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  1. Hi folks, im looking to purchase a good watch and I need it for the following calories, steps, heart rate, sleep, waterproof, gps, good for outdoor use and swimming, workout or fitness modes, weather. Ive heard good things about the Fitbit for accurate sleep, heart rate monitoring and also it counts your calories burned and how much calories you should eat based of what you’ve burned and your height, weight and age. These are the things I want a watch for. Ive looked at the Fitbit Ionic but it is an ugly looking peice to wear daily. The Suunto is a bit big for me but they look rugged and look more military and outdoor watches. the only problem is, can the Suunto do what the Ionic or other Fitbits can do ?? the new Suunto 9 just came out What would you guys suggest ? or is there any other model such as Garmin worth the purchase ? Ive never used a tool watch before so need some guidance from you watch enthusiasts. Thanks in advance peeps
  2. Does anyone know any website where you can trade watches ?
  3. I was wondering how long it would take for you all to realise the upside down 6 :d My auntie went abroad to Slovenia and thought it was a bargain from a flea market. She thought it was genuine since the country is a poor country. I only found out it was fake after taking the back off. I didn't even notice the upside down 6 Just thought I would see if you guys was like me and didn't notice it at first. I must be going blind
  4. Wow I love it. Especially the strap and pouch aswell. Im gonnna keep that site in my favourites he’s sold some really nice watches.
  5. Ok thanks peeps there is no serial number on it unfortunately well I can’t see one
  6. Hi I have recently acquired a rolex but I don’t know if it is real or fake
  7. For me, after seeing it on this forum it's gonna have to be the Prometheus Poseidon limited edition. The one with the champagne dial. I just love divers watches. Don't have to watch it but it's easier posting a link than a picture whats your next purchase?
  8. Hi folks. Im gonna have to sell my Tudor to fund another watch, but don't know how much for. It is a Tudor Prince 74033 Does anyone know what these usually go for ?? Sorry about picture quality thanks in advance
  9. That is stunning. I like the little green lume blimp above the 12 :d Some really nice watches in here.
  10. I seriously think vintage Timex peices will double in price soon. I love them champagne looking dials. It's just pure class.
  11. I seriously don't like it. Sorry. Go for a nice champagne dial Sea master instead :d If it was £400 cheaper then I would but I think it is a bit over priced.
  12. Just sold this beauty. I really liked it but I couldn't change the strap so sold it. I also needed to fund another purchase.
  13. I love divers watches. For me it has to be my Squale 1521 in blue. It's just stunning. I love dressing her up in different nato straps. Blue and orange ! Pictures to come :D What is yours ?
  14. I seen these on a blogtowatch and they looked really nice. The bronze looks good, don't know what it would look like in person though I quite like the look of the hammer head 2..
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