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  1. Xiaomi are great phones , awesome specs for the price , I have had 2 of them.
  2. I have a small back pack hung over the handles on my wheelchair and in it I have Notebook and pen Multi tool Loop Dextrol ( for my diabetes) Torch Repair kit for wheelchair I also have my vape machine with me and mobile phone
  3. I use the same as @Roger the Dodger a tea box with pipe lagging , no order though they are just all placed in together I also have a cardboard box with foam for the remainder of the watches These are old photos and over half these watches have been passed on now.
  4. I have a few 1/24 scale model cars and a motorbike to build and paint .
  5. I would say yes it can be replaced but it is all about finding the right screw for the job. As for a jeweller I am unable to help . Hopefully some other members may be able to help you out .
  6. Did you "short" the new battery after fitting it . Here is a description of what it means This needs to be shorted out against the case of the watch or the top of the watch battery. Using a paper clip or a pair of metal tweezers place one leg into the hole marked "AC" and touch the other leg against the main movement housing or the watch battery (creating a temporary short circuit). This should reset the display.
  7. Amazon echo dot speaker for 99p and a months subscription to amazon music for £7.99 (I will cancel the music subscription before it renews ) , selected Amazon accounts only I believe https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B086H21TV7/
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