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  1. When you look at this brand in depth you will see how they blow Rolex for quality out of the water! And I own a Rolex.
  2. I just spun it around for a change means nothing lol. Today back the right way round.
  3. Understood shoes do wear out. Watches need service, they get scratched, the batteries run out. So watches are needed as much shoes.. Never give up the fight after while even the sofa becomes comfortable lol
  4. I got to agree, using this logic, you would only ever have 1 pair of shoes to wear. It is just near on impossible to achieve I'm sorry. I believe 46 watches is a reasonable amount to give you broad coverage of day, night, smart, casual,dress, work etc. I think may have just got up from the wrong side of the bed. I am prepared to let this slide and maybe you could request Roy to close the comments on this post.
  5. Possibly lunch shortly
  6. My boy is the same. 9 years old and wants my entire collection. Went watch hunting with once and he got the sales women to take the rolex Daytona(used) out of the window ao he could have a look at it .
  7. Got into these recently although had few from back when.
  8. I will have to have another look. I tried checking before pulling the trigger on this but you are right it also said that for the santa cruz also.
  9. Always taken light hearted on here mate as too many people get there pretzels in a knot otherwise!
  10. Ordered. Good thing about amazon if it not as described returm for free.
  11. In certain aspects I too am a pup Nige. Considering I only started wearing watches in 2014. Maintenance would be the key for me, as I come from a mechanical engineering background so hopefully with some careful servicing I can match the might of the grand 'seiko' in years to come.
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