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  1. New strap arrived today many thanks to @WRENCH for help sourcing it
  2. Arrived this morning , very happy with it I really like the darkness of it all
  3. Changed over from the Seiko as my latest purchase just arrived , Gshock GA150
  4. A box of cream eggs for my wife (who said romance was dead )
  5. Just added my 3rd Gshock to my collection , a GA-150 Photo is from Ebay I will post more once it arrives
  6. After seeing @Roger the Dodger paracord bracelets I decided to have a go at making one myself , a few pm's later from Roger with advice sourcing paracord I ordered myself some ( many thanks Roger for the help ) Helpful tutorials from you tube and I made these I plan on making some more bracelets and also a Dog collar for our dog Alfie .
  7. I have been looking at Gshock again and this came to my attention the Ga-2100-1AER I have seen a few ani/digi combinations by gshock but their choice of hands have been a bit naff , I like these hands , the watch itself seems a little stealth. £99.99 but currently out of stock I may be tempted https://g-shock.co.uk/ga-2100-1a1er
  8. I sold a watch yesterday and have spent most of the day browsing ebay and nothing is taking my fancy so I know exactly how you are feeling
  9. After reading comments on here , searching the internet for reviews I have decided that a smart watch for me would end up just being a fad and a waste of money
  10. I think the Tag's may be just over my budget
  11. That is a very good way of putting it. I think half of the features on a smart watch I would not use as you say I have a phone for that . Think my mind is made up and I shall pass on a smart watch . I may just look for a cheap heart rate monitor instead just for at the gym.
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