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  1. Hoo boy, this is early for me. Poor old Seiko hasn't even made it to 'Sun' yet.
  2. A sad loss of a versatile actor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCrnmya0xFw
  3. Sekonda for me today. Have a great Friday!
  4. First quartz out of the box is this old Pulsar.
  5. Bu@@er. Date's wrong and the crystal is covered in crap. That'll teach me to grab a quartz from the box like the devil-may-care young blade that I am.
  6. AKA 'Black'. Sadly no longer with us.
  7. Leather for me. That's how I wear mine.
  8. Lou61

    Today I Bought .....

    I bought some toothpaste. Euthymol toothpaste.
  9. 'He flicked the kick and I didn't know'
  10. Rotary for me today. Have a great weekend!
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