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  1. My unconscious bias leads to to always putting on:
  2. Still played by the book! 50 posts is 50 posts so fair play to him. Unless we starting to play the unwritten rule game now? Where will this madness end? Maybe Roy only allows new members to post once a day but only on a Sunday between 12-4pm? This way we can really weed out the riff raff!
  3. He certainly knows has to make a watch!
  4. Oh bloody hell that's where they alll are! Can you put me on the list for one please?
  5. I never dive in the shower so no need for watch to be on my wrist!
  6. Certina are good value for money. Jura watches have 40% off a decent selection. Range £330-£560 for autos
  7. When you look at this brand in depth you will see how they blow Rolex for quality out of the water! And I own a Rolex.
  8. I just spun it around for a change means nothing lol. Today back the right way round.
  9. Understood shoes do wear out. Watches need service, they get scratched, the batteries run out. So watches are needed as much shoes.. Never give up the fight after while even the sofa becomes comfortable lol
  10. I got to agree, using this logic, you would only ever have 1 pair of shoes to wear. It is just near on impossible to achieve I'm sorry. I believe 46 watches is a reasonable amount to give you broad coverage of day, night, smart, casual,dress, work etc. I think may have just got up from the wrong side of the bed. I am prepared to let this slide and maybe you could request Roy to close the comments on this post.
  11. Possibly lunch shortly
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