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  1. This the one I owned for over 3 years and absolutely loved and like all things now look back and regret selling it. I would definitely recommend the rubber strap it is super comfortable and you almost forgot it's on the wrist until you loom down and start smiling.
  2. Lol I was only messing. Although I use rent my house in Surrey once, when I got a random phone call from my neighbour. He told me a bed had been delivered to his as no one in, only then to tell my house had been raided by the Police due the tenants trying to set up a Cannabis farm! Turns out my tenants sub let to local Vietnamese gang who set a few around the area. Unfortunately for them 1 house caught fire when tried to bypass the electrics. The Police raided a 2nd house and one of the suspects had the keys to my house. Fortunately for me the Police entered without damaging anything
  3. Looks like a decent amount space you have created. I see alot of sockets though! Any plans for some so called 'pot' plants? Lool
  4. Yup well I didn't but my labourers did. Another required for internal wall for single block.
  5. Should be able to pick up a Tudor Black Bay 58 or GMT for that type of money. I'm sure they should re-coup bulk of value back.
  6. Keep the Aquaterra if feasible and opted for 0% finance I think they will give 48 months and sometimes you can get 10% on top of that. Win win and your excuse is you did the garden renovation lol.
  7. Fair enough maybe it was a glitch. I had the same thing with Goldsmiths once. Usr just perks discount codes and I enter the code then moved away from the website. When went back on to it, the code was added twice so ended getting 20% the watch!
  8. I think you can use but then cannot have 0% finance. I managed to add a voucher before maybe it has changed now.
  9. Sorry I will start again. This forum is more about watch appreciation amongst watch enthusiasts. You may struggle to obtain advice on which watches to buy/sell as members on here don't take to well to these types of posts. I would suggest you go online for that type of info and whilst you are on here enjoy the love of watches and learn more that way. Hope that helps.
  10. I got mine in the post the other day. Went straight on looking for the sales pages where I picked up my last one but no page unfortunately. I will keep looking...
  11. Oops sorry David typo was supposed to say 'Forum' member.
  12. What I done was found the peli case on ebay at a decent price then brought the pre-cut foam from case farm. You have ring them as not on the website. Worked out about £45 cheaper but I was lucky with the case. The watches on the otherhand move around abit. Alpina now belongs to another forun member. It was a limited edition version. Thr bottom right is a Harold Pinchbeck.
  13. Robert Loomes is English watchmaker including movement. Could be wrong. I think you will find British/English watch brands but 'swiss made'. Not sure their will be many who build the movements from scratch.
  14. Orient Mako 3 £189. £366 left to play
  15. This is back on the wrist day fresh from having a service. Found out the movement is a sellita watch movement. Feedback was still in very condition still had plenty of oil and not so sticky not bad for 6 years!. Next service in 4 years.
  16. Ok I will play. So I have just ordered: Victorinox Alliance Mechanical Automatic for £445 £555 left to go. Watch this space.
  17. Neighbours gave some grief at planning stage but had no case to complain. We even explained when we moved in that we will be extending to whicb they responded Positively. I will upload post elevation from drawings. Born & Bread in London, it has become all about money, money, money. No one has time for each other and you just spend most of your life travelling to and from work. I used spend 1.15 hr to do 12 miles each way so my week ended being over 50+hrs including travel. House prices are extortionate, completely untouchable for those who are looking for the 1st home!
  18. So today we poured! We asked for pump they brought a crane!
  19. We should start our own 'watch gang' on here. Set a limit on the value of the watches etc then everyone who wants pays a set amount each month and gets sent a watch. Or something to that effect... Take a bit of organising but would be pretty interesting concept.
  20. Rolex and grey dealer rip off pricing and Rolex allowing AD's to get away with it. I thought I'd get it in early as it's was bound to come up sooner than later.
  21. I really like this watch! One went through ebay a few weeks back for £1900 looked n decent condition.
  22. Best advice tell them in respect of their owner and to honour him let's cremate or bury the watches with him. Amen. Sorted dead waste of time...
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