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  1. It's cool. Black table / white wall and a half decent camera. It's the lens that does all the work as you can see from the latter picture taken on my phone :-)
  2. The world is a Cynical place these days. Just for you, minus the suit jacket as it has been a little warm today. I also recommend the Sony NEX-5N, it's a great little camera taking beautiful pics. I thought that was what loving something was all about.............exaggerating it's beauty with a great photograph?
  3. Yeah I debated this when I bought it as they do a brown Suede strap with the gold too. http://www.madeanddye.com/new-products/sonder-suede
  4. Just had my new Sonder Series watch turn up from Made & Dye, got a great discount in their sale too. Bought it for work and looks mint with my Navy suit. What do people think?
  5. My New Sonder Series :-)
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