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  1. If anyone interested https://www.watchgecko.com/leather-w...r-watch-straps
  2. aleo

    Seiko 6015

    Few tips on what to look out for on Fratellowatches and Worn and Wound https://www.fratellowatches.com/tbt-seiko-6105-8110/ https://wornandwound.com/review/affordable-vintage-seiko-6105/ Good luck with your purchase
  3. Hamilton Khaki on a Bulang and Sons strap
  4. Hamilton Khaki on a green nato strap
  5. It's a Breitling Chronomat with no bezel. Check the serial number on the case back.
  6. And the acrylic crystal is as good as new.
  7. Just don't tell your mates
  8. + Boiling eggs, cooking pasta, timing pizza delivery.
  9. Stunning watch. Might look better on a thin leather strap with no stitching though. https://www.bablas.co.uk/longines-leather-black-original-watch-strap-l682101237.html
  10. I love the idea of having one watch only, the plan is to have 2-3. You can laugh now.
  11. I currently own a 79220N and suggest to get the ETA version on a steel bracelet, not the in-house. 1. Steel oyster style bracelet on the ETA just feels more solid and IMHO looks much better than the riveted bracelet on the in-house version. It's best to purchase Tudor (as well as Rolex) on steel bracelets not only because they're great. It also helps with resale value and it's a lot easier (cheaper) to purchase a leather bracelet with a deployant clasp later on. 2. An in-house version is 2mm thicker and it does matter if the watch is worn on a nato. It doesn't if the watch is worn on a leather strap or steel bracelet though. As previously mentioned, Tudor natos are pretty short, however, I cannot agree on the poor quality. I love mine and really think they are hard to beat, despite being overpriced (what's not in the watch world?).
  12. Considering 2mm drop in case diameter, I would assume 48mm (50mm on a 41BB).
  13. My father had a few double and triple sensor Casios and none of them were accurate when worn. There is nothing to do with the model, it's the way the temperature sensor works.
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