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  1. Search watch roll/storage on the forum topic was covered recently so might not get much on this thread.
  2. They made 'is' models in e30 & e36. The engines were revised in the e36 but were still based on the original 1.8 twin cam 16v engines which pushed 140+bhp over the standard 1.8 8v single cam. The e30 'is' were developed by Mtec division and nicked named the baby m3 due to the 4 pot engines that the M3 were developed with.
  3. You sure that is not a 318i? The is had a completely different engine which were pretty bulletproof.
  4. I was given some folding deck chairs yesterday except they no longer folded. So I guess I was given deck chairs yesterday.
  5. That is a 'show shine' nice job Nige!
  6. List is £5600 for rhodium, white, blue & black dial in ss without flutes. Available from most AD's and would leave enough for cw dive give a take couple hundred.
  7. Partly the reason for my suggestion above is that I owned the BB58 and recently add an SMP300 to my collection but I cannot seem to take off the DJ41!. Especially since purchase I had an Hirsch leather strap put on it. The watch ticks all the right boxes for me anywa. Slim profile, 41mm, 70hr power reserve,very comfortable on the wrist and only recognised by fellow enthusiasts as not too bling.
  8. If you spending that much get yourself a Rolex DJ41. And still should have enough left over for a nice CW dive.
  9. If you shop around when the sales are on, I managed 30% of superocean 44 Special
  10. £1500 buy's you alot dive watch: 300smp quartz/auto just Certina auto Tissot auto Raymond weil auto Longines auto Tudor Nth Tag Roamer The list is endless. Google any of the with dive after the brand and we can touch base in a week or so lol.
  11. This is starting to become standard practice, especially for AD's who not in large chains. Prestons in Guildford for example, they will hold your Rolex warranty for 6 months and de-tag the watch. When I ask why, they told because of re-selling for profit and Rolex threaten them with removing the brand from them. Fraser Hart have someone at head office who scans popular selling sites for watches brought from them and if they spot on they black list supplying you further watches.
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