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  1. It seems that I have been guilty of 'OLD' thinking, back to the days when solar first came out. I think the conclusion is "I Was Wrong". Thank you all for your enlightening replies
  2. Even a window sill requires some sunlight and as I stated, with our summers, sunshine cannot be guaranteed . I am not really anti-solar in anyway, but, I think at this period in time a lot more research has to done on producing a better battery/capacitor that can use less light to do the job.
  3. I am about to embark on a simple experiment with a Seiko Solar watch. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what is the minimum amount of 'Light' (watts, domestic light bulb) required to charge the battery. IMHO solar watch as a complete waste of time here in the UK due to the poor summers and wearing jumpers with sleeves that cover the watch etc etc. So I thought I would try and construct a simple device to do the job nature should be doing. Many Thanks in advance
  4. Can anyone please tell me what time period automatic watches came with both manual and automatic wind. I believe that modern watches do not have both options, is this correct Many thanks
  5. I have just purchased a 'Allaine' 30 jewel on fleebay(could not resist it, got it for £29) The watch looks a bit tired and will require a good service and the case being re-plated. The service side will be done by Chris Heal, but I need help getting the case replated. Can anyone please suggest someone who would do a good job.
  6. Can anyone please advise as to any good books on repairing watches for the complete novice. I have only just started collecting mechanical (Swiss) watches in the past few months, the only experience I have so far is the removal of the back to replace the battery in my cheap Casio watch. Many Thanks
  7. As I have just started collecting mechanical (Swiss) watches (in the past few months) I would like to start learning how to service/repair watches myself. Can any of you kind people please recommend any books or tips for the absolute novice who's only experience is the removal of the back to change battery once a year. I would imagine that the satisfaction one gets is worth the steep learning curve.. Many thanks
  8. I have today found out that the Accurist Pulse (MB067) that my wife bought me as a wedding anniversary present 8 yrs ago cannot be repaired as the service dept do not carry spares. The purpose of this post is to make fellow watch enthusiasts aware of buying 'Accurist' watches. My wife is not very happy to say the least as she paid over £200 for this heap of scrap.
  9. Thank you for the information, very useful, I did not realise that this movement was quite so ubiquitous. I thought that as the movement had 30 jewels it was more of the top end. Once again...Thanks
  10. Thanks for that, the one I have has a sunburt effect dial. Have not worked out how to post pic's yet
  11. Can anyone tell me anything about 'ALLAINE' watches please
  12. Hi, This my first time here, so please forgive me if I raise an old topic. I have just made my first purchase of a vintage watch a few days ago, 'ALLAINE' 30Jewel. According to my local Watch/|Clock repairer it ha a'FELSA 1560 movement, which he describes as Quality. My question is: Does a list of all watches made using this movement exist anywhere? I would like to keep my open for more watches with this excellent movement. The one I purchased was set by my Atomic Clock at home on Thursday and as of 12:45 today has lost 20 seconds, which I think is not bad for a mechanical movement. Many Thanks in advance
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