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  1. That's a good looking buy RWP Never gave that brand much thought before, off to have a little look around online now.
  2. Very nice, I spent at least 40 minutes staring at that very same watch in the window of Hinds yesterday. They have a great precisionist display that mesmerises me.
  3. I must admit, I'm fascinated by nice pens. But since I use a computer all day for work, I only have had cheapie parker. Would love a Mont blanc meisterstuk(?) But can't justify the cost. @carlgulliver any pics of your new pen??
  4. I to disagree here.......Matalan is passable, I'd say it's more like peacocks.
  5. Great pic!! I used to carp fish, although I was more enamored with the tench I would inevitably catch- beautiful fish. Those days are long gone now, as I have an immune system disorder and dirty water and lack of immune system are a recipe for disaster. Keep the pics coming, love seeing those type of shots I'll see if I can dig a few of mine out.
  6. The police watch bottom right is really nice
  7. Out at the rye watching the little one burn some energy, before heading to the local for dinner.......
  8. I only have the one; But would definitely add a few more to the collection....marine star and the accutron space view being of particular interest.
  9. That's the one I ordered....to be honest, it will probably be used a handful of times when using my own brute force to snap the case back on doesn't work. And I have a Seiko 5 that could do with a new crystal, so might be brave and try and replace it.
  10. Sorted...metal die version ordered. Cheers gents.
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