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  1. New strap arrived today many thanks to @WRENCH for help sourcing it
  2. Arrived this morning , very happy with it I really like the darkness of it all
  3. Changed over from the Seiko as my latest purchase just arrived , Gshock GA150
  4. A box of cream eggs for my wife (who said romance was dead )
  5. Just added my 3rd Gshock to my collection , a GA-150 Photo is from Ebay I will post more once it arrives
  6. After seeing @Roger the Dodger paracord bracelets I decided to have a go at making one myself , a few pm's later from Roger with advice sourcing paracord I ordered myself some ( many thanks Roger for the help ) Helpful tutorials from you tube and I made these I plan on making some more bracelets and also a Dog collar for our dog Alfie .
  7. I have been looking at Gshock again and this came to my attention the Ga-2100-1AER I have seen a few ani/digi combinations by gshock but their choice of hands have been a bit naff , I like these hands , the watch itself seems a little stealth. £99.99 but currently out of stock I may be tempted https://g-shock.co.uk/ga-2100-1a1er
  8. I sold a watch yesterday and have spent most of the day browsing ebay and nothing is taking my fancy so I know exactly how you are feeling
  9. After reading comments on here , searching the internet for reviews I have decided that a smart watch for me would end up just being a fad and a waste of money
  10. I think the Tag's may be just over my budget
  11. That is a very good way of putting it. I think half of the features on a smart watch I would not use as you say I have a phone for that . Think my mind is made up and I shall pass on a smart watch . I may just look for a cheap heart rate monitor instead just for at the gym.
  12. I have been looking at adding a new addition to my watch collection and seeing as I already have auto's , quartz and eco drives I thought a smart watch may be next for me . I like the design of the Samsung gear frontier and also the gear sport A round face is preferable to a square and I like the addition of the bezel . The only worrying thing is would it get used to it's full potential. I joined a gym last month so the heart rate monitor will be useful also good to see the calories I am burning. As I am in a wheelchair I think the step counter would not work but may be able to track movement of my arms. I will be looking for a pre owned one rather than new . I guess my question is to members that own smart watches do you use them to their full potential or would this be something that may just end up in the watch box with little wear also are there any other brands I should be considering All pro's and con's greatly appreciated .
  13. Fish and chips from Whitby and a multi coloured wifi smart bulb from Argos
  14. Off to Whitby for the day for fish and chips
  15. Change over to the Citizen for the remainder of the day
  16. Just done an hour at the gym wearing my gshock , time for a shower and a change of watch
  17. Just done an hour and a half at the gym and wore one of my Gshocks .
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