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  1. I can add to the oldies this weekend strap change .. again lol
  2. Yes they where Roy, I’ve seen metal ones but I only seem to recall the plastic one .. poor memory lol
  3. I finally got one .. just the same as my brothers who gave it to me when about ten !! So a long time ago !! off the fleabay so took a punt .. said it wasn’t possibly working but one wind abs boom just need a bezel although not too fussed to be honest
  4. Lmao .. we have enough for a Swiss Army of our own ...
  5. six pounds cheaper from last month good deal .. must have shed loads of green ones to shift ..
  6. Morning all, hope you and yours are well one with the inox .. again lol
  7. Good old Kingston.. old stamping ground for night clubs and of course shops .. love the nato by the way Just seen these straps ... wood ?? Look fab !!
  8. Morning all, still can’t prise this one off have a good one if you can
  9. That’s a lovely time piece.. and a very smart bracelet
  10. I have three already but in pink gold and silver .. this ones a must ..
  11. Oh dear.. it happened.. Now I need some more accessories
  12. You are very clever .. love it the way you say I built this yesterday.. ps when are you going to sell this one
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