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  1. Simon, Thank you for the advice. Can I purchase day and date rings for the ETA 2828 movement in the knowledge that these will fit? Regards,
  2. Hello, I hope you can help me. I recently aquired a Zenith Port Royal (cal 346). The date mechanism is worn so I am looking to replace the day and date rings. The movement is essentially an ETA 2832 36,000 bph movement and spares are like hens teeth. However, I have tracked down day and date rings for an ETA 2836 movement and I think this is part of the same family and may be compatible. Can you by any chance tell me if this is correct? Thank you for your help. Regards,
  3. Mach, This is the first time I have seen a Smiths Empire in what looks like a stainless steel case (is it?). Can you tell me what the lug width is on this? I have also never seem this type of bracelet on an Empire. Is it original or did you add it after market? Anyway, both watches look great!!! Andy, found your email and have sent a reply. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck getting the Imperial bits.
  4. Open invitation for any watchmakers who have experience of handling and repairing vintage Zodiac watches to get in touch. A large part of my collection consists of Zodiac watches from the 1960 / 1970's. A great deal of them have the 70-72, 76, 86 and 88 calibre movements in them. A common fault is that the clutch slips (part of the 2nd wheel #201/1 for the techies) and then either the date changes correctly or the hands keep time but not both, which is a bit of a problem because it is supposed to do both. There is a large amount of material on the web about this problem and several views on ho
  5. Hi, Is anyone on here exhibiting at the forthcoming Birmingham Watch Fair. If so let me know who you are and where you will be and I will pop by and say hello. Cheers, Neil.
  6. Great chronograph. I am surprised they went to the wall, they look like they had enough chances using proper movements to survive and prosper. I say that regardless of the quartz revolution because as some of the photos show they actually joined that as well. Alas no more. Pity really.
  7. I would love to see any photographs anyone has of a Services chronograph with a 17 Jewel Venus movement.
  8. Yahoooooooooooooooooooo. I rang Pontefract races on Tuesday, first thing. Nothing had been handed in from Friday. There was another meeting on Tuesday so I guess I lost hope at this point. I left my contact details and put the rest down to bad luck. However, Thursday lunchtime came and a lovely lady from Pontefract (Caroline) rang and said a cleaner had handed in my watch. I couldn't believe it! I hot footed it over there today and there it was. The buckle had been stood on and was beyond repair but other than that it was okay. So thank you very much all at Pontefract races (Especially Ruth th
  9. Bruce, I don't know but you would think both companies would be able to come to some arrangement, just so that they could honour this champion. Otherwise, why bother? If you are going to do it, do it right! Come on Tag pull your finger out, James deserves better.
  10. Always liked Heuer. Less so since Tag took over, they just didn't seem to capture the same vibe as the Heuer watches. The James Hunt is a point in case. Have a look at the stripes on James's jacket and then on the watch. Looks like they transposed the yellow and blue stripes. Small details matter. Also you would think they could get the stripes on the watch strap the same width as the dial in order to make it look really continuous. Again little details that would have made all the difference. All that said the watch will no doubt be okay.
  11. Thanks for that Paul. I think I might have a couple more electric watches for you to service when I get over my grief!!!!!
  12. Just asked my Niece to post a lost message on her Facebook account, with a note about where it was lost (Pontefract races) and a photo. Who knows there may be someone out there who knows. Fingers crossed. All I need now is for a lot of people who went to pass the post on.
  13. No, I'm old school don't do the fizzog or twatter stuff. I don't have any of those accounts.
  14. Tried the races. No one there until the next race meeting. Reported it lost to the police. Slim to no chance of getting it back. One of life's little tragedies.............
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