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  1. Sunday. Time for a vintage Seiko (just for a change). 7019 from May '77. I'd just turned 16.
  2. Murky and grim in Taunton today. This Seiko from 1970 will cheer me up.
  3. Can't you see, can't you see...
  4. Got to love the butt-ugly MZs, especially the scramblers. All of them are expensive now.
  5. It's belting down here so I'd better wear something waterproof. Have a bostin' weekend everyone.
  6. Good call. Toni B must have been 37/38 when she made this.
  7. Ok, I'm on the sauce tonight.
  8. This is Madge. Sadly we lost her to old age three weeks ago. Still gutted.
  9. Old pic. Because it's Sunday and I'm lazy.
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