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  1. Arrived in the post today thanks to @WRENCH
  2. @BondandBigM I was lucky and bought 18 Andy Mcnab books from facebook for £10 a few month ago , just about to start on his 3rd book with main character Nick Stone
  3. Currently setting up my man cave , we have a spare room where my wheelchair lift goes up to Spent the afternoon fitting shelves for my odds n ends collectables More odds n ends on the cupboard shelves Now I just need to clear the desk so it is ready for me to start building some car kits and truck kits
  4. My wife has bought me a Services PW for Christmas Happy days
  5. Quick update on the Services and Ingersoll I did not buy them , I am unable to decide which make or movement type I want also do I buy a cheapish one or go for an over £50 older one late 1800's early 1900's ? Decisions decisions
  6. Great looking Fossil Dave glad you decided to buy one
  7. The new crystal I ordered arrived today and a perfect fit , such a simple thing as replacing the crystal makes the appearance of the PW change so much, it looks almost brand new now
  8. Would like to say a big thank you to @Roger the Dodger for sending me his Ouyi Pocket watch to help me on my way with my new collection. I really like the skeleton design and being able to see the movement in action is great. Thanks again Roger
  9. I had a search on ebay and came across this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224218898240 I took a risk and bought it
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