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  1. i thought you saw it here. retail is 450USD but on the prelaunch it will be 299USD. the pricing structure is definitely done to make it as reasonable as possible. as almost every part is custom made and not taken off the shelf, the cost would definitely increase. Plus, isnt stores selling way more for something that is not of quality? im sorry. but i am abit confused. as the pricing was done in a way to be as reasonable as possible. Of course, i am aware that you cant please everybody. but pls do let me know on how i can post pictures here?
  2. You are able to see the pictures? and where did you see the price? the case was customised with the engraving and none of the components were picked off the shelf except for the buckle and movement.
  3. Hi Guys, attached are Preview Pics of an upcoming brand Don Kylne &Co. This is the First Watch from the collection. Do Enjoy.
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