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  1. I’m back straight on on Monday hope goes well for you.. it’s going to be strange for all .. could I borrow your watch for my first day plse .. I’ll post it back ..
  2. That is awesome.. why did I flip mine Smashing line up today on this wet and windy day .. stay dry
  3. Indeed you did I can’t keep on doing these changes .. star work next week ... or can I ?!
  4. time for a change .. it’s waterproof
  5. Morning all, staying up late whilst I can have a great day if you can back on with the sterile dial for me ..
  6. Making the most of the dry weather earlier .. so another change !!
  7. Mines getting a service off Simon2 cant wait for it to be sent home they are a wonderful watch imho
  8. OMG the weather forecast has changed They got it wrong lol Nice and crisp dial Dave Lovely colour
  9. Morning all, raining again ..have a god start of the week if you can Change of strap for this one ..
  10. These come in a choice of finishes as well
  11. Morning all, thins one for today .. and will put it back and hour in a few mins have a good one
  12. I have this one .. paid 15 quid
  13. A friend of mine pointed this out to me .. thanks a lot lol I quite like it .. silver and gold and 135 atm. but the silver is out of stock at the moment.. and I’ve just seen people on the bay selling the gold ones for 195 ?! why when you can buy it for 135 off Timex UK .. I don’t know.. anyway it’s not got to be this or the Casio carbon next on my hit list .. hope Santa’s listening
  14. That’s my birth year !! nice choice That Certina is fabulous also year of Star Wars and my wife’s birth year
  15. To be honest.. it looks better side on ..
  16. Yes .. but I think they will drop to the lower price soon .. I hope thanks matey
  17. That’s the one Remember you ordering this and getting it .. and a bargain price .. but who was the retailer plse Dave ?
  18. Can’t go wrong with either and @Davey P what was the model number of your Casio carbon plse .. Black Friday and cyber Monday etc looming I’m keeping an eye out
  19. Have fun shopping and hope you find what you are looking for
  20. Morning all.. another bright one for a dull start of the day
  21. Omg what a CW collection and fabulous strap choice imho and this 65 is awesome Well done
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