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  1. I would try wearing it for a couple of days and see if your arm movements will charge it this info may help
  2. @Varish do you have a link to the page on Aliexpress , I like the look of those straps and could do with one or two more myself .
  3. Hands removed and refitted tonight then straight onto the wrist it went Really liking this watch , the look style and size of it is perfect for , only downside is I only had a nato strap that was 18mm I need to find myself a suitable strap for it then all will be complete
  4. jsud2002


    Stepson and family decided they wanted artifical turf in their back garden and was going to do it all himself so my wife (Ruth) and I offered our services , granted I can not do everything being in a wheelchair but I can shovel hardcore and sand etc . Monday he removed the turf himself and yesterday me and Ruth filled a skip full of the removed turf amongst other jobs . Today we all shifted 2 ton of hardcore and 1 ton of sharp sand ( not sharp sand exactly but then not sure exactly what it was ) Before and after photos Ruth giving the whacker a try Final pic is me with my leg off chilling with a can once we retuened home Tomorrow's plan to finish laying the sharp sand , whacker it all down , lay more membrane and roll out the artificial turf for 24 hours to let it settle then friday if we are needed we will help trim and pin the turf . Knackered now but we really enjoyed ourselves
  5. I shall be sending you a pm in a day or two seeking advice if that is ok. I am confident with the hand repair but I seem to remember that the crown needs to be in a certain position when removing it or it will messup the keyless works I also may require help as to where to push or unscrew the movement to remove the crown.
  6. The first Boctok I ordered arrived today , now the bad news the minute hand is loose What a bummer
  7. Xiaomi mi band 4 today , helping stepson shift 4 ton of hardcore as he is laying artificial turf in the garden.
  8. Arrived at the begining of the week thanks to @Jet Jetski A little info from juri Kevensberg book this info was provided by @Jet Jetski a great watch that is keeping perfect time , the other Vostok I ordered is still in the postal system.
  9. House contents insurance
  10. Arrived today thanks to @Jet Jetski a pleasure dealing with you and as for the watch it is great to have one back in my collection
  11. Pork scratchings are one of my favourite treats
  12. So far I have built 2 model cars and just covered my mouth and nose with a scarf but seeing as I am enjoying this new hobby I thought I needed the proper gear .
  13. A respirator for when I am spray painting my models
  14. I am back in the Vostok owners club owned a few in the past and parted with them but bought this yesterday from the bay Lookong forward to it's arrival but could be a while as it is coming from abroad .
  15. I love the Bond movies and have done since I was a kid , hope the new one still gets released in November , we are watching the new snowpiercer show on Netflix
  16. I have joined the smart watch clan Xiaomi mi Band 4 arrived yesterday
  17. I have watched every episode and some of their builds have been awesome . Have you looked at Aaron Kaufman tv program shifting gears ?
  18. Xiaom mi band 4 smartwatch ..... Yup I joined the smart watch people delivery late next week
  19. Old photo but I will be wearing this today
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