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  1. Some nice choices but you will be paying into the Brand names & they would be 2nd. Below you would get new watches for similar money and 'good as' quality.
  2. Would be nice indeed but you may have more chance of winning the lottery than getting a SS professional Rolex these days. Apparently I'm still on the 'waiting list' at my local AD for past 7 months now. I'm sure they just tell me that for entertainment purposes.... I requested an alternative to the Explorer 2, basically any SS sports watch and the response was: we will add you to the waiting list for all of them lol. Might buy a lotto ticket for Saturday's draw...
  3. Brought & Sold a few watches on here. Tbh I prefer this over Ebay as you generally only dealing with a small number of regular contributors. Although Roy does not ask for any money towards site/classifieds I'd rather give a contribution here than to Ebay as this is a exclusive forum for watch enthusiasts. Hopefully this is a minor blip and things will run as smooth as they been.
  4. I feel sad that this post even exists! Treat people how you want to be treated. Trust is a 2 way thing.
  5. Whole heartily agree Mr P. All my transactions have been spot on and trust is an important thing.
  6. Yes getting there! Although now looking at a single rear whilst we got the wheels in motion. Watch this space!
  7. Everyone on this forum should really have clear & honest intentions when you using the classifieds section of the forum. In most instances that is the case. I appreciate they be the odd occasion that something goes wrong but I would suggest the buyer if has any doubts to use PayPal but not friends+family. Request an invoice from the seller so should give buyer protection should anything go south.
  8. I would agree but as Tag was my 1st proper swiss automatic watch I still have a soft spot for them. I'm glad a picked a kind of never in/out of fashion model.
  9. I like the strap on the 1st watch looks alot like the C.Ward hybrid ones. Overall looks nice.
  10. Looks good whatever it is. That is my subjective view of course!
  11. Have you a badge for that Roy?
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