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  1. 'It was the third of September...'
  2. Saturday and we're off out. Proper shirt and everything!
  3. From 1961, just like me. (old pic) (old bloke)
  4. That Coniston is a corker. Like yourself, I think I'll be having a clear out soon.
  5. My only Pulsar. TBF it's never missed a beat in the few years I've owned it and it's really comfortable to wear. Might get some wrist time soon. Or maybe some time on the classifieds.
  6. Of course you need one. If I was going to get a Rol@x it would almost certainly be this model.
  7. I really really wanted to like this, but I know I wouldn't be able to get along with a homage that hasn't got enough homage going on.
  8. I'm using two Russian beauties today...
  9. That's a lovely watch. Now I've had to visit their website...
  10. Not much in it for me. I'd have to try them on.
  11. I like these. Very tempting. Walkin' the dog! Walkin' the dog!
  12. Rotary for me this Sunday. Old pic.
  13. Not for me. Design just doesn't seem to work; a collection of 'wrong'.
  14. Spill the beans! Got to love a MuDu. My dad got me one from 'a mate' at the factory where he worked but it's long gone now, Here's mine; always looking for others - particularly with cushion cases.
  15. No worries mate! I'd like to see how many sub-variants of these are out there.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys. I gave it a bit of a once-over and chucked it on a tatty old NATO just for now. It will need a new crystal for sure but otherwise seems to be in good shape. I'm really starting to like it. Reminds me of the Seiko chronos they used to issue when I was in the Navy.
  17. Found this 7T32-F060 in a charity shop today. Came with box and papers. I don't think the papers match the watch but I'm not complaining. Nice watch but it needs a bit of a clean up. Always fancied a 7T32 but have never seen a F060 before. Anyone else got one?
  18. My only Tissot today. Had it since around 1982. New hands and movement courtesy of our very own @simon2
  19. I've got a few of these oddities. I like them because they're a bit of cheap fun and none of them have stopped working yet. Mrs Lou keeps nicking them, which is fine by me.
  20. Limit of Switzerland today...
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