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  1. I’ve been a member for years atm you have certain times to long on and buy off their website I brought my first this year
  2. morning all, rotating the collection still so on with this one .. adjusted the date and now the times out lol back out with the 400 page manual
  3. I would if I could go for one of the below i fact if I’d have the guts to move my collection one and might make have the price lol .. and these are now a bad size imho .. and darn good looking
  4. Love the dial colour .. the rest of it is pretty special.. I’d love to own a vintage one .. they are soooooo elegant imho
  5. Beautiful.. not seen this case shape before .. and it’s nearly my birth year
  6. Morning all, back on with the full metal testing out the auto light setting .. rather snazzy
  7. Very nice indeed .. going to have to do some googling now Owe that’s lovely
  8. Me too .. and this one .. suggested on the same link Invicta.. nice model seiko .. had one moved it .. pulsar on my list although I have a seiko and another pulsar that are similar so must resist lol Rotary for some reason I have a soft spot all good choices imho
  9. So glad you’re up and about again .. take it easy ... I had to do this for one of my chronos worth a try .. most need to be reset if not used regularly take care my friend
  10. This time of evening it’s got to be Armida lume .. maybe Tuna tomorrow
  11. Morning all, on with this today.. all day another one up all night !! dog was sick five times twice in the house and three times in the garden after cutting the grass for us bless him .. he’s much better this morning he indoors and has plentiful water and full access to back garden should he wish x stay cool one and all
  12. Thank you.. I did not know this .. Silver Hawk .. I’m going to be knocking on your door
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