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  1. Another vintage one new for me today .. I do love a Timex
  2. Pinch punch first day of the month.. yeah it’s December
  3. My grandma had one of these ..loved playing with it as a kid !! Beautiful
  4. Morning all, survived the night in the caravan .. hope everyone else is safe .. on with this again to enjoy the sun !!
  5. Evening all, been a long day .. only one loose roof tile could have been worse, some people have lost their lives stay safe all.. I’ve dug this one out tonight ..
  6. Change over as back to desk diving at its best. This one helps a lot lol
  7. Congratulations to you and all and no better choice
  8. One with this lovely Casio .. very comfy on the wrist
  9. Get well soon.. buy some more watch to help ease the pain .. medically proven to work nice watch by the way
  10. How many watches exactly have you taken with you lol
  11. All the best Colin hope to hear from you soon
  12. Morning all, up late and still with this one .. stay warm
  13. Easy like Sunday morning Love the shape on this one ..
  14. Good choice and lovely dial and a lovely friend
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