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  1. Not worth the money but it is very nice....
  2. Take a look on YouTube. If you search for Seiko Grey Dawn you should find a nice video of the pair. Its not in English but it shows the watches nicely. The Samurai looks great when looking dial on, from the side it looks like a huge slab, the Turtle wins for me. Should be here tomorrow....
  3. Thanks for the pointer Roger and thank you Simon for taking the time to post. I would be very happy for you to service it, I think it deserves it and it would be lovely for the family. Is it ok to drop you a pm later Simon to get things arranged?
  4. I am led to believe it had a bracelet originally and the strap was added after the bracelet snapped. No sign of it now unfortunately, I will try to find a nice period leather strap for it. I am going to get in touch with Roamer and see if they have any old stock lurking in a warehouse somewhere.
  5. Thanks for the warning sir, I will avoid doing that then! I might have to send it away to someone for a service and spruce up.
  6. Thanks K, I might try to remove the caseback on the weekend. It looks like a job to take plenty of time over.
  7. That is fantastic SW, thanks very much. I have just been showing the family and they were marvelling at the photo of the movement. The watch is a real beauty and its nice to get a chance to see the heart of it. Do you know whether the no-date movement is as nice as the MST430? Thank you K, I would love to get a look at the movement on this but I don't want to damage anything.
  8. Good day all, I have just been shown my brother-in-laws watch, given to him quite a few years ago. Its a Roamer Premier and was presented to his grandfather in 1965 on his retirement. I love the dial on this piece and the dome is icing on the cake. I will try and give it a gentle clean up over the weekend and get some better pictures. Are there any experts on here who can shed a bit of history on the Premier? Internet search just throws up lots of auction site nonsense. Thanks in advance.
  9. I sold my Ray Mears a couple of years ago and never missed it until I got the new version. That made me realise what a fantastic watch the original was. I have managed to find another but the price has gone the usual way once I sell something - Up! Anyway, here it is with the rest of the Citizen crowd.
  10. Add this thanks to a 20% off heads up. Cracking watch for the money.
  11. I have been fortunate to have seen and handled both of these pieces. The Rolex is horrible in photos, but get one in your hand and it comes alive. It is a bit of a chameleon and turns from black to green in varying shades. The Seiko was a let down, you might as well stick with the black dial. As usual, personal preference will always win through. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Rolex if I could: a. Afford it b. Find one at rrp!
  12. Just used to this to pick up the new Citizen titanium 300m Ray Mears clone. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Thanks for the comments chaps. The amusement parks is still going, quiet at the moment though. There have been some big landslides around the area, I had a bit of an explore around there and it is dangerous in places. I did a 15 miler yesterday. Started at Freshwater Bay at 1.30pm and set of up over the golf course on to the downs. This was about an hour into the walk looking back toward Freshwater Bay. Had the Sumo again for this one. Destination is in the distance. I followed the ridge rather than take the coast path, it was such a nice day and I didn't want to miss the views. It took me around 6 hours to get to the finish with a few photo stops along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this walk, it will be hard to beat for the views. Anyway, finished up with a nice sunset and a beer!
  14. We are spending the week here on the Isle of wight and I had a dilemma; what watch to bring..... .............................well, I hate leaving things behind so I brought a good selection to cover all eventualities. Just a couple left at home for security reasons. Took the Citizen GPS out yesterday, sorry about the state of the dial, it was blowing a gale and I have a mixture of sea foam, salt and sweat on there, it was a good climb up from the beach! We are staying near the lighthouse. The sea foam, it was almost like being in a snow storm at times when a good gust of wind came in And looking a bit cleaner.... The Sumo went out today since it has been raining fairly constantly. Did a walk from the lighthouse at St Catherine's to Brighstone. Amazed at the amount of landslides along this stretch, I stayed a good distance from the edge of some of the cliffs just in case, I have a fear of heights at the best of times! Didn't get any pics today since I use my phone and the rain was making it a pain to use. I am looking forward to the rest of the week, and finding a few watches lurking around the shops!
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