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  1. Walkin' the dog! Walkin' the dog! Have a great Friday everyone.
  2. I went with the IWC purely because it's not as much of a munter as the other five.
  3. Vintage Avia for me today...
  4. Seiko 66 from 1961 for me this morning (old pic).
  5. Seahorse from 1967 for me today. Have a great day. (old pic)
  6. Been mucho busy over the last few weeks, but I just have enough time today to show you one of my favourites that I have on...
  7. I've been told it's 'date night' tonight. Let's hope this cuts the mustard. Have a great Friday night all. (old pic)
  8. Lou61


    Hi Simon, I've been trying to send you a message but apparently you 'can't receive messages'. Would you rather I email you? Lou
  9. If you had a memory function, you could make it say 918 before saying 58008. I still find this amusing.
  10. 'Shelloil'. I remember there was a whole range of words we used to be able to make the display spell.
  11. Working from a hotel foyer today with my trusty Limit of Switzerland.
  12. Precimax for me on this soggy morning. Have a great rest of the weekend.
  13. And it's over to MuDu for this evening.
  14. This Seiko for me until this evening, when I will slip into something more slinky. Sorry about the '0' pip,
  15. Yup! I very nearly got expelled from school for using this to blow stuff up.
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