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  1. Not me .. I’ll be in the car getting 50 winks
  2. Morning all.. preparing the boy for Specsavers visit followed by first swimming session since Nov ?! have a good one
  3. Still salivating... My that is lush beyond lush .. imho
  4. Morning all, very long week for me so extraordinary glad it’s over .. well nearly .. dog to the vets today .. on his birthday.. he’s going to love me !
  5. I do like a g shock ,, or even a c cube ! can’t believe I sold this c cube or swapped it during lockdown ! My son got hold of one my Casio’s .. have loads .. now I can stop the blooming alarm going off !
  6. Stunning dial abs case back .. especially for its time .. I quite like the square ones in the add
  7. No one wanted to buy mine .. I’ll think I’ll keep my om monster
  8. Morning all, on with my sicurra chrono.. still purrs after all these years
  9. None what so ever for mine .. I wish I could be as organised as you .. mine are all over the place .. that’s if they are in the case ! as for method or choice of collection.. lol non whatsoever.. I thumb through photos and then wham !!
  10. Morning all .. nice an damp lol so on with the 007 on a super oyster
  11. Lush .. Great year .. Wife was born .. and Stars wars came out ... and this watch wow Happened to me yesterday lol i had a spare in the glove box .. but used that a few months ago and didn’t replace it... lesson learnt Gorgeous
  12. I love this combo in the sun .. whilst it lasts ..
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