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  1. It’s a shame to here the workmanship has gone a bit down hill I do like the combat subs but the airman range are the best looking out of glycines whole collection but I can’t justify spending all that money on something that’s not guaranteed quality
  2. The wings cheapen the look of the watches I think out of every watch company in the world Invicta had to buy glycine I think chromejobs sugestion of buying a older secondhand model pre Invicta would be the best way forward
  3. Hi I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with glycine watches after Invicta watch company acquired glycine? I’m not a fan of Invicta at all I wouldn’t put any of their watches on my wrist they tend to be to brash and oversized but there is a few glycine watches I would love to buy in the future but the fact Invicta own them is putting me off does anyone know if they have any involvement in the making of the glycines and have they made any changes to the movements or aesthetics of the watches the only change I can see is that the glycine sign under the 12 o’clock now has wings. im no expert on watches so if there is anyone on here who knows of any changes since the Invicta takeover if you could let me know the pros cons I would be very greatful
  4. You don’t happen to know the model of the watch do you as I’m not finding it on amazon
  5. At that price you can’t complain a nice black leather strap rather than the mesh is what I would have on it cheers for you suggestion
  6. Cool cheers for the info I’ll check the site out
  7. That’s niceee are they easy to come by and what sort of price would you say I’ll be looking to pay
  8. Hi all Im looking for some recommendations on vintage dress watches Nothing expensive £100 is my max I’m not new to buying watches but I’ve never actually owned a dress watch I’ve got a small collection of divers and a number of gshocks but my change of job calls for something more refined than say my Marathon GSAR so if anyone could help me out with some suggestions i would be more than greatful
  9. My question has been answered I'll be leaving invicta well alone
  10. are invicta watches a good make are they worth the money and why do they make them look like they have come out of a child's lucky bag!!
  11. Where can I buy the things I need to swap it to a Zulu strap well there's three I want to swap over the mudman the GR-8900a and the GW-7900-1er
  12. is it possible to put a Zulu strap on a G shock if so how do I go about it.
  13. Dale Carnegie is actually my favourite writer crazy how you knew that... Sarcasm
  14. Am I not allowed to change my mind or have more than one watch in the frame I'll ask your permission next time boss!
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