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  1. @WRENCH thank you for the info , definitely something I plan on trying in the future . I seem to be going through a Vostok phase at present I currently own 3 but plan on adding more to my collection.
  2. I am thinking of having a try at this myself could I ask can you remember if you watered down the hydrochloric acid if so what type of ratio did you go for ? Cheers John
  3. The 7 p's Proper planning and preparation prevents Pi$$ poor performance
  4. Today could be a good day Yeah , 19 days from Russia . I am very impressed
  5. Ha ha yes I do but it is out of my budget but thanks for testing my will power
  6. I knew you would still own them , I do love that 1967
  7. Very nice collection you have Rob ...but where are the Seiko's and Vostoks ?
  8. Old case with new dial and hands built yesterday .... The old case and movement makes it a pre 1990 IMO
  9. Another one for your new watch storage , great looking watch mate well done
  10. I mentioned yesterday that I like the look of these Steeldive watches and have taken the plunge and bought this Uk delivery so hopefully should arrive soon
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