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  1. I really really wanted to like this, but I know I wouldn't be able to get along with a homage that hasn't got enough homage going on.
  2. I'm using two Russian beauties today...
  3. That's a lovely watch. Now I've had to visit their website...
  4. Not much in it for me. I'd have to try them on.
  5. I like these. Very tempting. Walkin' the dog! Walkin' the dog!
  6. Rotary for me this Sunday. Old pic.
  7. Not for me. Design just doesn't seem to work; a collection of 'wrong'.
  8. Spill the beans! Got to love a MuDu. My dad got me one from 'a mate' at the factory where he worked but it's long gone now, Here's mine; always looking for others - particularly with cushion cases.
  9. No worries mate! I'd like to see how many sub-variants of these are out there.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I gave it a bit of a once-over and chucked it on a tatty old NATO just for now. It will need a new crystal for sure but otherwise seems to be in good shape. I'm really starting to like it. Reminds me of the Seiko chronos they used to issue when I was in the Navy.
  11. Found this 7T32-F060 in a charity shop today. Came with box and papers. I don't think the papers match the watch but I'm not complaining. Nice watch but it needs a bit of a clean up. Always fancied a 7T32 but have never seen a F060 before. Anyone else got one?
  12. My only Tissot today. Had it since around 1982. New hands and movement courtesy of our very own @simon2
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