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  1. Morning all.. Casio beater for me today have a good one
  2. They should look these .. look forward to see a photo of what you have !!?
  3. Morning all, been far too long for this one ready for the cinema later have a good one
  4. Morning all, still the same as I think I slept with it on I do like the strap on this .. is it tweed ?
  5. Oh my .. came across this one again why do I not wear it .. need to rotate between boxes lol I have way to many watches have a wonderful weekend all
  6. Check these out you need a forklift licence for this one Not far behind it As for this one ..
  7. New batteries just arrived so on with one of my favourite looking Casio’s for me anyway.. now just got to workout setting the time one the darn thing then sink the hands .. been a long time
  8. morning all.. have a wonderful day
  9. actually got it wet today washing the dog in the river
  10. Eco Dave and others ebay and face book ok on here swaps trades much easier and like in the past .. posted before payment or the other party to post theirs etc .. not an issue
  11. I won’t tell if you don’t
  12. Can’t take this one off .. have a good one all You got this one Andy nearly went for it but settled for the seiko chrono very nice g shock
  13. Forgot the lume shot !! I believe so Caliber 7T92
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