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  1. I know it´s fake that was not my question!
  2. I baught a "Breitling" in a fleemarket recently for 30 Kr (4$) all the 4 buttons were totally jammed but with something like dry tar but it was ticking. After cleaning with ultrasound and SUN dishwasher powderI got the buttons working again. The buttons 2,4 and 10 gives a function but the 8 button gives no functionality, what should be the function ? I can´t get any sound/chime out of it, is it some trick to put the sound/chime on? Anyone have a usermanual for this Watch ? Picture see link http://s173.photobucket.com/user/lennartlennart/media/BreitlingMinutRepeater_zpsi4fgboqm.jpg.html?filte
  3. I have a Emile Pequignet Watch with date, marked with Geneve Swiss Made and in the rear cover is written 14.661 Fond Acier Automatic I also can read Plaque G.10 TC on the edge in very small letters (what does that mean?). I guess it is gold Double. It is not running but the Winding balance is moving. I havent opened it yet because the back sits really hard without a place to get a good grip. Anyone have some information about this Watch (I have tried to Google without much luck) Is it worth something? Is it worth reparing? http://s173.photobucket.com/user/lennartlennart/media/EmilePequig
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