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  1. Accurist for me today, just back from a service with our very own @simon2
  2. Limit of Switzerland again for me on this lazy, sunny Sunday. I guess it's time for more coffee...
  3. Morning (just!) watch groovers. This lovely Limit of Switzerland for me today, courtesy of our very own @Tazmo61
  4. It's the sixth again; time to break out the Bulova...
  5. Boozer? I've got all the booze, hot totty, and scran that I can handle right here at home! (old pic)
  6. Aaaand something a little smaller for the evening... (old pic)
  7. That looks great with that strap. Where did you get it?
  8. Walking the dog! Walking the dog!
  9. Said dog now cr@ps everywhere.
  10. Edifice today on a nice, loose, cool bracelet.
  11. Thanks. Me neither. In fact, I haven't seen another one at all. Maybe someone else on here has though?
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