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  1. So this will be my future man cave, currently my storage to cover my move. I built it with some help from family. Will eventually be cladded then Inside will be insulated and filled with all my tools, Collectables etc.
  2. It will never happen! Oh how the long for that day to arrive! I think about least once a day. I run through entire collection in my head, which ones to keep, which to sell on etc and keep trying to convince myself that I only really need 1 watch but then I have emotional or sentimental values to certain watches and I'm back to square one.
  3. If you go into that much detail not alot of things are worth the price point including fair few watches!!!
  4. Wolf seem to produce top notch quality products. The watch winders look awesome.
  5. Without a doubt I understand your thought process and in most cases it comes as a natural decision in the buying process. In this particular case mind, you will find as you scroll the threads that resell value is a major influencer when it comes to some watch buyers. It's understandable, I mean you can watch video after video just on Rolex residuals, which will be the next best money spinner etc. It can be rather infuriating for the veterans on the forum however as it's more about the love, fascination, even addiction if like for watches....
  6. It's refreshing to read that someone who wants to spend that sort of money and not mention resell value as part of the buying criteria. Definitely agree not to spend double rrp on a Sub. Fair play to my man I hope whatever you decide on you have good health and wear your watch with pleasure.
  7. Not one of your options I know but Tudor for me. BB58 Pelagos Gmt Whichever one you choose you will have permanent smile on your face. Both Seamaster and SuperOcean fantastic watches but Tudor is just a little niche imo
  8. This is an interesting post to say the least! Some big names and surprising models have made the $hit list. Unfortunately I do have to agree with quite a few of them though, speedy, Daytona, North Flag amongst others. I tried a Submariner on couple of years back and almost stop wearing watches altogether! The shop assistant panicked and said 'maybe today is not the right day to shop watches your not in the right mood'. I was deeply disappointed after putting it on, even though the watch looked stunning and so iconic just wasn't for me.
  9. Deposit perhaps!
  10. All Tudors now taken off sale at EJ
  11. Closed down web page with Seamaster 300 5 times now otherwise would have hit the button!
  12. Good problem to have. Your a model Citizen...
  13. Skydweller blue dial, Daytona & GMT are all almost double rrp if not more, rest hold around £2-6k ish premium sport models.
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