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  1. At last I've got the watch back, and I have to say I love it. Just got a plain-ish black strap, but it looks fine for now. I have three pictures for you: The finished watch, the parts that have been replaced (they gave the old parts back to me) and an ad from 1945 which we found in a reference book that Omega had in their library.
  2. Thanks Davey, and thanks for the view on the strap... I'm interested to canvas opinion about straps...colour...material...etc...?
  3. They have says they will replace the hand set so that it has a second hand. They made no reference to the back being incorrect, just stating that: "By means of the information I have I expect your watch to be an RAF timepiece from Circa 1940-1943. The movement is a 30T2 and would support this theory. The case is engraved with the broad arrow and other typical markings denoting it’s a UK military watch. The WWW engraving stands for Water proof wristwatch. The Y4562 engraving relates to the military order code of your timepiece and lastly reference xxxxx xxxx is your OMEGA unique seria
  4. Watch isn't back yet, but Omega have sent me a pic of the face. After discussion with them we agreed that the face had been significantly altered sometime in the last 70 years and that the best course (for me, at least) was to "put it back" as close as possible to the way it would have been originally. Therefore, here are "before" and "after" shots of the face...
  5. Apologies that this has taken so long, but here are a couple of pictures of the refurbished watch. Thanks for all the help. Asprey "Smith" reyirement watch from Fairey Aviation:
  6. I've heard back from Omega and they have confirmed the watch is an Omega RAF timepiece from 1940-43 period with a 30T2 movement. The second hand is missing but can be replaced (so yes, it was there originally) and no, it is not a mixture of watches - even the face is confirmed as original though it is possible the numerals have been re-done (but that's not certain, they could also be original). I'm not in it for the money or turning a profit, and will never sell this watch - it'll be left to a family member when I depart (or before), so this is all great news and makes a small (well, small pro
  7. I'd be mildly surprised if it isn't an Omega, if for no other reason that the guy that left it to me did so as 1 of 4 watches, all Omega. But it's possible he picked it up whilst in the RAF through "alternative" ;-) means, who knows? Anyway, Omega were happy to take it for evaluation, so we'll see what they say. Certainly, no other watch like it seems to have the same numerals, so that does indicate it's been molested at some point! All the more interesting to hear what our Swiss friends make of it! I'll keep you posted...but don't hold your breathe, it'll be weeks. Which reminds me,
  8. Thanks, that all makes sense. It has gone back to Omega who say that because of its age it needs to go to Switzerland, so it's off on it's travels! Six weeks to hear from them, they say. Happy to spend a bit to put it back "together".
  9. My Mum just gave me this watch that was in Dad's things (he died a way a few years ago). It came from a friend of his who was in the RAF. The guy at the Omega shop thinks it might be an RAF watch, but the numerals look unusual. Anyone know what it is? Isn't it missing the second hand? I think it looks cool and will get it serviced and cleaned up, then buy a strap (thinking brown leather, but any other strap advice?). Thanks!
  10. That's really interesting. Makes total sense they'd choose a watch with a Smith movement if their planes had Smith gauges! Fascinating.
  11. This is a new thread to replace my earlier thread that incorrectly refered to an Asprey Zenex. The watch is actually an Asprey with a "Smith Clocks of Cricklewood" movement. It's been in Aspreys for "repair/refurb" for just over six months now so I still don't have a picture (didn't think it'd be anywhere near this long - their watch engineer became sick and had to be replaced - gws soon if you are reading this!). It is almost identical to this watch (17 jewel), down to the the engraving being the same all-bar having my Granddads name instead, and I think 1962 as the date. Forgive my ignorance
  12. Some research found this page: http://www.antiquewatchstore.com/home/2180-smiths-for-asprey-london-batch-no-36.html My watch is very similar to this in that it was given to my Granddad (in 1962, I think, but 6 months since I briefly had it!) also by FAIREY AVIATION and has a virtually identical inscription. So that's great. Mystery solved...but very keen to hear your comments, thoughts, etc! I'll attach a pic when I eventually get it back. Actually, more like this: http://www.invaluable.co.uk/auction-lot/wristwatch-:-an-asprey-9-ct-gold-cased-mechanical-1104-c-ce3057db2e I Googled the engr
  13. Ok, so no wonder no one had ever heard of Zenex! Here's an email I've just received, with a bit more info. "I completely got my wires crossed with regards to the name and what that represented. The watchmaker was taking about Zenith not Zenex that’s my mistake ,this is the company supplying the part that are needed. The movement is indeed Made by Smith Clocks of Cricklewood. I have located an interesting link detailing the history of the company http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Smiths_English_Clocks The watch testing is going well , which is good news. " Thus it appears the movement is Smith C
  14. Hopefully not, but I know what you mean! I came back once... stopped after ten minutes.
  15. In the email to me they wrote "Zenex" yes, but I have asked for clarification and more model details.
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