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  1. Been mucho busy over the last few weeks, but I just have enough time today to show you one of my favourites that I have on...
  2. I've been told it's 'date night' tonight. Let's hope this cuts the mustard. Have a great Friday night all. (old pic)
  3. Hi Simon, I've been trying to send you a message but apparently you 'can't receive messages'. Would you rather I email you? Lou
  4. If you had a memory function, you could make it say 918 before saying 58008. I still find this amusing.
  5. 'Shelloil'. I remember there was a whole range of words we used to be able to make the display spell.
  6. Working from a hotel foyer today with my trusty Limit of Switzerland.
  7. Precimax for me on this soggy morning. Have a great rest of the weekend.
  8. And it's over to MuDu for this evening.
  9. This Seiko for me until this evening, when I will slip into something more slinky. Sorry about the '0' pip,
  10. Breitling today. Enjoy the weather!
  11. Getting hot and muggy now. Time to change into something that withstand the sweat, beer and barbie.
  12. Sea Horse from January '67 for this morning. Will change into something more waterproof later. Old pic.
  13. What a great idea and brilliant build. It's inspired me to finally build a workbench for the shed!
  14. For the 6th, it's always this one. (old pic)
  15. Nice to start with this vintage Rotary today. Will swap into something more water resistant as the day gets hotter.
  16. I guess it's my Breitling Avenger. Bought it in 2005 when I left the RN and it was pretty much my daily beater for a long time. Went through a lot of adversity for a few years after that, but it was great to see this almost indestructable lump on my wrist all the way through it. Incidentally, great to see one very similar to this being worn by Leonardo di-whatsit in the film 'Blook Diamond' very recently. I though 'Hey! That geezer's got my watch on!'
  17. Late to the party again as usual. Just too lazy today.
  18. Bit late to the party today. Took the picture earlier and then forgot all about it. Must be something to do with a colossal hangover.
  19. Accurist for me today, just back from a service with our very own @simon2
  20. Limit of Switzerland again for me on this lazy, sunny Sunday. I guess it's time for more coffee...
  21. Morning (just!) watch groovers. This lovely Limit of Switzerland for me today, courtesy of our very own @Tazmo61
  22. It's the sixth again; time to break out the Bulova...
  23. Boozer? I've got all the booze, hot totty, and scran that I can handle right here at home! (old pic)
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