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  1. Thanks for your feedback Harry ! Our system isn't impacted with the problem you mentionned. The only possible error would be due to a human error while making the input (i.e entering the wrong time). Regarding magnetism, you are right, Omega has done an amazing work and the recent results are completely stunning. However, there are still "modern" watches from major brands that are being magnetized. In fact, it's one of the first things (if not the first!) that watchmakers test when a watch is being brought back !
  2. We are not saying that we invented watch accuracy measuring; we just want to share with you guys a free tool we built as watch enthusiasts ourselves and get some interesting feedback. Also, I'd be curious to know what apps/devices are better to learn from them. Thanks !
  3. Lovely ! Do not hesitate in giving your feedback after that and sharing with us the result ! Hi David, Thanks for that great feedback. Let me answer step by step : 1. You are right, thanks for letting us know. 2. This is definitely something we need to work on. We thought that the "second screen" of the homepage (when you scroll) would give enough info. 3. Don't worry, we got all those potential issues covered ;) 4. I'd be curious if you could compare the two methods and share with us the results ! Thanks a lot for your input David, Cheers
  4. Hi, A few months ago, I wondered what was the best tool to measure the accuracy of my mechanical watches, tired of using my notepad and an atomic clock. With two friends, also watch enthusiasts, we thought of a web application for that purpose. We wanted the whole process to be the the most simple and convenient possible. We then launched Toolwatch.io confidentially a few weeks ago and we were surprised to soon have several hundred and thousand users. We listened to their different feedback and based on these, we just launched a brand new version. I would be delighted to have your feedback as
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