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  1. 2nd one is awsume.. how much would they be ??
  2. The Alpha oyster that mine came with was a not good, so switch between these <a href="https://imgur.com/a8ZelET"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="https://imgur.com/jfimdkr"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="https://imgur.com/BjHlMyz"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="https://imgur.com/OzoxASA"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="https://imgur.com/KTLHkzf"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  3. both ... this is why I have both options for me Sk007 but the jubilee can be a bit ratterly sometimes...
  4. Morning all, changed back to an original black bezel ... just need to get a crystal pusher now to replace and back to normal Until I ding it again <a href="https://imgur.com/lZjbCiu"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> I really do like a Pepsi
  5. Good find ... like the shape for the buttons bottom left
  6. Morning all.. forgot about this one until last night loving it again .. <a href="https://imgur.com/pDv05vT"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  7. Morning all, hope you all had a good one <a href="https://imgur.com/Ed07zyF"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  8. Nice strap ... matches the bezel pip .. nice touch
  9. I do love a Timex, I have quite a few But OMG they have new ones .. well new to me .. toooooo tempting for me ... help me ... LOL
  10. Have a wonderful weekend all .. if you can <a href="https://imgur.com/0kQox2m"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  11. Afternoon all, lunch break so can post this quickly some lovely watches out here today <a href="https://imgur.com/sIOj6kZ"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> Is this photo slightly lumed ?? or are they normally this colour .. stunning by the way
  12. Morning all, still having trouble logging in ... but back again have a good Monday all ... <a href="https://imgur.com/Vkvvrqw"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  13. That is a good combination .. Good fish bait though
  14. All in a couple of hours !!! got a few jobs for you Nice sausage muffin.. and watch
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