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  1. If you want a cheat, buy breaded chicken fillets, defrost them & cut up add to Katsu curry. JD!
  2. My wife thinks it's something she has done as my buzz has fizzled out too.
  3. I did say Fury had broken his opponent before the fight started. TKO 7th round to Fury. Wilder towel thrown in.
  4. Raymond weil freelancer dive 60% off. I had the orange version was a stunning watch for the money but at this price it's bonkers!!
  5. I think Fury got in Wilder's head. No one could believe Fury would have woken up from that knock out. Wilder now knows even we his power he cannot put the lights out. Big psychological disadvantage for Wilder and Fury will make sure he knows this.
  6. Best to purchase through: https://www.pageandcooper.com/watch-brands/nth-watches// NTH AD for UK. I purchased mine from there Nacken vintage white face.
  7. That looks like a solid watch indeed I can't blame you.
  8. I think he might struggle as so many different options to choose from, he may end up dropping a clanger & send Roy the wrong variant which the forum will hate. Who knows he might no even work for the company lol...
  9. They don't seem to blowing Omega out the door as they still list all the latest model at rrp. Maybe these are just selected in stock watches they are shifting.
  10. Would be interesting to see what else they have.
  11. The name puts me off 'Crestical' sounds like an STD around the testicles. Sorry I'm out.
  12. I have to agree looks alot better on the wrist than the ***** marketing pics. It's starting to grow on me. Congratulations on the watch!
  13. Unless he uses my tactic lol Having brought my DJ41 at standard rrp, I would say the Omega's just seem to be better value money overall. I am like alot of others will jump on the Rolex rollercoaster of price inflation. People are bonkers to buy over retail but it's up to them I suppose. I will stick what I know & what I see value in.
  14. Whether they are 'shedding the brand' it still make a very decent purchase don't you think? I did say shop around & subject model...
  15. The key is buy the Omega at the right price! Rolex not likely to be discounted so it is what it is but if you shop around you can get around 30-40% off Omega's subject to model. For me this swing the value debate a little as the Omega will still retain a decent value going forward. Seamasters are a perfect example of that. I once brought a Tag for my brother, he accepted the gift but never really liked it. Which was a result in the end because he gifted it back to me once he got the watch he wanted. So maybe go for the watch you like instead loool.
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