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  1. Looing good Dave I too like the colour combination .
  2. @Roger the Dodger here is a link to the yellow paracord https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271772499941
  3. Built this yesterday sterile dial and case with a quartz movement
  4. Yesterday and today I have being making paracord bracelets with help from you tube tutorials
  5. Very crisp photos I think I am going to enjoy this thread , looking forward to part 2 .
  6. I have never been one for xbox or playstation but seeing as I was bored earlier I booted up the grandkids playstation and had a few games of Gran Turismo , my plan is to play a little each day and increase my skills and not tell the grandkids then challenge them to a game when it is safe for them to visit and woop them I did start off with Call of Duty but had no idea what I was doing and my brain was not telling my fingers what to do so I kept dying time after time
  7. Very good photos John I have fancied getting into photography I used to be good at it 20 years ago but now I would not know where to start with buying a digital camera.
  8. Hammerite black paint to refresh the look of the patio table .
  9. I spent a weekend last year digitally scanning all my dad's old family photos from a few albums onto the laptop. This is one of the oldest photos my great grandad. This is my Grandad my dad Finally one of me
  10. Yesterday I built a Ugears kit clock that my wife bought me for christmas today I decided to re stitch a strap given to me by @Davey P a while ago the stitching was coming away from the strap.
  11. Ostrich burger , salad and pan roasted potatoes with peppers
  12. I for one would be interested in following a thread of this sort mainly as it is something I would love to do but do not have the courage to do also it will be good to refer to for information.
  13. My stepson is getting married today time to get suited and booted , took me 20 minutes to put my shoe on 
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