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  1. Actually, the dial claims 17j, whilst the train bridge indicates a more reasonable 16. That's already quite enough gin for you, my friend.
  2. Morning, It’ll be this Sportivnie today, with its non-hacking version of what appears to be the Sportivnie movement from the 1st Moscow Factory, and mismatched jewel count. Regards.
  3. I should perhaps have known that my max bid of 30/- was unlikely to be successful. Anyway, I'm glad it's gone to a good home.
  4. ” Z” is for ZiM, this one with its 15j ZiM 2602. Regards.
  5. Morning, Oh dear. Amongst all your goodies, today comes this Hacrev from the ‘60s in all its not inconsiderable unloveliness and driven by the ubiquitous BFG 34 pin lever. Made by the Helsa Watch Factory Ltd who folded in 1966 before being resurrected in 1977 as Helsa Watch SA. Regards.
  6. “Y” is for Yema, this one steel-cased from the ‘60s and running on a 17j FE 140. Regards.
  7. Morning, Originally a gift from my watchmaker (who, on rare occasions, can be mistaken for a charming, cuddly person), today it’ll be this Hamilton which somehow manages to be both plain and a wee bit glitzy at the same time. Runs on a 17j Tissot/Hamilton 2451. Regards.
  8. Only that someone beat me to the last one I went for - thanks pal. I went into a huff after that and didn't do much digging. They're not listed in my database of some thousands of French and Swiss brands but, mind you, neither are half of my own watches. Cheers.
  9. FWIW, a similar dial pattern on one of mine has been described as "Scallop Shell" and also "Crepuscular Rays". Fancy biscuits! Regards.
  10. Bottom left: Peseux 330, with the logo of Edox Watches on the train bridge. Regards.
  11. “X” is for exasperated by not being able to identify who made far too many of my watches, and not made any easier by things like today’s old effort driven by a 17j Peseux 330. Regards.
  12. Morning, Made by Jenny & Frey, this one probably dates from the late 1940s and runs on a 15j FHF 251. Regards.
  13. I'll join you, if I may. Linen-effect dial, and driven by a 17j FE 140-A. Regards.
  14. “W” is indeed for Wittnauer, this one from the late ‘60s and powered by a 13j ESA 9150, thought to be the world’s first example of movements with a transistor-controlled balance. Regards.
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