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  1. Some nice choices but you will be paying into the Brand names & they would be 2nd. Below you would get new watches for similar money and 'good as' quality.
  2. Would be nice indeed but you may have more chance of winning the lottery than getting a SS professional Rolex these days. Apparently I'm still on the 'waiting list' at my local AD for past 7 months now. I'm sure they just tell me that for entertainment purposes.... I requested an alternative to the Explorer 2, basically any SS sports watch and the response was: we will add you to the waiting list for all of them lol. Might buy a lotto ticket for Saturday's draw...
  3. Brought & Sold a few watches on here. Tbh I prefer this over Ebay as you generally only dealing with a small number of regular contributors. Although Roy does not ask for any money towards site/classifieds I'd rather give a contribution here than to Ebay as this is a exclusive forum for watch enthusiasts. Hopefully this is a minor blip and things will run as smooth as they been.
  4. I feel sad that this post even exists! Treat people how you want to be treated. Trust is a 2 way thing.
  5. Whole heartily agree Mr P. All my transactions have been spot on and trust is an important thing.
  6. Yes getting there! Although now looking at a single rear whilst we got the wheels in motion. Watch this space!
  7. Everyone on this forum should really have clear & honest intentions when you using the classifieds section of the forum. In most instances that is the case. I appreciate they be the odd occasion that something goes wrong but I would suggest the buyer if has any doubts to use PayPal but not friends+family. Request an invoice from the seller so should give buyer protection should anything go south.
  8. I would agree but as Tag was my 1st proper swiss automatic watch I still have a soft spot for them. I'm glad a picked a kind of never in/out of fashion model.
  9. I like the strap on the 1st watch looks alot like the C.Ward hybrid ones. Overall looks nice.
  10. Looks good whatever it is. That is my subjective view of course!
  11. Have you a badge for that Roy?
  12. Some progress this week thanks to the sunshine
  13. It seems there is some sort of protection from kickstarter: Maybe worth a read. We established the all-or-nothing model when we launched in 2009 as a measure to protect creators, and to minimize risk for everyone. By not releasing funds unless a project meets its goal, this ensures that creators have enough money to do what they promised and they’re not expected to complete a project without the funds necessary to do so. This also assures backers that they’re only funding creative ideas that are set to succeed. We’ve seen that having a goal to rally around creates a sense of urgency—it gets early backers personally invested in bringing on more supporters, and it makes every backer part of a community crossing the finish line together. Setting a goal and not charging backers unless the project reaches that goal also makes the process democratic. Backers have to come together to raise the amount the creator really needs. How creators control all-or-nothing funding Creators are responsible for setting their own financial goal and their fundraising deadline. A campaign can run for just one day or up to 60, but we tend to see 30 days works best—it makes support feel timely. Once a creator launches their project, the funding goal and deadline are locked in. For technical reasons, we are not able to pause campaigns. But if a creator decides now is not the time for their project, they have the ability to cancel and relaunch at a later date. This is a common practice that can make sense for lots of different scenarios. If you decide to go this route, you will need to get your original backers on board again, but Kickstarter does not penalize relaunched projects in any way. There’s no shame in needing a reset. Clear, transparent communication is key In some cases, creators will run into challenges and have to make changes to what they first promised their backers. It’s why we say that backing projects is different to making a purchase. There is inherent risk in the creative process, and things don’t always go as planned. When that happens, creators must communicate changes and delays on their project pages and in project updates. We also expect them to follow our rules for honest and clear presentation. Kickstarter is exclusively for creative work, but clarify how paying yourself and supporting your community fits in to your project There are projects that will be unsuitable for Kickstarter and won’t be permitted to launch. For example, you can’t create a campaign solely to raise money for yourself or for a charity. A project must be producing an original creative work that a creator can share with their backers in some way. That being said, it’s crucially important that creators factor a salary for themselves into their project budgets. This allows them to sustain their work and avoid burnout, and we believe creative labor deserves a fair wage. Many of your supporters are likely to feel the same. Feel free to add messaging to your page explaining how your project is a job for you, and how additional funding can help you do it better and strengthen your long-term creative practice. And know that there is room for nonprofits here as well. Charities can run campaigns to realize creative projects. A campaign can also donate some products (but not money) to charities and pay you for your work. Thinking about how your Kickstarter project can support your community and your own well-being is important and very much allowed.
  14. Lol no definitely not my builder is doing it. Although I have done a bit of brickwork before definitely not to this standard.
  15. Managed to get some brickwork done between the rain.
  16. I got the sunburst blue dial available Rog at ridiculously low price of £100!
  17. I wouldn't worry about what you end up passing on, my son is 11 and he is eyeing up watches just from a monterrey perspective to see how much he can cash in! So I'm doing it before he does.
  18. And we're off. They only way is up! (Hopefully)
  19. This the one I owned for over 3 years and absolutely loved and like all things now look back and regret selling it. I would definitely recommend the rubber strap it is super comfortable and you almost forgot it's on the wrist until you loom down and start smiling.
  20. Lol I was only messing. Although I use rent my house in Surrey once, when I got a random phone call from my neighbour. He told me a bed had been delivered to his as no one in, only then to tell my house had been raided by the Police due the tenants trying to set up a Cannabis farm! Turns out my tenants sub let to local Vietnamese gang who set a few around the area. Unfortunately for them 1 house caught fire when tried to bypass the electrics. The Police raided a 2nd house and one of the suspects had the keys to my house. Fortunately for me the Police entered without damaging anything and left a note saying contact them. When I turned tenants has done a runner but left all the kit to set up the farm in my garage. I called the Police and explained I was the Landlord and ask them are taking the equipment away for evidence and they said no I have to dispose of it myself. So I ended up selling it all to try make the some rent I lost! I was very fortunate they caught the guy before it was set up otherwise it could have ended up like the house in the article: https://www.surreycomet.co.uk/news/1386620.police-seize-cannabis-plants-from-new-malden-house/
  21. Looks like a decent amount space you have created. I see alot of sockets though! Any plans for some so called 'pot' plants? Lool
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