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  1. C.Ward Dartmouth 65 but I'm biased https://www.christopherward.com/sale/c60-elite-1000---nearly-new/N60-42ADD3-T0BB0-B0.html#product-technical-data Found this lot of watch fot the money.
  2. Really great mix of watches here from all different prices points, something that all can relate to.
  3. I think the title for this thread should be ' If I get the call'
  4. Sadly I parted ways with my beloved Zenith as it simply didn't get the wrist time & given the current situation wasn't likely to get any going forward either. I used Chronohunter for the 1st time to sell the watch, they are like a reserve Car Wow type platform, no fees to me and Watchfinder ended buying the watch of me via them. Really good professional service, once the watch is live on the platform retailers send you offers and then you are free to negotiate directly with them. Definitely worth a go also they do the same if you want to buy a watch, you list what you want & then
  5. They will just deny any wrong doing and it will be pinned as an isolated rouge AD which was hiding/falsifying documentation etc. I'm sure Rolex have a very well paid legal team who make this disappear just as fast as their sports models!
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention the method I that posted is what we done at my mums house. 30+plus old system which had gravity fed tank in the loft and hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. We ended replacing the boiler, removed the both tanks then added a megaflow system but just power flushed the entire system and the guys used a vibration head on a hammer drill to break up the sludge that built up in the rads. I never seen that before & makes a racket! But in the end it all worked out well. The gas engineer recommended ATAG for the boiler apparently the main business is
  7. I did write to them once and the are just as good at deflecting as they are market manipulation lol. The customer service advisor became almost as robotic as the production line that mass produced all the Rolexes you can't have unless your in the AD's pocket... It was still fun to give them some grief though. BTW: No call today
  8. It's the labour to replace the new pipework which puts a massive cost onto the overall price. To replace the boiler should cost typically £600-1000 Labour some may include the Power Flush but a proper flush would cost around £400. Replacing the radiators like for like can be done a plumber as it has nothing to do with being Gas safe so this cost around £40-60 per rad to replace. If you decide rip out the entire system your looking at around £5-8k depending boiler brand, spec etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. This is a tough one considering I have literally just ripped, gutted, cut out my entire central heating system & replaced it all with a brand new set up! One of the issues you will face is the efficiency of your current boiler, you could potentially leave all the existing pipework in place but this would require a very good power flush to remove the years of sludge build up but any decent Gas engineer would recommend this when changing the boiler. The next thing would be to change the radiators like for like this will also increase the the whole efficiency thing but less disruptive th
  10. Very underrated watches I just received my 1st Ball watch recently very impressed indeed.
  11. It's sort of becoming a love/hate relationship with Rolex!. I'm slowly falling out of love with the brand and really enjoying Tudor's more. I am apparently on a waiting list for a particular model but if I ever get the call who's know will just have to wait & see but certainly not going to lose sleep over it. I'm really hoping that some Rolex are going to pull the plug on the 'stave the masses' strategy & flood the market will boat loads of sport models in SS. That way the market will bottom out & it will be the greedy grey market dealers who become desperate!!
  12. Quite a tough market place to be playing in. If you think about already very established swiss made brands such as Tissot, Certina, etc who are all owned & backed by Swatch group. They all offer quartz chrono's in a similar price range not to mention C.ward I believe have some that can be thrown into the mix. Having said that fair play for your efforts, finding USP's is extremely difficult these days. Best of luck.
  13. Smell the strap should have a vanilla smell.
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