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  1. Never seen these before .. rather nice
  2. Morning all, had a lie in !! Walked the dog at 10:30 then home made soup .. now it’s helping the boy go through his coin collection.. box one of ten or so lol .. oh my !!
  3. Lovely shaped watch.. bezel looks decent .. I suppose by the pool or even in the pool that colour would work well
  4. No way .. loved mine .. long gone fond memories indeed
  5. Morning all, quick walk with the dog .. my it’s frosty.. stay safe and have a good one if you can.
  6. Deep sigh… Beautiful.. Late again .. old photo although correct date
  7. Evening all, another later entry .. sorry sat waiting for the boys piano lesson to finish.. whilst listening to the Archers ..
  8. Lovely collection.. especially the citizens and seikos in the 2nd/middle box
  9. Morning all, strap changed on my two early .. so will put this one on later .. late 50’s .. I think I need a new strap for this one me thinks .. have a good one all.
  10. Evening all.. late one for me today .. both on as doing some strap changes Ah bless .. beautiful puppy .. have fun
  11. Morning all.. a bit retro this one .. sits so comfortably have a dry one if you can
  12. Seriously I need a spread sheet .. but will aim for citizen sawzilla anyone have one these!? casio full metal but the round version/gold
  13. Have a wonderful year all stay safe Running a bit fast lol
  14. Thanks For this I will definitely look at a new full metal g shock .. but the one I was aiming for is sold out aaaaaaaahhh i will try and be patient now lol thanks for the feedback
  15. Are they UK based and how was the service plse
  16. Yes I spotted this and they have some rather tempting deals I’m going to take a plunge soon !!!
  17. I LOVE lume lol it’s not just the fun bit lighting up but sometimes the lume make the Watch look better during the day light imho
  18. Joining in on the lume on me now but old photo ..
  19. You both have extremely good taste hope he gets well soon
  20. Morning all, I can’t move off I am rather stuffed … hope you all had a great day .. rather wet here but still have a wonderful Christmas with the wife’s parents round .. hope you all got what you wanted ?! I’m sure some of you might be donning your new editions ?! anyone off to the sales today ?! Stay safe
  21. Merry Christmas to you all, just back for the pub which I never do .. have a wonderful day all
  22. Morning all, another busy day ahead so getting in early .. found this one buried in the depths!! Have a good one if you can
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