  10. Morning, This 1950s Chalet auto today, running on a 21j AS 1361N. There are several recorded makers of a “Chalet” brand, but with this example having no Import Code and the dial offering only plenty of patina but no obvious clues as to origin, I’m unable to attribute it to any particular one. Regards.
  11. Morning, This 1960s UNO by Dimier Frères and running on a 17j FHF 73. Regards.
  12. Morning, This Swiss-made Repco Watch, a brand from the Nicolet family of Tramelan. With the demise of the last Niclolet family member in 1992, ownership passed to Italian entrepreneur Rolando Braga and whilst production continued in Tramelan, design and marketing were centred in Brescia, Italy until 2001 when the Repco Watch Co was declared bankrupt. Today’s example runs on a 17j AS 1194 and probably dates from the 1950s. Regards.
  13. Perhaps Dr R meant that some of the variants do hack, whereas my 16/17j whatever, certainly doesn't.
  14. Morning, I’m all too easily bamboozled by vintage Soviet watches and this alleged Sportivnie Kirova with its non-hacking “possible Sportivnie” movement of 16 rubies (despite the dial saying differently) is a case in point. The good Dr. R lists that movement as having three different jewel counts with hacking as an option, so today’s effort may be nearly “right” but probably ain’t. Regards.
  15. Morning, This 1940s Regalis, a brand name registered by Nivada in 1937 although an ad from 1957 gives the impression that it operated as a separate company. This one is driven by one of several variants of the 15j FHF 190. Regards.
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