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  1. Strange, I pull out the crown, advance 10 minutes - hands stick, return 45 minutes - stick, advance 45 minutes - stick etc etc. I can´t attach Fotos - it doesn´t seem to work with me! Complicated System! When I click on "Insert Image from URL", nothing happens. Is it a page .htm, or an Image .jpg I have to import? Now it worked!
  2. I fear, you´re right. As the watch is a TIMEX Expedition Indiglo Analog/Digital, I can`t imagine I can find the exact movement to replace. Thanks all the same. Bob
  3. Sometimes, I notice that when I rotate the hands of one of my wactches, at some point around the dial, the hands "stick", ie suddenly don`t continue turning. I reverse the direction of turning the hands, and no problem - the hands turn back. I then continue turning forwad, and the hands turn until attaining the same position, then stick again! The hands do not interlock, and there seems to be no reason why they suddenly stop rotating. Any ideas?
  4. Connecting Stem to Crown problem I am fitting a Miyota movement 2117 to an old watch case, and wish to use the old crown. Problem: The 2117 includes a stem with tube of (Standard) 0,90 ext diamter, but the crown must be fitted to a 1,10 mm ext diameter stem. How to do this?
  5. With this watch, I am having trouble in replacing the original quartz movement. I need a new face as the 2 pins on the face back are broken, as well as a new quartz movement. I will attempt to flash spotweld new pins, but this is difficult without burning the face. The original pins were spaced about 26-27mm from each other, which is quite far apart. Perhaps I can use a Miyota 2315M movement? Does anyone know the exact id of the original movement? Some of the parts with id numbers....... 2030-9125C and 1136A 7715
  6. <<Chinese batteries are junk compared to western ones... in general. In fact most things made in China without corporate supervision are sub standard..... without wishing to stereotype>> Fully agree, but it's often difficult. Just bought SWISS Renata batteries from China. Are they Swiss? Are they Renata? Who knows. Problem is, very often one buys batteries from a dealer in the West, who, I am convinced many times are secretly bought from Chinese sources. The prices are much higher, but who says that these represent European products? Often a very nice profit margin for the European dealer is the reason! On the other hand, if you buy 18650 Ultrafire Li ion batteries, you are possibly dealing with a dangerous battery. They cost about 2$ each, but in this case I prefer to buy a (true!) Panasonic at only 2-3x the price. I must say, that I have generally speaking, had good experiences with Chinese poroducts. For example, just bought a Dremel motor vertical stand which boldly claims to be made in China. The quality is good (no more, no less) and at a price of 40£ is good value for money. Even Chinese quartz watches are a bargain at the price. IF, and this has seldom happened rto me, theChines Sunon movement is defective, no problem in replacing it with an equivalent Miyotaé or Hattori movement for a few £s.
  7. A bit too pricey for me, but thanks all the same. Thanks, will try.
  8. Could you find out if this meter can also be used for button cells, and what it is called? Thanks
  9. How can I measure the wattage (picowatts, presumably!!) used by my quartz watches? I buy Chinese watches and re-design /personalise the dials. Don't want to pass on watches which use excessive juice!Thanks,Bob
  10. Can anyone help?I understand a REPLICA watch is a fake, a counterfeit. Example: It looks like a Rolex, it claims to be a Rolex A COPY is identical to another watch. Example: It looks like a Rolex, but doesn't claim to be a Rolex A Retro???
  11. Thanks, but no - I am actuially looking for an analog quartz watch with 28.5 day moon phase
  12. Can anyone name me an affordable TRUE moon phase (28 days, NOT 24 hours) analogue quartz watch? I have Googled, Ebayed etc, and found nothing so far.
  13. I give up. The wires are so fine that I can hardly see them, When I try to hold them with my FINE tweezers, they cut the wire. The only coils I have don't fit geometrically.
  14. I have a number of watches (very cheap!!!). Could I use the coils from one of them? As I understand it, the actual electrical properties are very similar, solely the geometry of fitting could be slightly difficult.
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