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  1. Reminds me of this one I had a decade or so ago .. hands fell and yes had rather a lot of days in a month lol But would still buy another one if I could find one !!
  2. Morning all, too cold for a bracelet one and I remembered I still had this one !! a lot easier to set the time on my Casio lol .. have a warm and dry one if you can
  3. Afternoon all, waiting for the lad to finish swimming.. rather him than me !! Some stunners on here today I must say have a warm one if you can
  4. Evening all, apologies been a hectic week at work.. so finally posting have a great weekend all.
  5. Oh gosh that’s beautiful.. great choice..enjoy
  6. Could I have cookies and cream instead plse ..
  7. Morning all, back on with the full metal to recharge it have a good one if you can
  8. I rather like the shape of that bezel .. and ofcourse the lume Morning all, a change of strap as due to take this one underwater !! https://i.imgur.com/lSuAwlI.jpg
  9. Morning all, on with this one as it’s Friday have a good one if you can
  10. Change of strap and daytime lume is crazy on this one …
  11. Fabulous choice whats the date of this beautiful timepiece.. stunning
  12. Morning all.. off to the barbers later !! so on with the CW .. hope I don’t get any little bits of hair in the mesh have a good one if you can Gorgeous
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