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  1. If you want my views on the watch let me know
  2. I have the 42mm galaxy watch, put it on a canvas deployant strap and wear it everyday at work
  3. I'm really surprised mate, I remember you were quite down about this watch and I loved mine (blue one) I was disappointed for you as it was an absolute stunner
  4. Have a look at timefactors, I like the PRS3LE @ £340 but personally I love the yellow,
  5. Another watch for the speculators This sort of thing has led to me getting so demoralised with the hobby
  6. A minute overnight is not right no matter how it is positioned, also an auto should keep running through the night anyway after being worn I think there is something wrong with it There are plenty of non hand winding automatic movements that work fine and have long power reserves I don't think wearing it loose would make any difference If you handwind the watch (or swing it around for a while etc) the timekeeping will be better than wearing it with low power reserve
  7. I would just set the time on a Friday evening, I find it a nice ceremony before the weekend starts I don't agree with only 10 winds, the timekeeping will not be accurate unless it is fully wound
  8. The beauty of watches, they come in a range of sizes to suit everybody, small medium or lardge
  9. In my experience Higuchi will under declare the value of the watch and Seiya will declare full value
  10. You should be able to get a very nice auto full size SMP for 1.5k (2531.80 etc)
  11. I know what you mean but I honestly can wear this watch without worry (for some reason) maybe its the value or perhaps it is because it already has patina so I am just adding to it If it suddenly rocketed in value like the 6105 (unlikely) it may be different, if I am doing anything too harsh I simply pop it in my pocket There is something about wearing the real thing, for value you cannot beat one of these Good luck
  12. Instead of a reissue etc perhaps consider a 70's 6309, a beautiful watch with modern proportions and a classic design Mine feels special as it is older than me and all original but it could pass as a watch bought a few months ago All for a couple of hundred pounds and the value is only going to go one way
  13. Not as far as I know, the link purchase is the cheapest option as far as I know
  14. As far as I know by buying a link the AD will check the serial number etc and and if it us fake/stolen it will be identified
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