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  1. While not the single definition for me, one is simply a watch I can't justify damaging. My SMP would be considered a luxury to many, but for myself, I worked my butt off so I could buy it purely so I could really enjoy and use it. As such, while it cost a good sum of money, I don't consider it a luxury, just money well spent.
  2. Fairly easy to align them when they're not screws though.
  3. SMP for work so continuing the blue theme
  4. I thought 42mm was big, but perspective is everything
  5. Bit of old and new. Couple of bracelets from watchgheko, not bad for £18
  6. Possible, although they were generally from establshed members. As you will have probably seen, they're not the most trusting of folk, seems every member who joins is considered a nuisance just trying to get access to SC :D Heaven forbid a new member replies stating they like someones watch
  7. So does the charity get all of the money raised, or just the left over once the retail value of the watch plus your own "expenses" have been deducted? Call me a cynic, but it wouldn't be the first time this has been done to get the initial outlay back rather than take a hit on the second hand market.
  8. Which for me is a shame. Looks far better in the photos than in person imo. Love a bit of blue.
  9. Given how impressed I am with the recent 29a (other than time keeping, at £400 each I'd expect far better than +20s on one and - 20s for the other) it looks great. I'll also wait for the 36mm. Just bear in mind, the photos he uploads are very misleading. Unless under a bank if strip lighting etc, then it'll look nothing like that, just a plain black dial. When you are under strip lighting though, the new variants can look fantastic.
  10. It's an odd one for me. I really don't get excited about a rolex explorer, yet the first photos of the Everest, pretty much the same thing, has me really looking forward to them. From the photo is also seems that it uses the same type of crystal/AR as the new 29a, which under artificial lighting makes the dial look a lovely shade of blue the photos Eddie uses really make it look like the dial is blue of sorts, but it's very definitely black, and artificial lighting makes some manic happen.
  11. I'm not a fan of modern watches, but I'm a sucker for good lume. A few seconds under a torch and this is clear as day until I get out of bed
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