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  1. Hey DeeDubya, I'm happy to correct any mistakes you know of. We do out best but these are long articles and complicated watch series and I always miss a lot. If you could PM me any mistakes im happy to update the article.
  2. I understand, Roy, and I'm truly sorry about this.
  3. Sharing with you guys a new article on another amazing vintage Seiko watch line: the Seiko 7A28. This is believed to be the first analogue display watch with quartz movement in the world, and had more than 40 variations. Some notable models would be: the Giugiaro watches, specifically the "Bishop" and "Ripley" that both appeared in the "Aliens" movie in 1986; the 7A28-7020, the watch worn Roger Moore in View to Kill (the watch is known to most collectors as the "James Bond" watch after its appearance on the said Bond movie); and the model considered to be the grail of 7a28's, the Gen 1 RAF model 7A28-7120 (to find the said piece with its original strap would be a goal for most collectors and enthusiasts). Some special edition watches were also made using the 7A28 movement: the 7140 Bridgestone Motorsport and the Honda commemorative watches (7160 and 7170). With its many exciting designs, variations and famous models, I think the 7A28 watches are truly must-haves to any Seiko collection. You may read the full collector's guide here: http://thespringbar.com/seiko-7a28-collectors-guide/ Thanks and enjoy!
  4. Hi all! Part two of the Breguet Type 20 series is up, with the civilian models on focus. These watches were produced the same time the military issues are being made, to serve mostly civilian pilots and other professionals. You can read the whole article here: http://thespringbar.com/breguet-type-20-civilian/ One notable model in this series is a 1955 2-register Type 20, with production number 1780 in gold. It is believed that only three of this particular model are known to exist. The article also mentions the modern Gen 3 Type 20s which can be easily found online. Hope this serves as a good reference for everyone. Feedback is always welcome! Cheers
  5. Hi guys,We're starting a new collector's guide series for the Breguet Type 20, a watch which I think is one of the coolest military chronographs out there. The article below is the first (of the two) part of the collector's guide which focuses on the military issues, that will be followed by a guide on civilian models next week.With a really interesting story behind the production of this particular watch (and with Breguet being a highly regarded luxury watch brand), it's no wonder all surviving pieces are of high value.Please do check out the guide and enjoy! Breguet Type 20 Military Issue Collector's Guide
  6. I may add more on modern / currently available GS models eventually Caller but not just yet. I'm more of a vintage guy and obtaining information on models currently in production by Seiko isn't quite as hard so I don't know that I can add too much value. Still I would love to do a timeline or something.
  7. The Grand Seiko is probably the most highly regarded piece from Seiko’s line of vintage watches. First introduced in 1960, this particular watch would forever change the perception of luxury watch fans about the brand, accomplishing its goal of creating “the best luxury watch in the world”. Here is a collector’s guide we've just published on the GS, covering its many variations: 44GS, 62GS, 61GS, 45GS, 19GS, 56GS, and the first of the Grand Seikos, the 3180 model: Grand Seiko Collector's Guide The guide also looks into each movement used for the GS line which I hope would serve as a helpful reference. And as with the other guides, we also give recommendations on what models to consider for starters, unique pieces, and the grail of all GS watches. Enjoy! Any feedback is welcome as always Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, We cap off the Enicar Collector's Guide series with the brand's 3 crown watch, the Enicar Graph. One of the most valuable pieces of the Enicar Graph line would be the 1960s model promoted by the famous racer Jim Clark. Some claim that Clark was wearing a Breitling Top Time in the photo above. A YouTube video would later on imply that it was, in fact, a Sherpa Graph the racer promoted then, as he gave his chief engineer one when he won the F1 World Championship in 1963. Other models created for the 3 crown line were the AquaGraph, the Super Graph, the Jet Graph, and the Pilote which is an extremely rare version of the Jet Graph. Please do check out the guide, and let me know if there's anything we might have missed and should correct. Or just feel free to share your thoughts about Enicar Graphs in general. Enicar Graph Collector's Guide Thanks!
  9. Hi guys! Happy to share with you part 3 of the Enicar collector’s guide series, now focusing on the two-crown Sherpa Divers. Enicar Sherpa 2 Crown Diver Collector's Guide This includes information on the first two-crown diver, the Sherpa Super Divette, named after the Divette, its one crown counterpart, along with other equally interesting pieces: the Sherpa 600 Lady Diver, Super Dive, Ultradive, and what we consider the grail of two-crown Enicar Sherpa divers, the Sherpa OPS. As with the earlier articles, we share our recommendations for the “Entry”, “Keeper”, and “Grail” models for this line. Let me know what you think Special thanks to @DaveE for giving permission to use his Super Divette image. Enjoy! Cheers, Andrew
  10. This is very satisfying to watch. No pun intended. A perfect example of art and science creating a thing of beauty together. I wonder how long it takes them to make one watch.
  11. Hi All, The Enicar guide series continues with the 2-crown Pilot watches, focusing on these three amazing models: the Sherpa Guide, Sherpa Jet, and Sherpa Super Jet. Collector's Guide on Sherpa 2 Crown Pilot models Hope you enjoy reading this as much as you enjoyed the Single Crown article. Feedback on corrections, suggestions for improvement, or suggestions to add any significant model/s I might have missed on the article are welcome, as always. Cheers!
  12. Thanks ndpadgett! Yes, I'll be releasing guides on two crown models soon. I'll keep everyone posted on here.
  13. Hi Guys,Sharing with you the latest guide I've put together, here's the link: http://thespringbar.com/enicar-sherpa-collectors-guide-part-1/This covers information about the Enicar Sherpa single crown model: diver watches (Sherpa Diver 600, Aqua-lung, Sherpa Dive, Mini Dive, Divetter), Sherpa GMT, World Time, Date, Steward, and the Sherpa Electric. It will be a starter on the Enicar article series I'm planning to share in the coming weeks.Hope you guys enjoy reading this, and find it useful.Special thanks to the guys on here who shared their photos for the article. Thanks and looking forward to hearing some feedback, as always.
  14. Glad you appreciate it, ong. What vintage IWC(s) have you had btw? I'm guessing the one with the cal 8541B is a ref 819A? I've come across some information about the Pellaton movement on different fora, and most would say it's one of the best ever made (makes me want to do further reading about this now). Thanks for sharing your thoughts
  15. Hi guys, Here's a new collector's guide for IWC fans out there. This is for the IWC 3705, also known as the Black Flieger. It's been said that IWC pioneered in producing ceramic-cased watches with this piece. http://thespringbar.com/iwc-3705-collectors-guide/ Production has been rather short for the model, with less than 2,000 units being released, making it an amazing collector's piece. Please take a look, let me know what you think, and enjoy! Cheers, Andrew
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