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  1. Bonjour.. back on with the beater .. have a good one if you can
  2. morning all, sat wait for the screed to dry .. such fun
  3. Morning all, no watch on for now as emptied ground floor ready for screeding .. will put one on later .. but having a break .. castle in view.. it’s not I’m a celebrity one though lol
  4. Afternoon all .. tough day moved most of the downstairs out of the house .. also had part two of HR interview for our plants jobs !! So finally got round to posting this have a good one if you can..
  5. That is lush.. what a stunner .. congratulations
  6. Morning all .. looking fwd to more house renovations This one for now .. then no watch on .. I’m not singing another one ! stay safe
  7. Morning all, wet day .. plastering being done today.. gas pipes tomorrow.. floor up as well furniture out Thursday and screed Friday.. also me and the mrs awaiting to see if we still have jobs !! so this on today to cheer me up .. stay safe
  8. Thank you Simon2 quick turn around and fabulous job.. he’s flat out with work for all corners which is great news for Simon thanks again ..my baby is back
  9. I have no idea lol .. it’s so cool.. nudge it and it fires up .. I’m guessing that’s a helium valve ?!
  10. they do have some good deals .. this is also rather nice imho
  11. Lol .. yes it was half inched from me
  12. Morning all, lovely display ..
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