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  1. Lol well it is a Timex.. chances of that lining up with the crown
  2. The boys made me a fish tank to test if this is waterproof
  3. I know .. I know .. but I have the Timex on at the moment..
  4. gold me back Davey I can’t see it ?! give me a call
  5. Bonjour.. got this one for now .. half day today.. taking the mrs to get her jab .. so will change over no doubt .. have a good one
  6. Morning all, still up so lume shot for me have a good one
  7. Morning all, back in the office for the rest of the week !! So one with a bright one to reflect the weather !! Have a good one if you can
  8. Morning all, back on with this Casio only just realised the bezel moves lol
  9. Blue dial Another one Blue back light Blue sun dials don’t have this one .. yet Summer watch .. if I’m over my madness I’ll keep it!! another bright one .. the bees love this one lol Shed loads is bees after this one lol
  10. Change over alert !! found this one sat in the bottom of the sock draw lol
  11. Morning all, came across this one again have a good one if you can
  12. Horses for causes most of mine used to be divers .. easy to read bit now I have a range of colours / age and all sorts good luck
  13. Happy Monday all, if you’re lucky enough to be off enjoy,.. stay warm !!
  14. Morning all, off to see mum so on with this one .... have a great day if you can
  15. Good Friday all .. have a wonderful day if you can
  16. Ok pinch punch .. I wish lol this is what I don today
  17. sorting stuff out as you do .. loads more lol some original Star Wars figures.. lots of others 77 jubilee coins and Chuck and Di ones !! Oh my what to do with this lot ... better start playing with the SW toys with the boy 23 years later !!
  18. Morning all.. just. Lovely day so on with something bright Most of my Casio’s have to changed manually.. so winter is looking favourable lol however my gshock did itself
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