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  1. Morning, Steel-cased, 1950s and running on a 15j Cupillard 233. Although somewhat unexciting, it could be useful if your name happens to be Sim and prone to occasional bouts of forgetfulness........ I have no doubt that today’s effort was made in France, but I’ve never been able to find a record of any French maker to whom it can be attributed. Regards.
  2. Morning, Today it'll be this 36mm Shanghai from the 1980s with its 19j Tongji 7120 movement. Bought with a modicum of apprehension and no real expectations from the hitherto “closed” Land of Eagles but, in the event, I needn’t have worried about either the seller or the watch. Regards.
  3. In my years of collecting, I’ve only ever moved this one on, and reluctantly at that. It went to a German collector and author on another Forum who really wanted a Kienzle Volksautomatik , especially one which had been destined for the export market. He had approached me after seeing that I had two similar examples and as I had no idea what a fair price would be, I left that to him. However, I felt that his subsequent offer was uncomfortably high so I reduced it and the watch went off to its new home in the land of its birth. As an aside, and entirely unsolicited, the new owner arranged for me to receive copies of a couple of his translated published works, one being watch-related and an informative read. I thought that was really rather generous of him. Regards.
  4. Morning, I do so like to see a movement snugly filling its casing. Just like this 36mm Slava and its 17j Slava 1600. Did someone say size doesn’t matter? Regards.
  5. Thank you. Agreed that perhaps it's not the world's best design for comfort (or elegance) but I can just about live with it for its one day a year outing. Regards.
  6. Morning, Another of these Timex back-set jobs, this one running on their M84 movement. Regards.
  7. What's making you think that it may be a franken? The Astree-Watch brand was made by Dodane of Besançon, France and the movement in your gold-plated example is a 17j Valjoux 7733. Regards. Oops, Slight case of cross-posting. My apologies.
  8. Morning, Unbranded, and without even an import code to provide any clues. Probably 1960s. driven by a 17j Peseux 330, and what could perhaps be described as “minimal”. Or just plain, if you prefer. Regards.
  9. Morning, This Josmar for today, probably 1950s and with some dial paint rubbed off, presumably by a particularly cack-handed attempt at something or other. Distinguished, inasmuch as an old pin-lever watch can ever be so described, by having an uncommon Oberon movement, this one being the 17j version. Oberon Watches also made this, their only in-house calibre, in a 21j version which powers another of my Josmar examples. Contrarily, my only Oberon-branded watch runs on Brac movement. The Josmar brand was first registered in Bettlach in 1928 and ultimately assimilated into the Swiss Zeno-Watch Co in about 1970. Regards.
  10. My 3055s say Hello. Fugly brutes. Good luck with finding a 3045 in working order, or at all. .....or ~ gulp~ a poor connection on the board.
  11. Morning, Today it’ll be another of these closely-related family of brands, variously badged and all running on variants of the transistorised 17j Junghans 600.xx Dato-Chron. The movement in this Wedgefield is shown as a Sheffield (aka Junghans) 600.11. It’s possible that these things were made for the New York importers, Sheffield Watch Co of 5th Avenue, certainly with Junghans engines, but exactly who put them together I’ve yet to establish. Regards.
  12. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't sufficiently clear. The prices I quoted were what mine have cost me when buying them in recent years by which time they were, of course, already 40-50 years old. Some of them would certainly have been considerably more expensive when new. I've no idea what the LED model would have cost new, or what they are worth today. There probably aren't too many left in working order nowadays, so perhaps the asking price reflects a degree of rarity. My initial response was more intended to indicate that, to me, Benrus was a perfectly decent brand of watches. Not high-end, but not bottom of the barrel either. Regards.
  13. Not sure about the dial logo, but here's your movement - a 21j version of the German-made Durowe 1032: https://17jewels.info/movements/d/durowe/durowe-1032/ Also seen as the Dugena 647. Regards.
  14. Hi and welcome. For what it's worth, I have 10 Benrus watches comprising mechanical, electronic and hybrid EMQ movements, all from the 1960s and '70s. Their costs ranged from £18 to £50. I don't have any quartz LED models and I'm afraid only you can determine whether the one you have in mind is worth it to you. As I'm sure you are aware, Benrus is a very well-recorded brand, so there's plenty of reading out there. Regards.
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