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Craftycockney's Feedback

  1. nursegladys left Positive feedback   

    Awesome sale in sad circumstances, thank you, wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  2. Pete wilding left Positive feedback   

    Lightning fast deal,item beautifully packaged,wouldn’t hesitate to do business again,a gooo experiance

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  3. PaulBoy left Positive feedback   

    Bought an Orient Mako from Shez - The watch was as described (immaculate) and transaction was easy - Cannot recommend Shez highly enough!

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  4. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches left Positive feedback   

    What a pleasure - and delivered in person!

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  5. Tazmo61 left Positive feedback   

    Super smooth deal . Highly recommended seller *****

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  6. GASHEAD left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trustworthy member, quick and efficient deal.

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  7. bridgeman left Positive feedback   

    Smooth as silk, watch unworn.Excellent gentlemanly deal

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  8. wrenny1969 left Positive feedback   

    Shez was accurate in his description of the Alpina, did what he said he would when he would. 10/10.

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  9. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches left Positive feedback   

    What a star - great communicator and really nice to meet face to face. Loving the Pelagos!

    Craftycockney was The Seller

  10. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure, thank you.

    Craftycockney was The Buyer

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