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  1. Cheers @scottswatches @Davey P and @simon2 A little late now though @Davey P the nut has already been superglued if I am unable to remove caseback I will do what you say and clean it without the ultrasonic As for a service I am not sure if I am keeping it yet or flipping it , it is not my usual style of watch that I wear but it is growing on me. Will update later if I get the back off as I may require advice on how to remove the stem .
  2. Just tried a sticky rubber ball and the caseback is not moving , I have read that you can superglue a nut onto it and do it that way , do you think that would work ?
  3. I was given a box of watches by my mam who got them from a friend that does not have a use for them Imagine my surprise when amongst them was a Longines Conquest I tried to wind it up but think it was fully wound and the crown was stiff when trying to pull it out to , I managed to get the crown out and set the time and gave the watch a light tap and shake and the secondhand started to move it has happily been ticking away since last night and keeping good time The watch itself is a bit gruddy with dna on it so I want to remove the caseback and movement and put the case into my ultrasonic . Question is this is the caseback a screw type or a pop off ? Any advice and info greatly appreciated
  4. jsud2002


    Photos in and all mounted on the wall
  5. jsud2002


    Putting 32 family photos into this template then into the frame I spray painted yesterday
  6. New hands for my Vostok arrived yesterday so fitted them today and put it on a Marine national strap
  7. A samsung gear s2 classic smart watch from the bay , looking forward to it arriving
  8. jsud2002


    Setting up my new Redmi note 8t mobile phone
  9. I will have a look at what else I have and pm you if I find anything you may like
  10. What is the lug width @Roger the Dodger I have a Blue perlon strap I no longer wear and it may suit the watch , yours F.O.C if it will fit .
  11. I have bought myself a new mobile phone , I did not need one but have had my previous one for almost 2 years so felt an update was due Redmi Note 8T with great specs The price was £179 reduced to £129 but as I was spending over £100 they knocked off another £10 and with buying through their app a further £5 was removed from the price so the total I paid was £114 and I reckon I will get about £60 for my old phone as I still have the box and unused headphones
  12. jsud2002


    We went to Saltburn and met up with grandkids and their parents , had a walk about and a bag of chips
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