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  1. Hi everyone, My apologies for another OWC News. But it is end of Financial Year and I would like to end and I thought you may like to know the results of the Odyssey in Quartz. As I indicated, I have been calculating more accurate pricing for the models as new components come on line. One thing that became obvious is that watches with the ST-1812 are under-priced and this needs rectification. But I will not make any prices rises until next month. In an effort to whip up some end of financial year madness, I will retain the current pricing (yes on the ST-1812 as well) and I may have some specially priced pieces. As you know all my watches are made to order and shipped in the sequence of order receipt. I have a couple in the drawer. For anyone who orders and pays a USD50.00 deposit, I will hold the prices, although you will get the watch in the New Financial Year. I have made a small modification in the Puzzle Box and they will be sending me a sample soon…. The Box Chick has left and now I have the Box Man. He seems a nice bloke, she sent me a photo of his Labrador…Dog Man, so he has to be good…ha-ha. We are moving into winter and regularly wake up to zero degrees. This morning the visibility was 10m if it was a centimetre. We went to school this morning and the whole school had disappeared into the mist…just like being in Narnia – (yes I keep trying to loose myself in the wardrobe, but nothing works). Oh yes can you make: 40mm Diver - Sapphire Crystal - SuperLumiNova lumen – Date - Lug holes - Good level of finish. Thank you for all who responded: there was an overwhelming response of no, quartz is cheap and if you produce a quartz it has to be cheap. I totally understand and respect the voices of the troops. But I was asked and it was an interesting exercise. But what I am taking away from the exercise is: if …if it happens it will be at the top end of the quartz hierarchy. So there will be no CHF6.00 1 or no jewelled movement as I think this is not a good use for my cases to be a vessel for a cheap engine. Practically (in my mind) the only quartz that is available is the ETA 7 jewel Thermo-compensated. ETA said I could buy a sample. It will be interesting, if nothing else Amongst the end of year madness, I have 1 (one only) MS-9411 Snowflake Blue/Blue No date, Soprod with some scratches on the back (that I now cannot find, but I did write a note to self with “back scratches”). This I am offering at USD975.00 with the Screw Bars & Torx screwdriver and delivery (VAT etc. for your account). Friday night, no school tomorrow and if the rain continues no netball…yippee. I am not your average “soccer dad” (is that a term…. or have I opened a whole news Politically Incorrect can of worms) …not really getting off standing in the cold watching sports. Oh…yes a Red soon after I make the Kinderfocken dinner Dan
  2. Hi Guys. I am just giving myself some publicity...here is the latest review of the MS-5517-DO Hope you like it.... https://greatmazinger.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/watch-review-owc-mil-sub/ Thanks for reading Dan foxint@foxint.com.au
  3. Nice to be able to touch base again. Just a quick note to say G’day If you have not posted your photos or liked us on Face Book, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Orange-Watch-Company-OWC-450723288465391/ Please no breath holding, the new releases are still some time away. So I have decided to put off price increases for the current range for a short time longer. So that is good. Let me know what you want and if I have the parts I will honour the current prices. So would welcome the sales. The last parts in the puzzle are starting to fall into place. The Case maker is almost finished. So a few months. For the MS-6538 I have made the decision to keep both dials – printed and applied, date and no date. I hope that will cover most bases…??? This decision does not come without its problems. I asked the Dial Chick to make the dials the same size. While getting the physical size the same was not too much of a problem, getting the indices the same has been an uphill battle. While the photos do look the same there are subtle differences that will make using the same sized hands impossible. She seems to have difficulties to understand that I would like to use the same hand size for each dial. I am not a rich man, but patient…… http://i1059.photobucket.com/albums/t439/foxint/2016-04-10-Dial-MS-6538-Both_zpszqhcvw8x.jpg[/IMG] This has all the resultant flow on effects. Yes…this has delayed my discussions with the Hand Lady. Unfortunately, the current stock of hands will not be quite right. So we will have to wait. I do ask for your indulgence. The WT-1884 will be released after I have sorted the MS-6538 and will be delayed to later than expected, but in 2016. Groeten – Salutations – Grüße – Saludos - 问候 Dan PS…email is best…foxint@foxint.com.au
  4. Only 6 MS-9411 for Immediate Delivery – Special Price. See photo on my Facebook.... Thank you all for visiting and liking my page…please spread the word… Dan
  5. https://www.facebook.com/Orange-Watch-Company-OWC-450723288465391/ Hi everyone. My apologies for the long time between posts. I have done the unthinkable…joined Facebook…please like me and post some of your most interesting OWC photos to share with the community. I have made a couple of posts and still coming to terms with what FB means and how I should use it. The girls started the school year (remember we are hanging at the bottom of the world) in January and suddenly they are on holidays. Since then we have had 4 birthdays (daughters now 8, 10 and 12 years old and my wife is 30 again….). We are moving forward on the new models…my Case Chick changed her name and I think she is a he…so that will be interesting. I got the final samples of the MS-6538 dials and I am undecided… http://i1059.photobucket.com/albums/t439/foxint/2016-04-10-Dial-MS-6538-Both_zpszqhcvw8x.jpg[/IMG] Let me know what you think…Timeframe about 2-3months. So these are a little way off. My componet makers have all indicated price rises. I will be incorporating these into the watches as they make there way into the watches. Even the puzzel box maker increased prices. In the meantime I have made up some MS-9411 Blue-Blue A-10’s at the current/old prices. Only a few are ready for immediate delivery. http://i1059.photobucket.com/albums/t439/foxint/IMG_3087_zpsm3jvd4is.jpg[/IMG] Price for this is USD1,100 (including shipping, but excluding government taxes and charges if applicable). I am holding 2015 prices until the components come on stream. The WT-1884 will be released later than expected, but in 2016. The BT is still scheduled for 2017. As always I keep upgrading components if and when it is appropriate and some new things/components will make their way into all models. I continue to use the Porsche Design Model: (Porsche being the laziest design team, producing the same but different cars for the last 50-years…ha-ha – an in-house Top Gear joke). My apologies for being a little quite the last few months…I have been re-organising things and trying to bed down the now 3 production facilities. The changes happened a lot slower than I had anticipated and with the slowdown in Q1 of 2016 compounded matters. Groeten – Salutations – Grüße – Saludos - 问候 Dan PS…email is best…foxint@foxint.com.au
  6. Hi Mark Nice to get some Aussie Action.... Drop me an email and I can see what I can do for you. - foxint@foxint.com.au Regards Dan
  7. Hi Ted Thank you for your kind words. It is very much appreciated when my advice is read and considered. As I said, the differences may be huge, but if you want to pass a few things by me...I am here to lend a hand....I have set up a lot of companies and advised guys, to do or not to do depending on the environment. My door is open - foxint@foxint.com.au. or skype...daniel_fock....but email me first... I rarely have skype open. Good luck... Dan
  8. Hi Mate Just my 2pence worth. From an Australian Tax/compliance perspective....Great opportunity, I would incorporate (set up a company) and not be a contractor. Avoid employing too many people as this involves too much compliance (unless you are expert in tax and HR/IR - human resoruces/industrial relations). So get your team to do the same thing. Works down under and I am a qualitifed accountant, so I speak with some colonial experience. If you had not thought of the company route seek out a local professional. Beware some of my fellow accountants will jump at the chance to have another entity to work with - more fees. So if you have a trusted mate, buy him dinner and some drinks..... Dan
  9. Hi everyone. For all those romantics, it is Valentine’s Day, for the less so, or the old married dogs out there, it is the day Australia got decimal currency…14th February 1966. Other memorable events: 1400 Richard II of England Dies 1779 American Revolutionary War: The Battel of Kettle Creek 1879 Chilean troops occupy Antofagasta 1890 1st NSW vs South Australia cricket match 1895 Oscar Wilde’s “Importance of Being Earnest” opens in London 1919 The Polish-Soviet War begins 1946 Bank of England nationalised My youngest turned 8 years old last week, and #1 and #2 daughters will be 12 and 10 years old in March. I sometimes feel as old as Mount Olympus. But I am hoping the girls will keep me alive like Tithonus. (A Greek who was granted eternal life but no eternal youth…there is the sting in the tail). January/February traditionally are slow months, the western world is suffering from cold weather (sweltering here in the South), New Year Eve hangovers, resolutions and waiting for the factories to start the wheels of industry. The Chinese stop for their New Year (now the Monkey), the Spring festival and we in the watch world focus on Basel Watch Fair. Before my Asian friends when on their break, they mentioned that their larger clients we rushing to get product ready for Basel. So my work is taking a back seat. The new model has stalled. I am waiting on bezel #3. Someone forgot to send me a sample of bezel #3. So we wait. I expect things to move forward smoothly when I approve and sign off on bezel #3. Bracelet Bob has not returned my latest email – but we will be discussing an additional clasp. And I expect some action on the new dials. I have absorbed the price increases for 2015, but recent additional increases will necessitate price rises in 2016. But while I have stock of product/components I will honour 2015 prices until these run out. When will they run out…. I am estimating end of the month…. It still confuses me: while oil prices fall, TNT increase their shipping prices. Most local prices have also increased, with local stamps now $1.00 for less service – if you want the old service 2-3 days (that we used to pay 60cents), it is now called “premium” and one has to pay another 30cents. For all those who order on this very special day (14th February 2016) I will include 2 Screw Bars and 2 Screwdrivers at no additional cost and hold 2015 pricing. While stocks last. As an indication: I have some watches in stock, for the others it is made to order and shipped in the sequence of order receipt. But I will honour 2015 prices while stocks last. When the world gets back to work after Basel, my new production methods will be implemented Thank you all for being with me on the never ending journey of ups, downs and discovery. Groeten – Salutations – Grüße – Saludos - 问候 Dan PS…email is best…foxint@foxint.com.au
  10. Gelukkig Kerstmis joyeux Noël Feliz Navidad 圣诞节快乐 Thank you to everyone. I really could not have got this far without your support and belief in me. Thank you. It is now school holidays and the weather is in the 30’s and will continue warm until February. So no White Christmas for us. The Kinderfocken are in full Christmas mode and we are expecting Opa (my Dad) sometime next week…Ho-Ho-Ho. My apologies for the patchy supply during 2015. I have spent much of 2015 trying to fix. From the outset all my watches are made to order and shipped in the sequence of order receipt. I have been working with a very experienced Master Watchmaker and we have placed our emphasis on getting it right rather than building to a time frame. So the watches take as long as the watches take. After much time, effort, many broken promises, much disappointment and some surprises (poor quality from some Swiss assembly houses), there is a new assembly process. As before I source the best parts at the price points from around the globe. It may seem strange that the only thing that is bought locally is the cardboard outer box. But that is another discussion about the demise of Australian manufacturing…. From 2016 all OWC Watches will be assembled in 3 global locations: Switzerland; China; and Australia. I almost wrote “Asia”, but they will be assembled in China – fact. All the parts come together here in Orange. All parts are examined and those that are not right are fixed or throw away – that is that. As we assemble the watches (as needed plus some) the parts are again inspected. Watches are assembled timed and tested. Final inspection and water resistance testing is done again before they are send to the client. This will facilitate faster assembly and will (hopefully) dovetail into future sales increases and the new models. The components remain the same and the QC of these remains. After this process of discovery, the Chinese can produce quality as good as the Swiss and hence I remain country agnostic, but generally, the plan is: 1) Watches with Soprod movements if assembled in Switzerland will be legally entitled to be called “Swiss Made”; 2) Watches with the Seagull movements if assembled in Switzerland will not; and 3) Watches with either movement assembled outside of Switzerland will also not be entitled to the “Swiss Made” Monika. It appears that in addition to the Swiss touching my product, they have very kindly put “Swiss Made” on the dial. I will have to double check if this remains for the future. In reality, most of the watches with the Soprod movements will be assembled in Switzerland and be Swiss Made. Special, bespoke and other non-main stream product with the Swiss movement may be assembled outside of Switzerland and will not legally be termed Swiss Made. When we have made all the inventory movements, I expect costs to normalise. Prices do rise and as quality rises and features change. I cannot do much about this. The next models are in the system. They have not been made and prices have not been finalised and as with most things will rise. But this is not set in stone. I have re-designed the Oyster bracelet. According to Bob Bracelets, it is made. I had to start somewhere and in hindsight perhaps I should have done things differently. The bracelet is the same but different – most changes will be undetectable. I have listened to the market and will be discussing with Bob an additional clasp. It will hopefully be a screw off/on option with micro adjustment. As for costing, timing and final design I cannot say. I have some ideas, but if you want to throw some ideas into the mix be quick. Groeten Daan
  11. Because Torx head screws are technically superior to the other designs. (They also look cool). Torx screw head/drivers were developed by Camcar Textron in the late 1960’s. Torx screw heads are characterised by a 6-point start-shaped pattern. ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) specification ISO 10664:2005 - specifies the shape and basic dimensions of the hexalobular internal driving feature for bolts and screws, including the gauging method. Torx screws are found in engineering, electronics and application requiring precision and high torqueing abilities. Sometimes related to applications requiring “tamper resistance” since they are not as widely used as more common screw types. Design Considerations: Torx head screws resist cam-out better than other types like Phillips head or slotted head screws. Phillips head design causes the driver to Cam-out preventing overtightening. Cam-out, while seemingly a positive attribute, risks damage to the driver, screw head, workplace and application. Torx heads are designed to prevent cam-out. One can understand during the widespread automation of the early 20th Century, Cam-out can be beneficial to speed up construction. With the development of torque-limiting devices and automatic tools that precisely measure and stop at the desired torque this benefit has diminished. The Torx design facilitates the application of higher torque with a similar sized tool without damaging the head, tool and application compared with other designs. In a hex head design, if the radial force is too great for the material, the corners will be rounded off and the part/tool may fail. In the Torx design the internal sidewalls are straight and internal facets angles are much smaller than in the hex design and this is greatly minimised. Hence for a given torque, the potential for damage is much lower. This allows the head of the fastener to be smaller for the same required torque. This is an advantage where space is limited. Practically, the torx design facilitates the application of higher torque on the same fastener before the occurrence of Cam-out. Simply put the Torx head is more precise avoids Cam-out and requires a smaller driver, reduces damage to the tool, fastener and application. The downside: We found that there is always a price to pay for good design. But we think this is worth it as we have a better product. Those unfamiliar with the Torx design have a disproportionate expectation of the necessary torque required to secure the fastener. While not an issue with automotive sized fasteners that most of us are familiar with. But with small precision horological sized screws this can be an issue. In practice this means those unfamiliar with the required torque, will apply far too much torque to Torx heads. In the worst case the head will be sheared off and/or the thread is damaged– this happened with our case back from an unnamed Swiss Assembly house. So it can happen to the experts, (we will not use this house ever again). As a side note our Compressor Case has been designed to move. That means it gets more water resistant the higher the pressure. This means that all our case/bracelet screws, retaining rings, etc. do NOT need to have the f@#* tighten out of them.
  12. Just my opinion... Not worth even thinking about.... ZENITH no brainer.... Dan
  13. Hi Guys - we talked about this in the past. So I thought I would right up a more formal note: Compressor Theory The underlying hydrodynamic theory is that: as a vessel is subjected to pressure the structure is compressed. If the structure is made of layers the layers will be compressed towards each other. The basic principle of a Compressor Case is that the case back can move towards the middle case, thus increasing water resistance. A few different variants or variations of the complete Compressor Theory have appeared in many watches. Some think that a Super Compressor is a case with twin crowns with cross hatching – wrong. Most Super Compressor cases did in fact have twin crowns and cross hatching, but the crown doth not make the Super Compressor. Parts of the Compressor Principle can be found in many watches: The Bulova and the Russian watches with their 2-part case backs; the Original Omega Seamaster ProPlof with its crystal retained by a ring allowing it to be compressed with rising pressures (but the back was solid and did not move). E. Piquerez S.A. (ESPA) filed a number of US Patents for a “FLUID-TIGHT" watch case: As I understand from the documents, the case back screws down against a spring assembly located inside the rim of the case back. The case back is “tight” before fully compressing the O-ring gasket. This allows the case back to move inward (very slightly) as it is exposed to water pressure at depth. Theoretically, increasing the compression pressure on the O-ring for a more water-tight seal. It also minimizes stress on the O-ring by keeping it at lower compression levels until full compression is needed. OWC takes the theory to the next level. Our crystal has a retaining a ring and the case back retained by 6 screws. Both move inwards as pressure increases and make the case more water resistant. Simple but effective. http://www.orangewatchcompany.com/musings/compressor-principle/
  14. Does anyone know the theory behind the Incaflex balance? Watching the balance wheel is quite mesmerising....
  15. I have one….nice watch. So why have they been so under valued, un-loved and pushed to the side?? What is wrong with them? The one I have while a little crusty is a nice watch…. Dan
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