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  1. Never mind the ups and downs of the week... Three watches that were on my must have list have been and gone in two days ..None of them mine... so RWP... Don't ask.
  2. Yep..I would say 90% of my watches are on bracelet. I don't have a problem and have hair where they sit.
  3. Roger ..what a great question.. when I passed my driving test a long time ago ... Back i n the days when you could still get insurance on a car that was not quite like getting a mortgage..I bought a Austin 1100. Cannary yellow gave you a headache in the morning driving it to work with the light bouncing off the bonnet.lol. It was not the car I wanted it was the only thing I could afford .I wanted a lotus Corrina and Jane Fonda in the passenger seat ...But £18 a week did not stretch to that..Are watches that much different..The first watch you ever bought was not a Rolex or a omega it was what you fancied and could afford ,or should I say that was what I did.. now I'm older but not that sure I'm wiser ,I do tend to buy better. If some one asked me what watch I think is value for money I'm not sure other members would agree with my choice but at the end of the day we buy watches because we like them ...you like Tissot.I like Seiko.Bond likes Rolex. what is cheap.. a Sekonda ..you have at least one ,I have one and do do many others ...we all started somewhere ,I bought a seiko watch for £40 ....cheap.. I could have bought a fashion watch for £100 cheap as well by today's standards. If you love watches then what ever floats your stick it's on your wrist love it and wear it. I drove that awful car for 8 months before it blew up...you get what you pay for ...
  4. What can be added .. it's all been said. So . Well done you..Well done dad.. hope he does your grass for another 25. Sweet watch.
  5. Well done on the wind fall. I'm not going to offer any help only say which ever one of the great pieces you select have years of enjoyment with it..
  6. Thank you for taking the time. I will have a look at what they do.
  7. Nice..Their's something about a blue watch..
  8. Have we seen this watch before..
  9. Had a couple of looks at this ...maybe bad light but it seems to lack the Va Va Voom element .. may be do a picture in better light.. I'm a Seiko fan but for a chrono it looks a little subdued.
  10. I'm a fan of diver style watches no matter what format they use. I can't make out who the manufacturer is on this watch.. any case IMHO I don't see anything wrong with it..
  11. This is a first time for me ,never set eyes on this monster before ..I think I like it..mmm ..
  12. UP..Asked a member for a little advice on a stopped watch. Not only did he give it he told me to send him the watch which I did ... He repared it and sent it back.. up and beyond the call...restored my faith in the human race.. Many thanks to that man which I will not name in case he feels embarrassed . Dowas. . Not a one..
  13. Look at that... you can put a nato on a watch and make it look good.IMHO..of course.
  14. Haven't we had governments elected with less of a pecentage and with less voters voting. Bit like the best dive watch comp.lol It seems to have pleased donut trumper....dam predictive tx I mean Donald Trump .. We are still talking about the dive watch comp ain't we.
  15. Haven't we had governments elected with less of a pecentage and with less voters voting. Bit like the best dive watch comp.lol
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