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  1. We need photos I have been looking at these again I will admit I am tempted at £105 new
  2. Those are great bracelets I had one on my Cressi The Cressi now has a new owner but the bracelet I kept and put onto this I think you made the right decision for the watch it is going on.
  3. I have a set of hands , bezel and dial in my basket at Meranom , bezel and dial out of stock until yesterday the dial came back in stock but not the dial so the wait continues
  4. Yes it has a push pull hand control fitted , basically pull up to accelerate and push to brake , very easy to use , more info can be found here https://www.jeffgosling.co.uk/products/hand-controls
  5. Same as @Roger the Dodger I have a tea box with pipe lagging also this is an old photo and most of the watches are long gone I also have a cardboard box with foam in it
  6. @WRENCH I thought with you being a Moderator you where not supposed to entice forum members into buying more watches , surely this goes against the Moderator code of conduct
  7. Been a while since anyone has posted here so I thought a thread revival was needed . I have just bought myself an Aspire Nautilus Prime I bought a red one . I like the small compact design . looking forward to it arriving
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