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  1. Morning groovers. Seiko chunkiness for me today. Have a great weekend whatever you're up to.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't think of a better watch to wear on your birthday. All the best. Thanks guys - much appreciated!
  3. Birthday boy today, so this birth year Seiko for me. I think the watch is holding up to the ravages of time better than I am!
  4. This old Lorus for me today. Not worth much I guess, but it's priceless to me as it was my dad's beater when he was alive. It never leaves the house now after an unfortunate incident with his retirement Garrard.
  5. Lou61

    DIY haircuts.

    Just letting it grow. Grows like a weed anyway. Starting to look like a damn college boy.
  6. Lou61


    Me and the other half at a wedding. Not ours - I'm keeping her waiting!
  7. Morning everyone. Precimax for me today.
  8. Bit of a late start for me today. Seiko 7005, May 1970.
  9. I like the steel one, but even that's too expensive for me. Shame.
  10. Morning, watch groovers. Have a great weekend!
  11. Have a great weekend everyone.
  12. Ola Amigos, Seiko 5 from May '77.
  13. Some lovely watches here today. Billy Breitling for me.
  14. Yeah, they're okay. Nothing here to really grab me though, I won't be looking for one.
  15. Can't find my only squarish watch just now. You'll have to put up with these instead: a Sekonda from her and a Sekonda from me!
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