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  1. I have watched a few you tube videos about modding the casio and I must say what a difference a layer of coloured film can make . I am very impressed .
  2. @Jet Jetski it is the asthetics of the watch that appeals to me , I doubt I will be using the chrono feature , well not for a run anyway
  3. Some beautiful in that collection for me I especially like the Lorus and the Parnis Pilot. I have been looking at pilot watches recently as I fancy one in my collection so I am now off to look at what Parnis have to offer
  4. No ...... I have an alarm clock in the bedroom that shows me the time ..... A watch at bedtime .... Sheesh you are all mad
  5. I have a collection of 6 Russians within my collection all stored away in their own little box
  6. I agree with this , I think 50 is not enough where as 100 is a decent amount.
  7. @Roger the Dodger thanks for the heads up on the USB but after checking mine it turns out mine is just a normal USB . The adapter that I bought works great , so much easier to use on a phone than laptop
  8. Micro usb adapter arrived , app loaded onto phone and hey presto it works.
  9. @spinynorman thanks for the advice about software , I use my laptop when using the microscope but after seeing this photo that @Roger the Dodger posted it got me thinking about using my phone instead . I have ordered a usb to micro usb adapter and once it arrives I shall give it a go.
  10. I got one a few years ago and they are really good for the price you pay , but then I had to format my laptop and lost the software , @Roy could I ask what is the name of the software you used please.
  11. Brilliant work Jon , very clear and precise photos and great step by step instructions . Job well done . I do agree with @greasemonk it will need friends
  12. Here is his latest video explaining what happened , it is an interesting watch and I for one am glad he is back
  13. Well done , a great gesture
  14. Happy Birthday and what a great collection I especially like the 77 RLT Spork
  15. Looks great well done Roger
  16. @johnbaz I am very surprised at you not using this oppertunity to share some photos of your collection I will say though that you shared some great advice
  17. I do like a good field watch and this is definitely a good one , I have been looking at the new Seiko 5 designs myself as I really fancy adding one to my collection , it took me a while to get my head round the new logo design though as to me it looks like Superman. Are the numbers on the dial raised ?
  18. Cracking watches @Davey P I love mine but unlike yourself I actually bought the bullbars after I bought the watch They really are the ultimate grab and go watch .
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