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  1. Morning, This Onsa today, running on a 17j Peseux 320. Regards.
  2. Well, thanks to the better images, I can say that the movement is an uncommon Brac 107, a Swiss-made 11.5 lignes pin-lever calibre, Yours is the "smooth balance" version. Vita would have been merely one of countless brands which flourished briefly and without making any real impact. No significant monetary value, which I'm sure won't matter as it seems to be a family heirloom. Regards. Regards.
  3. It is, indeed, a Swiss movement, but not by Langendorf. It's a 17j version of the AS 1054 (or family) made by Adolph Schild with details shown here: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&AS_1054 I'd suggest that you get a repair quote from a proper watchmaker, not a jeweller or key cutting/heel bar/watch repairs kiosk, and then decide whether or not to proceed. The movement may just need a complete clean and oil, in which case it shouldn't cost too much. Regards.
  4. Welcome Jens, I'm afraid your images are too small for me to detect any details of the watch, but the "Vita" brand is attributed to Juillerat Freres/ Alvarez SA of Malleray, Switzerland, unfortunately with no date of registration given. There are "stickies" on the Forum main page with guidance on how to post images. Regards.
  5. Morning, This 1940s steel-cased VIXA running on a 15j Lorsa 237B. Seemingly relatively recently, Mikrolisk has now recorded a Swiss-made “Vixa” brand by Era Watch Co. However, that has no relation to today’s French-made effort from the VIXA Watch Co, founded in Besançon by Stéphane Boullier sometime in the 1940s, and a company whose documented brief history from various sources is as fragmentary as it is confusing. Regards.
  6. Morning, Anniversary time again for today’s patinated 37mm ThusyT, another of these brands which is recorded in the Mikrolisk archive but with maker shown as “Unknown”. Other than a Portuguese-captioned YouTube “short” of a ThusyT watch, most references to the brand seem to be Italian and today’s effort was also bought from there. It probably dates from around 1950, runs on a bridge variant of the Unitas 176, and has a mis-matched jewel count ‘twixt movement and dial. Regards.
  7. Another one of the same, I'm afraid. When I use the three vertical dots, "Cut", "Copy", and "Paste" can all be highlighted but not the "Edit" function. I'm fully aware of my terminal stupidity, but would welcome any suggestions on how to fix that. Many thanks. EDIT: Please ignore - now got it sussed thanks to re-reading Honour's post above. Yay!
  8. Morning, Today this Majex auto whose dial has clearly suffered some ravages which, fortunately, haven’t been visited on its 21j ETA 2452. Swiss-made, probably by Era Watches, imported into UK by Gaumont Watches and distributed by Marchand & Jobin of London and Glasgow. Regards. Morning, Today this Majex auto whose dial has clearly suffered some ravages which, fortunately, haven’t been visited on its 21j ETA 2452. Swiss-made, probably by Era Watches, imported into UK by Gaumont Watches and distributed by Marchand & Jobin of London and Glasgow. Re
  9. Morning, Back to more familiar territory for me today with this steel-cased Roamer running on a 17j ETA 2390, my only one of several examples of the brand which doesn’t have an MST movement. It wears slim on the wrist, but has a decent amount of heft to it. Regards.
  10. Morning, Perhaps a few here will have noticed that my daily nonsenses are vintage mechanicals. Quartz watches, of which I have an encyclopedic lack of knowledge, have largely passed me by and I can count on the fingers of one hand my number of examples. Today’s effort, this probably Asian-made “Philip Mercier”, was part of a large fleabay job lot of mainly old mechanicals bought for me by my well-meaning son-in-law and whilst it possibly started life inside a Christmas cracker, it would be ingracious not to give it a wearing. If anyone’s interested, it has a Miyota 2034 and meas
  11. Morning, Today this French-made VEC, one of my two examples of this brand produced by SR Ltd Etablissements of Marseille, the city from where this one was bought. Both differently powered, this one runs on a 15j Cupillard 233 and probably dates from around the late 1950s. Regards.
  12. Morning, Today it’ll be this 1960s steel-cased Gerrit van Doorn, running on a 25j ETA 2452 auto. Made in Switzerland by a Dutch-named maker and bought from Holland (which kind of figures) but strangely for a decent enough watch from the modern era, Meneer van Doorn seems to have left few, if any, ripples in the horological pond. Regards.
  13. Morning, Today this Unichron which probably dates from the 1960s. Some contributors to the interweb state that this brand was the result of a short-lived collaboration between the GDR’s Ruhla and the Mormon Church, as exotic if improbable a pairing as you could ever imagine. It’s possible that these commentators are conflating the brand with a Ruhla attribution in Mikrolisk but as today’s effort is driven by a French-made 17j Lorsa P76 I’m disinclined to accept their “wisdom” at face value. Whatever, it’s one of these oddities which warrant a torch being shone on its little dark
  14. Morning, Today, another one from my watchmaker’s recent bunch of “clear-out” freebies, this 1940s Levicta with fixed lugs and running on a bridge variant of the 15j Peseux 170. Mikrolisk records the existence of the brand but, sadly, is unable to identify who made it. Regards.
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